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(31.99 KB 400x400 1567587219263.jpg)
Anonymous 01/29/2020 (Wed) 00:02:20 No. 4698
Thoughts on Coco Bandicoot?
(31.42 KB 640x480 1555053274212.jpg)
>>4698 I never thought she had much of a personality. Maybe in some of the PS2 games but definitely not in any of the PSX games.
>>4698 Well she has a thinkpad. She's white.
Her hair annoys me... it's like... flat... with random poofy bits that don't really look inherently connected or natural. It's like she's wearing a really bad wig... or random parts of a several really bad wigs that were poorly glued to her skull. It would probably be less obtrusive if her fur color matched her hair color... or vice versa. Otherwise it's like... animal characters wearing really terrible looking human wigs.
(634.74 KB 939x627 12743737358383614.PNG)
>>4704 >She's white. I don't know, she looks more more orange to me.
(341.06 KB 500x720 brainwashing.png)
>>4712 >orange Any girl who uses a Thinkpad is honorary.
>>4698 I bet she smells awful, like all bandicoots.
If anyone's intrested the book he >>9273 is spamming is "Justine" by Marquis De Sade. He's probally quoting from the archive.org verison where you can find it if you want to read it. Sade was a degenerate though, I wouldn't recommend his writing.
>>9316 No one is interested. This board needs better mods/management to clear this shit out.
>>9320 Working on it, its been non stop all day, board is in text only for now Oni
>>9320 Speak for yourself cumbles.
>>9324 Why doesn't it surprise me (at all) that Mini Me's idea of quality content... is spam.
>>4698 I wanna nut in her.
>>4883 Bandicoots smell like coconuts you god damn heathen.
>>9316 Thanks, I would probably enjoy 120 if it wasn't for the scat.
>>9329 It's better than what you post. I would rather the spammer at least he doesn't do this
>>9344 So then why are you here, Dumbfuck? I mean, I've been here for months and months, since nearly the original inception of this board... so why would you go out of your way to some completely rando, off the wall, largely unknown image board... with the person you apparently hate more than spam itself being the most prolific poster? Are you just incredibly fuckin retarded or is this like some sort of deranged masochistic thing? Like do you get off on stickin your own dick into a blender? I hate to break this to ya, Dumbfuck... but I ain't goin anywhere... and you ain't getting any less ass mad. Maybe it's time you rethink yourself there, Edith.
would fuck


no cookies?