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How to get rid of 'Them' for good Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 07:53:01 No. 11417
>initiate WWIII, via thermonuclear-war how does one go about such things
>>11417 take your 4pol-tier OP and shove it up your ass
>>11419 one-liner niggers aren't welcome here. this was moved to b from pol
>>11429 you may not want to admit it but a 'fresh start' would do earth wonders, it would get rid of a lot of morons
>>11440 plenty of humans DO need to die if the world is going to survive, but the point was the OP is devoid of effort. the first fucking sticky on pol is for shit like this
>>11441 we're not on pol now, so stfu bitch
>>11462 because it was moved, you stupid nigger. kill yourself
>>11463 yeah cuz the faggots that run /pol/ are massive faggots that take it up the ass just like you faggot
>>11464 no, because the OP is fucking shit and you're so asshurt about it that you're probably the exact faggot who posted it. literally, kill yourself. you can post your one-line trash on any other chan. fucking little underage faggot
There's already another of this thread, and it got an answer, "just use a sword made of Radium!" >>11462 No, we're there where we receive all the examples of what's too sewagesque for pol, so after a while it's just obvious too us exactly what's so pathetic about failing pol material.
>>11465 retarded faggot kill yourself
>>11472 if you killed yourself, nobody would find your body for weeks because not a single person gives a remote shit about you. OP is a faggot who takes pozzed loads from nigger dicks
>>11473 you're so retarded you should just kill yourself and do the world a favor
>>11474 mad because your shitty little thread went to the /b/in


no cookies?