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(1.11 MB 1400x1122 Screenshot 2021-02-11 184909.png)
Can /x/ or a conspiracy/paranormal board be added onto 16chan? Anonymous 10/01/2021 (Fri) 23:03:16 No. 22593
/x/ on 4chan, and 8kun is pretty horrible now, and there aren't really any other good conspiracy/paranormal image boards, or forums on the internet so I think it would be great if /x/ or something similar was added here.
>>22967 stopped reading after non-sequitor, AI is only this non-self-aware.
>>22968 >hurr durr u used one of my secret no-no phrases, post discarded thanks for proving my point you pathetic faggot. you come up with excuses so that you don't have to offer a competent rebuttal or admit to yourself that your opinion is shit. pretty funny how x users have the same maturity level as dumbass little kids addicted to creepypasta fanfics. probably a lot of overlap between those two demographics.
>>22957 I have some resources for you, I'm wondering about biokenisis or other such things. Are you familiar with any of these resources. I'm only at initiate. Opened my 3rd eye once and saw one of the owls. I'm unsure what they are. https://mega.nz/folder/ENkWBBIQ#PuvsOfr3m-f3Op1mxsqrNw https://pastebin.com/1g5vgQRr https://archive.is/s3lOU https://wiredsage.neocities.org/ HOW TO GROUND YOURSELF BEFORE MEDITATION Focus attention on all immediate senses, the now, then relax. Feeling breath in and out, feel your body's weight on the floor/chair, in the chain of support through your bones and joints. Feel your connection to the ground/Earth as it supports you. Use the objectively real to block out any visions/feeling that discomfort you, and do this in a presently calm place for 5 minutes, standing bare footed in grass while imagining you're pulling earth inside you or something similar is preferable. By the end you should feel relaxed, nearly emotionless, focused—grounded. HOW TO MEDITATE PROPERLY >Make the room as dark as possible. >Have as few distractions as possible. >Sit up comfortably. >eyes closed for the entire time (this can be waived as you get better) >Inhale through nose for 4-7 seconds—noting the sensation of air traveling down the windpipe, into the lungs, and the chest expanding as it fills. >Hold breath for approximately the same time, DO NOT leak air out. >exhale for approximately the same time—noting the nasal canal and chest's contractions—while imagining a falling sensation all over as you release the air. This is the same sensation as on an amusement park ride, slide, or car going down a hill, descension. Upon the next inhale, stop this sensation, all movement and momentum arrested. > All the while focusing on ALL material stimuli to the best of your ability without becoming absorbed in a single one. > All the while Ignoring all bodily aches and everything around you, let it all become ancillary—background noise. The only total focus should be breath despite the last instruction, it keeps you on-track. >Repeat the motions until you feel like you're falling asleep, the optimum is as close to sleep as possible while still being conscious. >Once in that state, continue breathing and imagining the falling/stopping, and try things. Energy work overall, opening chakras and charging chakras and centers, calling to an entity that visited you in dreams, mentally asking entity lover to do things to test your senses or help you with whatever you're trying to do. Maybe performing a ritual that doesn't require you to stand, move, et cetera. >Roll with whatever happens until you stop meditating >Remember to try not to be dense and retarded >You can work your eyes open once you git gud enough >Record all experiences ASAP
>>22967 Just look at this post. You are why this website still sucks. Look at this behavior. What a piece of shit individual. We could go post in the culture thread and he'd still be there shitting up the thread with "do a flip, faggot." This is nonwhite behavior.
>>22969 Why the fuck do you care so much? >dumbass little kids addicted to creepypasta fanfics This is someone who has spent so much time in such places he feels confident psychoanalyzing the posters while also believing himself to be separate and better than them. Textbook midwit.
>>22969 Stopped reading at the greentext. I'll give you the time of day. <1. accuse person of "borderline" non-sequitor after doing a (((full))) non-sequitor and adhom, etc. multiple times. <2. Get mad and kvetch and act like I didn't when the posts are literally right above. WHAT IS YOUR END GAME, WHAT IS IT? I WOULD BE WILLING TO LISTEN IF YOU DIDN'T SPEAK LIKE BEN SHAPIRO AT EVERY TURN IDFSTEIN NIGGER AAAAHAHGHAGAHGHAGHAHGAHG You're welcome, if you didn't understand due to autism or aspergers or something I'm sure you do now. I won't read whatever you reply with because it's not worth my time. If you're white have a nice day anon.
