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(1.47 MB 1125x903 _s traveller wojak.png)
A humble travelling historians desire Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 13:26:28 No. 4410
I am an ancient traveler on this forsaken land. I‘ve been to countless boards and numerous threads, seen such dreadful beings your minds couldn’t even begin to process. The soul purpose of my journey is to study these distant lands and the inhabitants native to this land. Therefore I humbly ask you kind strangers to reveal your secret history and hidden treasures to this peaceful historian. "A generation which ignores its own history has no past and no future." Robert Heinlein
>>4928 People think that herbal medicine is all placebo because they take like one gram of it and expect it to work. You have to take a lot of it for it to kick in.
>>4928 The best I think is getting site point injections with liquid Aleve, that shit is amazeballs! If you find some combination or other of herbal shit is making you feel better, then by all means, buy into it. The placebo effect isn't inherently bad if it's making you feel good (so long as you aren't wasting all your money on it). If it reaches a point where you're spending hundreds of dollars a month on vitamins and supplements and shit tho... yeah... probably NOT a good idea at that point. I've tried a lot of different shit like that and... it never does anything. Probably because I don't buy into it mentally. Like I'll just take the shit but completely ignore the fact that I'm taking it and... nothing, it does nothing. Doesn't matter how much, doesn't matter how long... it does nothing. Now maybe if I sat there ~believing~ really, REALLY hard, thinking "happy thoughts", maybe it'd make me "fly" like it does for you... but I just don't have that level of magical thinking.
>>4926 >blue-pill typical misbelief, without any real stalk >trsuting modern medicine instead of ancient ones >implying that liver just cleans the body in a perfect way without need of extra care-taking >EDGY NORMALFAG
>>9372 I think this dude might be like legit retarded.
(1.36 MB 1512x4472 733254372.png)
(8.39 MB 6737x2125 Very Spooky Religion.png)
>>4410 Best redpills you will read in 10 years
(5.71 MB 5220x3480 Satanic Shills.png)
(273.12 KB 2048x2048 stop it.png)
I think BOND moved here, you might want to archive their shit. IIRC they started way back in britpol threads and split about the same time britpol reset the thread counter, but I forgot about them until I stumbled into a thread of their's somewhere here. Interesting lads, they'd call me a degenerate but I wish them well.
>>9377 Yeah look who is speaking short bus veteran. You know that trap you like to jerk it to while posing as me? I just had it for lunch, when your name is Matthew Moultan you really don't care if it's man or woman. First I jacked off to that scene from Body Double where the girl's head gets drilled in. To get myself all warmed up, I then went down to my basement to begin my routine with a sedated knife in my hand I raped that faggot in the ass. God my knees on the back of their knees keeping them down my arms pushing that knife against their throat. While staring in the mirrow I flexed admiring the way the shadows fell on me and showed off my pecs and my deltoids as well as my core abdomen (I can do 1000 stomach crunches in five minutes). After this I got some chicken wire and tied the faggot up slapping my balls on it's face and laughing as I hung them by their toes from the celling. 5k word limit.
>>9377 Oh sorry forgot to name fag. This is me woop woop! >>9431
>>9431 *serrated I felt like the trap was Jesus and I was the kikes who nailed him to the cross as I shoved a broom up his ass. He screamed so I laughed some more and tappd dance infront of him while turning on my Panasonic Stero System and blasting that nigger tune "Don't worry be happy" to drown out it's screams. I heard knocks but they went away or was I hallucinating them? After popping a couple vynase and a bit of E I found on the floor to be sure I stripped down to my shoes and started flagglating the trap with a custom belt with nails poked through it. This was still in the theme of Jesus but I gave more than seven lashes. After I was done parading and lashing them their screams melding with the music and my laughing I deicided the only logical soultion was to play hide the penis with their eyesockets causing them to go blind. (5k)
>>9431 After this was done their crying as tiring me out so I sat down and smoked a ciggie from Vietnam before burning it into their skin. This got a laugh out of me so I did it who knows how many more times and with a rusty hacksaw I finnally did it in. Stripping it's head off and peeling it's face off I realized what Leatherface was talking about when he said neckholes are the best holes. My dick has never felt something tighter and wetter in my life. The trap stew was great I lied I fed it to my dog (Don't want aids) I kept the head in my fridge but I have to throw it out because of the inlaws. Anyways what's your address I'll ship it to you.
>>9434 You are so fucking terrible at mocking Onideus
>>9435 Mock who? Who said anything about mocking retard.
>>9436 You are so fucking terrible at mocking Onideus. Cope
>>9437 Okay werido. Didn't know you guys had contests now... Christ take your lithium
Yes the tripfag was "nutbutter". Looks like the admins removed it. Now I am a normal Anon.
>>9438 >>9439 same underage fag
>>9337 >>9435 Same coping faggot. >you didn't mock this guy in the way I like to mock him! That's hilarous. In a way you are worse than him. He's some autist but you seriously put time and effort into mocking a random nobody. I just get a kick out of sending him my diary exerts while steaming on addreal.
>>9441 >>9440 >>9439 >>9438 >>9437 oh look my crazy stalkers talk to themselves now it's like a fanclub
(8.52 KB 789x102 gay_kidDOTjpeg.png)
>>9442 You might want to try and master elementary level punctuation before you try and master imitating me, kiddo. Also I would never start typing text directly underneath an attribution link, I'd always line skip. Also, no image? The real me always feels a certain degree of empty SHHHHHAAAAME when making a post on an image board with... no image.
>>9441 I don't know what you autists are arguing about, but >>9337 is me and sincere.
(35.60 KB 300x428 r4626.jpg)
I open my bowels in your general direction.


no cookies?