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(8.25 KB 181x278 pt.jpg)
Attention Everyone! Anonymous 07/10/2020 (Fri) 02:16:46 No. 15528
I hate niggers and white women. That is all.
>>15528 /r9k/ is one person and it's this guy. You may not like it, but this is what peak incel performance looks like.
Wow you hate niggers lol you said nigger nogger nug so cool and edgy and funny and quirky kys fagkike
(137.82 KB 1241x1213 1594166505830.jpg)
Hello Based Department?
>>15528 Why do you hate White women?
(21.29 KB 600x800 der_ewige_fraulein.png)
>>15625 negro enablers, immigration apologists, gun-grabbers. willing to exchange liberty for temporary security everytime. baby factories who have rejected nature and just ended up as inferior men. >still going to trick one into pumping out 8 kids though
>>15528 i do not but despite our differences, i wish the best for you
>>15538 lol look at this butthurt nigger hahah nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger :)
The Jews are 0% human, and therefore have no right to rule over nobody. So how the fuck do they rule over the Palestinians ? Isn't it supposed to be vice versa ? Where the fuck is the natural hierarchy ? Jews have only right to be ruled, exactly like cattle.
>>15626 Ridiculously untrue, I've been immigrated, and women hate me! They hate niggers too. They do sometimes get horrendously pro-pajeet though. And if you want to say that's meaningless, factor in just how much they hate me, I did after all get brought in to an English speaking shithole and I'm still hated, as if I'm not doomed to be miserable enough in an anglo-shithole.
>>15626 I blame the Jews not women. White women are awesome. They just need to be led to do the right thing. White women in NatSoc Germany were great
An important announcement for all those who believe in the coronavirus, believe in the government and believe everything the government and media tell him : You're not zeros, you're minus zeros ! Imbeciles ! You have mashed potatoes instead of brains ! What on earth makes you human ?! You're cattle in human form and you deserve to live where the pigs live !
>>15528 have sex incel
Ah yes, a man high standards
(1.94 MB 1274x1649 DEADBEAT FATHER CARD.png)
DOX me like a HURRICANE!


no cookies?