>>22972 Continuing, if I were to psychoanalyze myself here, we have a truth seeker who is simply maddened by the fact that he did not learn any truths while browsing /x/ that he could employ to materially enrich himself in this reality so he has decided to write the whole thing off as a bunch of schizo nonsense and takes pleasure in demeaning and denigrating others who he believes to be lesser than himself. This is precisely the type of person that will never reach any real sort of spiritual enlightenment and why that which he read during his time on /x/ never benefited him. This is roughly the archetype of those employed by intelligence agencies.
>psychoanalyze myself here That is to say, myself performing psychoanalysis on the individual I was originally responding to. >>22969
>>22972 Irony is lost on you. I have seen through my eyelids after doing Om chants, t. midwit.
>>22976 There are 3 people talking here right now.
>>22977 I'm glad you were able to tell.
>>22977 >>22978 There might be more but I'm just letting y'all sperge all over each other. CLEAN UP ISLE /b/
>>22979 Understandable. I'm done with him. I hate the ceaseless arguing 4/pol/ attitude. It's not indicative of someone who's taken the time to practice anything worthwhile and be immersed in Sattvic guna. There's nothing of substance, and going in to it I know, if this is the BO, it's his house, and he'll run it how he pleases and that's the way it should be. Midwits don't ever because they have all the answers anyway.
>We could go post in the culture thread the one with not even 20 posts in it after a month and a half, and you expect an entire board? LOL. there wasn't a substantial response after i pointed out a general lack of interest in x across small chans. no, your ad hominem and self-unaware projection are not coherent rebuttals. try attacking the actual argument instead of the character of the poster like a delirious faggot. yes, i am going to insult you when you have offered nothing more yourself.
>>22980 BO doesn't want /x/, debate has been over for >20 posts.
i don't think the website owner has commented in this thread.
>>22981 I did. /culture/ does not have the aura of /x/ and will not attract /x/ posting by nature of it being couched within /culture/. It will remain small and unpopular because it will remain relegated to /culture/. This is plainly obvious. This thread has gotten a lot of activity, and continues to have active debate, but you can continue to frame it how you want. You don't like /x/ posters and you don't want /x/ and you don't want to debate it. If you had said as much plainly instead of trying to hide the fact these are your positions and you're in control of whether there is an /x/, people might treat you with respect and respect your position. Instead your obsequiousness has only perpetuated the nonsense, because as I've stated before... it is clear you enjoy shitting on others and lording your power in a gay manner.
>>22982 So intelligent. >>22983 At least a mod was editing an anon's texts to mock them. BO can be toggled, but it is a who knows kinda thing.
>>22984 Furthermore, anyone who has been on this website for a couple years knows /culture/ was originally created as a trash heap for OPs that mods didn't want cluttering /pol/ but did not necessarily deserve to be fully deleted. Now you're essentially telling those who would like an /x/ board to go live in the trash heap, because you know that's exactly what it is.
>>22984 I couldn't agree more. there's like 3-4 threads that would garner more activity than /bestpol/ on 9chan that could go on an /x/ board, but the BO or his people speaking for him are just obstinate and just like things the way they are. I see no reason to not move all these similar threads onto a board of their own. The fact that the most used thread on this site for, as I've seen, the last like 4 days has been the discussion of an /x/ board's creation should be telling enough, but it's not horrible. I see why they keep /fascist/ as a kind of all-purpose board. It's just like an overboard really.
(148.55 KB 450x377 1392525324879.jpg)
>>22984 >lots of projection & implicit group-think strawman </fringe/ does not have the aura of /x/ it will never work!!!11 Constructive respectful discussion about the information intself at hand, no matter where, even if meta (like many obscure things have their starts), is the key to getting a foot hold acknowledgement, habitual general, then own board. There is a process. I'm inclined to agree with the general sentiment of >>22981 Furthermore I'll esoteric post where-ever I feel it's relevant, I don't get flak you guys seem to be self-creating. Though I'm also used to nearly obscure chans with maybe 50 or 100 effortposts a week. This is a lot to do with quantity vs quality. >>22987 >more projection of monolith culture Anonymous is not of one belief or one persuasion, we are legion and we are as different as we are many. >there's like 3-4 threads that would garner more activity to an /x/ than all of /bestpol/ Then why don't you do something about it like repost their outlines and key points so we can be constructive instead of just spinning waaa waaa wheels.
