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Valentine's Day Thread Onideus 02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:36:18 No. 4971
Anything related to love or the hallmark holiday or whatever. Can be for or against, whatever you like. Try and avoid super depressing shit, I mean I know most of you are fedora wearing ronery otaku incels, but try and keep it positive... or at least funny. Like, funny depressing is good... just depressing though, yeah that's just dragging ass.
Isn't valentines day Friday? Almost forgot it existed tbh; the last one was only entertaining because of that mass shooting.
>>4978 I bought a Boston cream cake and plan to celebrate with some edibles and pizza while watching anime... and maybe hang out with a girl... or two. There's lots of lonely women out there that'll spend Valentine's Day with you and you don't have to go out of your way to impress them... Boston cream cake and edibles alone will easily get you a date. Just throw it on out there, like on Tinder or whatever dating app of your choice... "Lookin For A Day Of Cuddles And Cake?" Just keep it simple, no need to go postal just because you can't get your dick wet.
>>4981 Never said I would go Postal no matter how much I like that series. I was just making an edgy remark that, that was the only reason I remeber Valentines day while also asking why this thread is up three days early seems like a gay way to grab the thread first. I'm not sad that I don't have a date, I simply don't care. The day means nothing to me; I don't want to cuddle with a trashy tinder whore and I gave up weed and dessert foods. Interpersonal non-familar love doesn't mean anything to me, it's a gay waste of time. I could instead jack off and go to the gym.
>>4984 You know, after curating and creating articles on ED for nearly twenty fuckin years... let me tell you a secret... people who obsess over mass shootings... are the people who commit mass shootings. Almost always. Unless it's political shit, or just outright insanity... the ONE singular common theme in the majority of mass shootings... is fantard like obsession over other mass shootings. Edgy remarks and black comedy is fine... just make sure you don't start drinkin the fuckin kool-aid, you know what I mean? Also it doesn't have to be Tinder, in my case I usually just hook up with someone I know from social media (most often FaceBook). So they're already friends... well, "friends with benefits" so to speak. If you want to spend your holiday jackin off at the gym or whatever... hey, you do you. To me it's a good excuse/reason to be social... because ordinarily I'm not. Like, you know in movies, like there's the trope of the old hermit living out in the mountains or the woods or whatever and they go like twenty years without ever even talking directly to another human being face to face... yeah that's kinda like me. Like, I enjoy solitude, being alone is like my comfort zone... but despite that I think it's important to ~try~ and be social IRL with other people... so Valentine's Day makes a good excuse to step out of my comfort zone and spend time with humans. Other holidays too, for general IRL social interaction, but dating wise Valentine's is especially important. Otherwise I'll just go months or even years without ever talking to another person face to face. Oh, be careful though, cause like sometimes you can accidently make friends with a person who will force you to be social... like they'll be at your fuckin house every gawd damn day of the week wanting to "hang out"... gawd I hate people like that. Seriously, it's like an introverts worst nightmare. The only time it's ever good is when it's a girl and she likes you... and even then it can get annoying. Oh, also, I'm NOT talking about like anxiety or fear of interpersonalization or whatever... if you have problems like that you should get that shit worked out with therapist or whatever. There's a huge difference between being comfortable alone and being miserable alone.
>>4984 Well of course, that's the problem with mass media. They make a cult icon out of guys like Eric or Dylan who would of gone on to be nobodies had they not commited a shooting. It used to be that things like the McDonald's Massacare would be talked about and then dropped. Now they "investigate" every part of it, they get their parents doing TED talks they read their diary outloud even build sympathy for them. They truly do turn them "godlike" it doesn't take a genuis to see how that would inspire copy cats. I feel out of that phase long ago, I prefer flavour aid these days. Honestly, I wouldn't call Valentine's day a good excuse to be social. It forces you to be romantically social, and I don't want to be romantically involved with another person nor do my standards or morals allow me to drop that low to accept anyone. How can you be a hermit but also go out of your way to make excuses to be social? I would rather avoid people if I can. Valentines day just seems like an excuse for free sex and I'm not really into that. >ED fourm Erectile Dysfunction? What does that have to do with mass shooters, actually I could see how those two things would align.
