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Anonymous 12/24/2019 (Tue) 17:11:57 No. 3942
I really miss the abdl thread from 8ch
(154.66 KB 958x719 2344593.jpg)
(242.43 KB 1156x771 527527318.jpg)
8 Chan actually had an entire board for ABDL, which was one of the last ABDL enclaves that wasn't completely infested with SJW crap. I pretty much hate the community at this point though, well I mean I already hated them, but like... now more than ever. Like this shit in particular... https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32571342/ God damn that pisses me off. Like, it probably shouldn't, I mean I don't really get angry about shit, but... man that just ticks me off! It's like, do you even understand this fetish at all? Gawd damn fuckin SJW tourists... "asking for consent"... for someone to treat you like a child/baby?! Tha'fuck?! I mean that's pretty much the ANTI-THESIS to the entire fucking fetish! The whole gawd damn point is giving up control and giving it to someone else, unconditional love/trust, letting the other person take control. I mean you wouldn't stand there asking a two year old if you can have consent to change their diaper. You'd fuckin change their gawd damn diaper! Seriously, what the shit is wrong with these people? Why do they feel the need to invade EVERYTHING! And I do mean EVERYTHING! They're like some parasitic entity that's infecting every last facet of humanity, from politics to comics to movies to video games all the way on down to gawd damn DIAPER FETISHISTS! Tha'fuck is wrong with these people?! `, \ God damn it pisses me off... I think it pisses me off so much just because it's such a GLARING reminder that these SJW fucktards are just infested into EVERYTHING at this point. I mean if they can completely overrun one of the most off the wall, socially disconnected, bizarre, fringe communities in human civilization... yeah... they're EVERYWHERE! It's like you're walking through the forest of life and suddenly there's just TICKS all over your shit! Like you can't go anywhere, in any fuckin community without these jackass, bitch-made little crotch goblins screeching for all of reality to suddenly start revolving solely around them and their needy little fucked up perceptions. I don't mean to go off on a gawd damn rant, but holy shit... I mean how high on yourself do you gotta be to think you're entitled to like, "personal pronouns"... like what the fuck even is that? Do they even ~know~ what a pronoun is? Cause the whole POINT of pronouns is that it's supposed to make language easier, not harder, EASIER! It's supposed to SIMPLIFY the fuckin language, not turn it into an extension of your own self-absorbed identity and namesake. I mean when you reach the point where you actually need someone to effectively address you, by name (or proname if you will), constantly, to CONSTANTLY refer to you in some ~special~ little context to make you feel like a ~special~ little sugar cookie whenever anyone even vaguely hints towards your meandering, dead end, stupid ass, inconsequential little existence... yeah, yeah ya know, maybe, maybe at that point it's really time to rethink yourself. ಠ_ಠ *sigh* ...well that was refreshingly cathartic. I'mma go eat some pie now. Here, have some ABDL shit...
>>3947 <photos would be hot if they weren't wearing diapers
>>3958 Well, use your imagination I guess, cause this is the diaper fag thread now. Go make a thread for whatever your fetish is and I'll post some shit in it.
>>3958 Here I found this by searching the diaper fag archive for "Christmas". Just pretend the diaper is wrapping paper and you're opening up your "present".
>>3947 It's clear you have some hate towards the community. And I mean, not to discount what you say, it's not like every community is good. Have you heard about "Neverside" from "Neverside Labs"? He does submissive-type hypnosis. He's such a toxic person that he bans people from his servers simply for giving him bug reports. And if you email him he snaps at you like you're just wasting his time. You would think that with this kind of thing it would be one big community, but some people are just so cruel to others that they shouldn't be a part of the community at all
(106.87 KB 768x1024 123311513580.jpg)
(169.45 KB 808x1108 tumblr_lrcsga3t2z1qf1.jpg)
(107.33 KB 310x605 668.jpg)
>>4261 Never heard of them, can't imagine they're very popular given that there's no shortage of women doing the whole submissive hypnosis bit (often for free) and guys are a dime a dozen in the AB/DL community. He sounds bitch-made though, sheltered, a bit of an incel if he can't even handle constructive criticism on any level. I think it's less of a problem with the community and more of a problem with society in general. Kids these days are no longer taught how to psychologically defend themselves, to the point where they simply can't deal with even marginal levels of adversity. I'm on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, forged in fire, if I hadn't learned how to build psychological defenses to the point of making my psyche into a proverbial God I'd have been destroyed outright decades ago. That's why you see so many transsexuals and "otherkin" and shit these days... kids that never learned how to fortify their mind and they got psychologically destroyed to the point of hating themselves. At that point the subconscious is left with no other option than to try and redefine your identity from scratch... but even when they do that, they're still weak, they're still so breakable... so they "transition" from one identity to another and another and another... each new facade shattering apart, often to the point where they become outright suicidal. That, or they become like the guy you're talking about, where they simply run away like a gutless coward at any sign of adversity. Despite what most people believe it's NOT simply "fight or flight", it's "fight, defend, run, hide or panic". The guy you're talking about... he runs away to keep his fragile ego intact. Other people try and hide with different