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(86.05 KB 800x450 NIGGRE.jpg)
I love being high Anonymous 07/31/2020 (Fri) 19:54:00 No. 15794
Sobriety is worse than addiction. Sobriety brings all sorts of psychological pain, boredom, anxiety, FUCK THAT SHIT, stay high
>>15794 i'm moving toward moderate drug use. just a little weed before bed and the occasional psychedelic trip. when i smoked weed all day every day, being sober was far less tolerable
>>15799 I use kratom and DXM, DXM like once every couple weeks cuz it's rough on the body. But yeah weed gives me anxiety nowadays, used to love it though. Kratom has been keeping me sane. Wish I could do xanax but I'm getting drug tested randomly


no cookies?