>>4987 Yeah within the media wake of every mass shooting there's always a string of copycats that's set off. They got it all wrong too, like here recently they're all like, "don't name the mass shooter"... but that just makes it worse. Nothing breeds devotion better than infamy. The thing that they love, both shooter and fan alike is the emotional fallout. When they start interviewing the family, the relatives, the friends, etc, etc... that's what they want the most, that's what they crave. Inflicting the highest level of emotional response across the widest scope. When the little sociopathic fantards see all that emotional feedback, often over exaggerated to the extreme by the media, they become increasingly addicted to the point of losing themselves in the want to become a weapon of mass emotional destruction. They don't care about fame, they don't care if people know their name, they don't even care about killing people... all they care about is the emotional devastation, the chance to impact the lives of as many other people as possible, in the shortest amount of time, with the greatest level of damage... and the media, the media ALWAYS delivers. >Erectile Dysfunction? Yes, erectile dysfunction, that is exactly what I meant. (not really, but it's funnier that way)
>>4987 >How can you be a hermit but also go out of your way to make excuses to be social? I would rather avoid people if I can. I'm Discordian, as such I try and act with a certain degree of antithetical resolve, to act in ways contrary to my own nature. I recognize that the things I dislike are as much "me" as the things I do like, and in that capacity, the things I dislike are worth exploring and indulging in... if for no other reason than to decrease exposure tolerance, in turn making what I do enjoy that much more enjoyable by contrast. It's sort of like... Christmas is Christmas, but only because it comes once a year. If Christmas came every week of the year... it wouldn't be Christmas anymore. Does that make sense? >Valentines day just seems like an excuse for free sex and I'm not really into that. Mmmm, yeah kinda, but it doesn't necessarily need to be, or at the very least it doesn't need to the primary intent/goal. To me it's more about the companionship/cuddling aspect... the whole "sex" thing isn't all that important, at least to me, but then I'm a guy, my orgasms last for a matter of seconds. When I have sex it always seems like... work, like I gotta go out of my way to make sure she's satisfied before I climax. Where as, for me, I can reach orgasm at pretty much the snap of a fuckin finger if I want. I always figured that guys who are like REALLY into sex have some kind of a sexual deficiency, like they gotta go at it for a looooong damn ass time before they can ever achieve an orgasm. I think the easier it is for someone to orgasm the less overall interest they have in sex... at least that's my theory. So anyway, yeah, I tend to have more interest in cuddling and companionship... but only every once in a great while. I couldn't stand it on a daily/unending basis. How's that line go... "even the sweetest honey is loathsome in its own deliciousness" ...basically that.
(518.54 KB 1400x1149 417.jpg)
>>4988 (checked) Yeah that pretty much sums it up, even if they don't name the shooter. You might as well have with the amount of power through emotinal damage you have given them. Power over their victim is a powerfull drug for most; to be able to look at a room full of corpses breath in the slight metallic bitter smell and think "I did this with my own hands, I have the power of God" until of course you get shot by police. But that's life a constant flux in the dynamics of power and it's application. Ah so it's like drowning yourself in cold before turning on the hot tap to get that little bit of pleasure the change gives you. I can understand that. The way I see it is that life isn't about pleasure or even hapiness. It's about creating through struggle as all things are in the end created through. You create your body through struggle to gain power over yourself and the world pyshically. You devote yourself to being a chisel for the Gods or a Godlike Creator yourself to create a lasting lifeterm project that lives on after you. For if people didn't do this there would be no world or creation. Like Ceaser in Rome or Hitler in Berlin or to a lesser extent Socrates and Plato in Athens all creators who use their power to create pieces or even whole new worlds. There you obtain true hapiness the hapiness of self-sacrifice and duty from which we all are born and without which we would cease to exist. I mean what truly seperates man from divinity but power? Man has in his hands the power of the Gods, it's just what he chooses to do with it and whether he carries his own torch or throws it in amongst others to create an inferno. God is dead. Let us remake him. It's through this context that I find love for myself and others, I judge myself fairly by what I have created out of the world or myself. (For truly the creation reflects the creator especially if it is one's own body o mind) And if I am supposed to love another I must respect them and if I am to respect them they must be respectable. They must have drive and a goal and a will to accomplish it. That's why I like "strong girls" not in the current sense of girls who act like guys. But ones who while still being feminine have that strength or at least a will. I can not be friends much less lovers with someone without a similar will to power much less duty. And If I can't love them all dating or fucking will do to them is hurt them, thus I disregard love for the time being. it really becomes more of a "I don't like the CURRENT type of people" not everyone in general. I'm just picky. Fucking can be "annoying" but it is supposed to be a means to reproduction biologically, really If you want a girl to coom just eat her out. Most females are still horny after cuming once and so if you fuck them after you can make them climax twice which may make them love you double. Probally some Hindu book on the metapyshics of sex. I think compainship with a true compain can be great for long periods of time, just being alone is good sometimes.
>but being alone is good sometimes* >or mind* Man drowsy typing is drowsy.
Saved some for next year, happy Valentine's day frends!


no cookies?