(57.99 KB 678x960 yes.jpg)
>>22986 >Now you're essentially telling those who would like an /x/ board to go live in the trash heap
>>22987 /fascist/ is a migrant group that came here from anon.cafe. I don't know what kind of falling out occurred to prompt the move, but I believe /fascist/ did not originate on anon.cafe either but was moved there. /fascist/ BO is understandably a fascist regarding his views on what should be on /fascist/ and has a strong anti-Christian bent to the point where he patrols this website and others for any posts relating to the C-word and J-word which trigger him immensely. As a result, all religious debate is heavily stifled unless it is at least tangentially related to aryan-hinduism, buddhism, esoteric hitlerism and other CIA-friendly demon worship. This is loosely related to why /x/ is not wanted on this website, as evidenced higher up in this thread. This website has always been anti-Christian, which is fine if the owner and mods don't want it, but unfortunately they don't want users aware of this fact that becomes more obvious the longer you're here. I have other theories on /fascist/ but it's never worth talking about on this website as /fascist/ BO lurks all day because he does not have a job and thus will see /fascist/ at the beginning of this rely and thus will take umbrage at what I've said here and call me out for being Christian (like I said, he is easily triggered by the C-word). I've long argued the site is worse off since /fascist/ has moved here, even though we have higher posts per hour. As has been stated here and elsewhere by other anons, /pol/ is completely dead and will remain so as long as /fascist/ is here, because new users correctly assume /fascist/ is the /pol/ of 16chan (which has only occurred since /fascist/ moved here). Ultimately the moderators and 663 can do whatever they want, it's their website. I've only chimed in over the years to express that the site's flourishing has been stifled due to some of their views. Personally I find a lot of the debate on /fascist/ to be over argumentative... the behavior is not conducive towards intellectual growth unless one really likes deep hinduism. The only thing I've been glad about is the higher posts per hour have led to more activity in the COVID thread, which is important to my intelligence gathering efforts.
>>22988 >Constructive respectful discussion about the information intself at hand is the key to getting a foot hold acknowledgement, habitual general, then own board Impossible when anons are mocked and have their posts edited or deleted by moderation, even in /b/ of all places. It is clear the moderation is more petty than most would have guessed and it is not worth debating the merits of /x/ because it has already been decided /x/ is not wanted by those in charge of board creation.
>>22990 I myself am a Hindu after doing Om chants and seeing through my eyelids when I held no spiritual beliefs. My whole weltanschauung changed when that happened. I know however that Christians also have religious experiences like I had because we worship the same god ultimately. The fact they try and stifle discussion and don't partake in meditation or anything other than (((reading))) if that with blatant disregard for subtle experience is telling enough. That's why they're so argumentative and rajasic about all of this. I'm sorry on behalf of them. There's a handful of us here that aren't like that, I've befriended one, and I hope to garner more people through matrix or otherwise so I can learn more. I wish you the best anon.
>>22988 Even if I went on /fascist/ and listed the plenary of religion/spiritual based threads it wouldn't be good enough for you. Go look at them now, it's not hard, and I'm not giving you citations. Even if I made /pg/ and posted ~200GB-300GB worth of material to be combed and tried by everyone interested and posted about it bidaily it wouldn't be enough for you because you are still looking to mock and argue. I too esoteric post wherever I please and anons love interacting with it especially on 4/x/ becuase whoever needs to find it does, but having a forum for it is invaluable, especially a persistent one. You should know doing such a thing and maintaining it in the Kali Yuga is the thing to do. The Srimad Bhagavatam mocks people who think they can read or study a book and learn all there is to know about the world. Why entrap people in a forum where the focus will first on banal things like philosophy without it's metaphysical aspect manifest, rather than the opposite, extrapolating the cream of Vedic knowledge through practicion through the lens of our literature?
>>22990 >This website has always been anti-Christian, I would say this is more neutral ground, however what is not tolerated is crypto-jewish subversion under the guise Christendom. There is an Aryan Kristos and Christ like figures, whether it's Baldur, Lucifer, or Krishna and nothing about discussion itself is barred, only the intellectual dishonesty that borders on subversion. >/pol/ is completely dead and will remain so as long as /fascist/ is here Remember anon. So as you speak, so it is. Watch you words, they become you future, your very fate written by your own tong. Beware you word lest you unknowingly seal your own fate. >users correctly assume /fascist/ is the /pol/ of 16chan Maybe newfags, but they will be fags and they matter little to not. You seem to be upset you can control things, problem? >>22993 >Impossible when anons are mocked and have their posts edited or deleted by moderation To be perfectly honest, and I'm only an anon, I don't have moderator access to see all, every, single, post, that I've seen fucked with deserved it and/or I reported myself. Try again with more composure and effort, and study >>>/pol/16860 and maybe stop with your petty teenage angst and you'll get more respect assuming you're whole agenda is not just an shill apologism.
