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(8.64 KB 184x273 download.jpeg)
escort probable issue? Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 05:07:10 No. 3510
Ive been fucking this escort a few times for about a few months. We go around multiple locations. Sometimes random addresses. Says she's 21. What's the possibility she's not 21. What if she decides to get pregnant and try to blackmail me. Should I change number? She seems a bit immature for 21 maybe I'm a bad read. Lately the recent locations I've fucked her were at her "house". Not inside. How fucked am I?
>>3510 extremely fucked anon. good luck in gay prison
>>3511 Why would she say she's 21 though kind of a weird age.
You have to be the dumbest motherfucker if you think you can get in trouble. There is little way to fuck this up. Just make sure you set up appointments via text message to keep some evidence. Second of all, why would you be worried of her getting pregnant if she's a fucking WHORE who you shouldn't be fucking bareback. If you're not using a condom when fucking a complete stranger and a sex worker of all things, you deserve whatever you get dude. If you have been using condoms and she "magically" gets pregnant, a simple blood test will suffice. ***Check local laws if you're in the USA because some states actually don't give you the right to force a paternity blood test. So yeah, someone smart enough could force you father another man's child. Also, if you're paying her, and you are a regular customer, she probably won't want to lose you as a customer so she'll be nice to you. If you think you're dealing with a psycho, best way to test it is to go cold turkey on her and don't write or set up anything new. Ignore her when she calls and texts and wait a month or two. If she acts like a desperate psychopath trying to get you to answer her, get the fuck out. If she doesn't even flinch and doesn't message you ever again, she's sane and she just wants your money. I'm just laying down the real talk because it looks like you need it.
Things that never happened: the op
>>3510 >reddit spacing more fucked than a 4 chan /b/tard


no cookies?