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Are women even worth the effort Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 17:44:13 No. 18124
I mean seriously they are mostly self centered and don’t give a shit about men
Yes, but not in the way that society says they are. You should not invest time into the scam that is modern dating but rather band together with your brothers to figuratively conquer and steal them. Women like being conquered.
(57.05 KB 524x737 345324535.png)
Man Up Faggot. How are you going to save the White race without women.
>>18133 Fuck off you nigger.
The point is there are good women out there (((MGTOW))) is not the way. Women are the way they are because of weak men. When men begin to behave like men again, women will follow
>>18136 i would consider the idea of using your time on teaching yourself how to be self-sufficient instead of starting off with trying to find a suitable partner is a concept passed around mgtow circles and is genuinely good advice in dealing with women. it makes you more attractive as a partner yourself and, worst case you still cant find a woman worth settling for (or a unicorn), you at least didnt waste your prime years with nothing to show for it.
(2.01 MB 512x640 VID_20210115_133553_943.mp4)
(32.13 KB 509x677 Cuta_Nazi_Girls.jpg)
(58.60 KB 500x625 photo_2020-10-29_18-17-41.jpg)
(46.04 KB 600x512 88_girl_Nazi_897878879.jpg)
(581.91 KB 553x679 unknown.png)
>>18190 This is now an /ourgirl/ thread
>>18191 Fuck off subhuman scum.


no cookies?