>>22998 Try again with more composure and effort.
>>22999 My whole agenda is shill apologism and petty teenage angst. This was never about the formation of an /x/ board.
>>22998 You're joking right, you advocate respectful discussion and then in the same breath tell this man maybe the respectful discussion deserved to be fucked with. You're taking up the case of those other retards (if they are others) and feigning non-engagement poorly. I'm almost convinced you're samefagging, taking things the wrong way and all this. >>23000 You have a history with this person and need to compose yourself, it is clear you just want to argue, and there are better uses of all our time. I could just fuck with you, or try to pull you out of this mindset that you know is harmful.
>>22984 this thread is partially flat-earth debate and mostly mindless shit-talk, especially the posts on it today of which you were a substantial contributor (but you will deny any wrongdoing and play the innocent victim because it's soothing to your ego to just project poor behavior onto somebody else) and continue to be even now with your newest response. i don't get off on "lording my power" and i have done nothing to warrant that accusation. again, i have not engaged with the flat earth debate. i have not been interested in the flat earth debate for a very long time. i can admit i specifically don't like YOU, not all "/x/ posters" as if they're some nebulous blob, currently because you are acting like a dumbass and could do with some self-awareness. i honestly don't care about being insulted so long as there is a tangible argument for me to respond off of, which you are now providing me and i appreciate when you make an effort to have a discussion. anyway, that has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion on whether or not x should be a board. i am not emotionally invested in x. i am not going to waste my time whining for it to be removed if it does get made, but i just don't believe it will have lasting interest here. the way boards came into being in the past was when significant interest (i.e. not just two people talking shit back and forth) was shown. if the general topic can't grow out of its britches on culture or on b, it doesn't necessitate its own board. even the ones already hosted by other sites shouldn't exist because there is no interest. you'd be talking to a wall here the same as you would be there. there might, big might, be a short honeymoon phase at the start. as far as i can recall, culture was created to contain discussion of christianity because some posters had a tendency to inject it into conversations it didn't belong in. recently someone suggested 16chan should have a board like anoncafe's server board to facilitate the creation of other boards when significant interest in a given topic is shown. since culture was already being used to contain some topics, it isn't a far cry to be repurposed as a server-like board. anyway, nobody is "lording power" and banning this topic off b either, so coming at it from the angle that culture's visibility is affecting interest doesn't have much weight to it. instead of crying about how everybody who disagrees with you is a jewish shill and making empty jabs at other posters' intelligence, you should be posting about x-related topics and hope others will join in (and spoofing interest with a VPN does nothing for x's long-term health even if it can result it getting x created, not saying anyone is doing that or plans to do that but rather it just wouldn't be constructive to do). looking to x on other websites, i am inclined to believe it is waste of time to implement here. it is good to be prudent with board creation. my most recent memory of my 9chan browsing (which is to say not very recent at all) is a lot of posting going on with b and some spic board with a little on a pol board as well, on top of a mass grave of some 600-odd dead boards or something ridiculous like that. you can shit on moderation here if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't change the fact all these websites have relatively low traffic even when they operate with laissez-faire rules as 9chan does.
>>23001 >it is clear you just want to argue What part of "make an /x/ board" is so difficult for you?
>>23002 Now this is an acceptable response. I will rest my case here. /x/ will be created if there is enough organic posting in /culture/, as has been reiterated multiple times by moderation in this thread. This is an acceptable and mature path forward.
>>22997 >it wouldn't be enough for you because you are still looking to mock and argue So much projection. You can't see the world without looking out through your own wounds anon. May the serenity of Ptah find you.
(95.22 KB 297x374 1606749678203.jpg)
>>23001 >you advocate respectful discussion and then in the same breath tell this man maybe the respectful discussion deserved to be fucked with Reporting spam / D&C / etc != fucking with respectful discussion m88
>>23002 I'm tired of hearing you talk about self-awareness and ego of others when your mods partake in hapless feeding of theirs along with unsavory things like samefagging. Like the other anon said at least you gave a comprehensive reason. That's all I can ask for. I'll take the crippled midget over some midwit whose all jacked out over this. >>23003 >>23005 So intelligent and insightful.