identities (becoming transsexual for example). And some people will actively fight, but a lot of them are "glass cannons" so to speak... they can dish it, but they sure as shit can't take it. Often those types will attack preemptively at any sign of adversity simply because they know the only way they can win is by shooting first. I'm largely in the defensive category, but I do enjoy a good battle every now and again. But never out of fear of losing, so much as love of fighting. Over the years I've developed quite the appetite for battle... probably to my own social determent, but... I can't be anyone but me at this point. The idea of one, singular, cohesive community though I don't think works, just because people are too nuanced, they're not generic enough that such an idealized community would work on its own... at least not without severe levels of indoctrination, essentially the formation of a cult. Sometimes it can work if there's some kind of idol involved, especially when it comes to forms of entertainment. But even then you can easily wind up with fractures, for example in video games you have people who idolize RPGs over FPSs. In the AB/DL community such fractures include cloth vs disposable and ABs vs DLs and ABs vs TBs, etc, etc. Back in the late 90s there was even a kind of "war" that broke out between adult babies and teen babies, because the adults just rejected all the teens outright because they didn't want even the slightest possibility that they could be confused with pedophiles. The teens on the other hand got REALLY pissed off that they were being actively banned and booted out of every platform they came into contact with and a lot of animosity built up between the groups, eventually to the point where some of the adults went out of their way to create sites just for teen babies where adult babies weren't allowed (outside of their paid babysitter moderators). Anyway, I digress. The point is a community is like a utopia... meaning it doesn't really exist. It's an idealized construct, something you can work towards, but will never fully achieve. Kind of like seeking enlightenment or self-actualization... it's more about the journey than it is the end goal.
(427.96 KB 800x1067 D - c2fefe3c57ea7dbb.jpg)
(48.10 KB 400x600 D - d2160e0f7fe7e4e6bb.jpg)
(82.37 KB 449x720 D - f9a664f280ee6f33cd.jpg)
(49.87 KB 424x525 D - b563959d7492051.jpg)
(371.08 KB 561x824 D - 463a6fc17148220e2e.jpg)
Diaper Dump Bump None of these have proper file names I'm afraid, they're just form a giant unsorted archive.
You do know it's back up at 8kun...right?
>>4648 Oh is it? I thought that got wiped out... like, again, I mean.
Today's post is educational! This is a fun game I like to play called "spot the pedophile". No matter what the interest, community, profession, whatever... there are pedos and, thankfully, they are so fuckin stupid they routinely expose their sick interests without even a second thought. More often than not this is how they appear in the AB/DL community, often posting pictures of babies/kids, but what would normally be the focus for an AB (imagining themselves ~as~ the baby/kid), that's just "window dressing" for a pedophile. Which you can easily tell by the way they comment, talking about what's in the diaper, wanting to take the diaper off, often times they'll use verbal tells like referring to such pictures as "sexy" or "hot" (something an AB would never do). The last big giveaway is the focus of the material itself. For ABs and DLs the focus is primarily the diaper and in turn the psychological fixation it represents, of dependency, helplessness, humiliation, comfort, security,etc. As such an AB/DL could have pictures of pretty much anything in a diaper, from adults to stuffed animals to plastic crap, hell I've even seen artwork of people being turned ~into~ diapers! ಠ_ಠ If you look at the archives/albums of ABs and DLs there's always a wide variety of subjects and forms... but not with the pedos. With pedos it's nearly 100% baby/kid art and that's it. And a lot of it won't even have diapers at all. Like if you examine the albums of, say, Astolpho or Fernando, they produce a shit ton of baby/kid related art work with absolutely no fuckin diapers... at all. AND THEY NETWORK! If you look at the people replying and commenting on the shit they post you'll always find that they setup these sort of sub-communities or sub-interest groups within the larger group. All of them will be "friends" with one another and they'll all have a very similar posting style (like the before mentioned verbal tells). This isn't just with pedos either, for example in the furry community you can find similar enclaves of "feral furs" (bestiality fetishists) and people who are interested in mutilating/torturing animals. It is VERY IMPORTANT that if you are a part of any community that you POLICE YOUR OWN! You need to keep track of these fucks, who they're friends with, where they're at and report their sick fuckery to law enforcement every chance you get. Even if it's "legal" material... no, no with pedos there is ALWAYS real/horrible shit going on behind the scenes. They do not stop at art work or Sears catalogs or whatever and, from everything I've seen, that "legal" shit only seems to directly incite and encourage them to seek out real kids to victimize. There is no such thing as a "virtuous pedophile". They are predatory in nature and will constantly look for any and every opportunity they can to victimize real children and, worst of all, they are so fucked in the head they don't even have the cognitive capacity to register their wants and actions as a form of "abuse". That's why you need to be VERY careful whenever you hear a pedo say something like, "Oh I would never hurt a child!" ...because to them, in their fucked up head, they don't see molesting a child as hurting a child.
Some random shit once dumped on Tumblr... again, not sorted at all.
Sortin files, found some more rando diaper junk. I am, uh... assuming these aren't repeats (hard to tell since I put spoiler tags on them).


no cookies?