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Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 01:11:56 No. 3524
I am from Paraguay I am interested in fascism I am thinking of making a nationalist group but what can I do to not fail in the attempt?
So are you looking to become a fascist or are you looking to be subjugated and ruled by one? If it's the later... just move to China.
>>3524 please kill yourself Paraguayfag
>>3527 Go back to Treblinka, Schlomo.
>>3524 Fascism is based on a nation or people's unique culture. So don't necessarily go for a NatSoc ideology, or use their symbols just because. Since you're Paraguayan, research and understand the culture of that nation, especially the Guarani, and form a system based upon that.
>>3555 Perhaps start with fascists closer to home Juan Domingo Perón (Life & Times) https://www.bitchute.com/video/ohpGu0QDj8tK/
Stroessner was a great fascist, longest fascist government in the world. Congratulations for that. Still, it was fairly totalitarian. The actual problem of Fascism is that it is based on totalitarianism. Maybe take the good parts (like cultural strengthening) and change the totalitarian part for a more libertarian minarchism. The ultimate goal is defeating satanism (in whichever form it comes, judaism, illuminati, masonry, marxism, degeneracy in general, etc.) This is why Fascism was born in the first place, to defeat degeneracy. The means to that victory shouldn't be necessarily limited to the fascist approach (totalitarianism).
>>3600 Liberty got us where we are today. Time after time the people have welcomed totalitarianism and for good reason. It is a leader's duty to rule with strength, just as it is the peoples duty to remove him, by force if necessary, if he fails in that duty. ...then one day, for no reason at all...


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