>>23007 well, you really need to hear it because you are projecting your own shortcomings onto me. all i am guilty of is disagreeing with you and you turn it into a personal matter. i didn't insult you once before you started flinging your own shit everywhere.
>>23009 <stopped reading at onto me >no u Why are you like this? At this point I'm willing to say it's just secondhand delineation of intention from using post 2016 4chan. I refuse to believe you're this stupid.
>>23010 and you wonder why i keep bringing up self-awareness despite the content of your responses.
>>23009 I decided to read the rest of it. I don't take this personally, and I typically don't insult people first for no reason. Unless you decided to do some banal thing like who hurt you or act like a jackass I'm more than happy to talk. I despise 4chan for that very reason. You however, do assume too much, and I think we all do to varying extents because forum culture has been FUBAR since 2016.
>>23007 >>23009 Despite the shitflinging, this has been a productive thread in that we've all learned something about the users and moderation of the site, as well as some of the history that I've forgotten (my memory is terrible). The moderation has straightened me out on the structure of events before and it is always appreciated. Contrary to what others have said, I am not here "just to argue." I really would like to see what would happen on 16/x/ but moderation has given sufficient reason to hold off on new board creation. Indeed the site has benefited from the reduction in boards we had in the past. It is up to anons who have frequented this thread to post /x/ topics in /culture/ if they have related topics they'd like to discuss. I still believe 16 is not frequented by enough shills that we can't grow beyond this phase of bickering towards stumbling onto some truly new intellectual ground. >>23010 It's okay. Let's just let it go.
>>23012 Indeed actual shills, feds, and related "agencies" of all kinds have led most to assume far too much and read too far into replies.
>>23013 I do have high hopes for this place in truth, I like it a lot because of the stock of people. It's so easy get sucked in when someone just starts acting like a nigger, it's what killed intelligent discussion on 4/pol/ years ago. This place is comfy I don want to help it grow through effortposts. I apologize for getting incensed by faggots, it doesn't do well to partake in it, even to mock them.
(938.43 KB 1389x1080 1429926672701.png)
>>23015 >I apologize for getting incensed by faggots, it doesn't do well to partake in it, even to mock them. Yes. Nordic wisdom says not to spend more than 3 words on a thrall. That is to say, one enthralled by their passions, not in self command and self-aware sovereignty. Or just, don't feed the trolls.
>>22998 >Remember anon. So as you speak, so it is. Watch you words, they become you future, your very fate written by your own tong. Beware you word lest you unknowingly seal your own fate. >>23013 >(my memory is terrible) Anon I already almost forgot your warning goddammit
>>23012 all you have done today is presume my identity and try to make personal attacks from that, then put on a sanctimonious or stoic air. this is as you tiresome assholes continue to not-so-subtly sneak in another few baseless jabs in by vaguely referring to people acting like faggots or niggers. gee, i wonder who these limp-wristed and effeminate insults are meant for? you also claimed i had been "epically btfo by the flat earth retards" and that i was lying when i said i have had no participation in that discussion. don't forget you also essentially made no argument but just called me a retard and told me i'm not allowed to disagree with you outside of pol. that is fucking retarded in itself. the main point of all good forums has been to argue and share, not circlejerk and suck each other off all fucking day. you really aren't as mature as you keep deluding yourself to be, hence why i keep encouraging you to cultivate some self-awareness. you will respond like a fragile nigger with baseless insults and wild accusations, then turn around and try to accost someone else for engaging with an argument. you will invoke random personal rules for why you are allowed completely disregard a post (then have the gall to once again take a shot in the dark at my character/identity and claim i am some circa 2016 4pol retard as if the aforementioned practice is uncommon on 4chan). something is very clearly not registering with you in regards to your own behavior. unrelated note, i don't want anyone thinking i speak for moderation. i am not attempting to do that. i am just adding my view and my reasoning behind it to the x conversation. my opinions are my own, theirs are their own. i don't think the website owner is staunchly opposed to an x board and i ultimately do not care if it is added. i would have no reservations agreeing to it if there were more organic and unique interest.
>>22849 > There were mass fires in almost every major city in the West in the mid to late 19th century as well which destroyed hundreds and hundreds of ornate buildings on September 1st 1859 ?