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(219.46 KB 450x252 videodrop.png)
Random Vidya Drop!!! Anonymous 09/27/2019 (Fri) 08:31:50 No. 772
Drop Video's Here.
(535.34 KB 384x384 kc011c.webm)
(185.67 KB 200x152 kl765.gif)
(3.86 MB 1280x720 5-gum.webm)
Random stuffs.
Let's do some loops!
(87.51 KB 512x512 fail66.gif)
(1.06 MB 640x360 1576413938260.webm)
>>9532 Those were some nice loops. Especially the last one with the fractal art. Here's my own looping contribution.
(4.28 MB 720x1280 download.mp4)
Some trippin balls loops! Speaking of which, I might be a bit MIA for the next few days. My birthday is on the 11th and I'm gettin like whiskey and edibles and... fuck knows what all else! :D Gonna be trippin balls for a few days straight... might not have Internet access... *shrugs*
(1.32 MB 1181x783 King Kong Set.png)
50s/60s era Hi8 film reels from my grandparents... https://youtu.be/t32txHyCzt8 Unfortunately this material was converted in the 80s, from Hi8 to VHS... which consequently destroyed about HALF the resolution. Even worse, I don't think they bothered to clean the film before they converted it... like, at all. VHS is also magnetic media, so over the course of the past 25 years or so the overall quality of the original VHS recording has also degraded significantly. Sooo... yeah, this is the best I can do with what I had to work with. It's an interesting look at life in ye olden days. My grandfather was an electrician and sign painter, started out mostly doing stuff for vaudeville shows and later worked in film, mostly for RKO. He even did effects work on King Kong (see attached picture). So because of that they did a lot of musical, pageantry and variety type shows with my mom, aunt and uncle when they were growing up. They learned to play a lot of musical instruments too, including the accordion.
>>9649 LOL, apparently the 1950s violates YouTube's "community standards". I appealed it, but not before getting lots of good screenshots! :D
Well, apparently BitChute doesn't have a problem with the 1950s... https://www.bitchute.com/video/zsGfgUK7lbEI/ Oh also they rejected the appeal, so I contacted their legal department so they can tell me exactly which of their "community standards" was supposedly violated. With any luck I'll have some juicy new material to send the FTC. Nothing makes my day better than helping to inflict multi-million and multi-billion dollar fines on unsuspecting asshat corporations! :D
(2.46 MB 720x720 4d9827dee5215d26.mp4)
(9.36 MB 480x848 MoGUMdEGrpki7n1z.mp4)
(198.41 KB 384x384 ETFVwsgWAAgzi9u.mp4)
(4.50 MB 544x960 f4e09fbaa8f6dafd.mp4)
(239.53 KB 320x400 f8cfd4cbd72a92c5.mp4)
People fightin over gawd damn toilet paper... buncha gawd damn heathens!
>>4515 >Faggots Who Don't Belong Here,Volume VII
>>9666 Is there like some neurological problem with little white power rangers where they can't figure out where tha'fuck they're at? I mean, there are no shortage of very exclusive, very pointedly advertised social media sites that cater specifically to your speshul brand of tryhard edgelord autism. Which kind of begs the question... why the fuck are you HERE and not OVER THERE? Like, I get that you're fuckin retarded, being a staunch proponent of inbreeding and all, but seriously... even a fuckin retard should be able to tell where they're at. So what exactly is your major malfunction, Brain Trust?
Been seeing this fake news nonsense today. FYI, Hindus in general believe that cow urine and cow shit is magical voodoo garbage... but, like... that didn't happen yesterday. It's been in their culture since forever. Even if there was no Coronavirus they'd ~still~ be drinking/bathing/washing their hands in cow urine/shit. They do it on a regular basis and ~have~ been doing it on a regular basis since forever. Here's a fun video from around 2013...
In hindsight, maybe I should have put all the Coronavirus videos in the Coronavirus thread... oh well.
Dark winter
New videos! ...actually some slightly old, I should have updated this thread like last week... was busy playing Stardew Valley tho. Also writing... but more on that later.
On that 4th one, always remember to turn your mic off before taking a dump! D:
I'm back! I was busy playing this retarded Castlevania OOE knock-off game about an incestuous time traveling nutjob with a tranny girl/boyfriend from the past who fucks up the timeline so badly she breaks time itself, has to kill God and then *insert plot of Madoka here* ...oh and everything is a sexual joke... a GAY sexual joke... for "reasons" (read: fetish). All in all it just left me longing to play all the great games it unceremoniously ripped off and repackaged with gay tranny sex fetish crap. Like, holy fuck, if you're gonna make something... art, a video game, music, what tha'fuck ever... yeah, try and MASTURBATE your fetish crap out of yer system BEFORE you start working on it. ...also, is it just me or does the number of pages keep decreasing? I feel like I'm in some kind of Indiana Jones esque virtual trap here... already my "original memes" thread has been crushed. Oh well, guess I'll just post it here in this thread... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ580OhjBzE Not sure if I'll be sticking around here for too much longer tho. Once I get my free 30 day trial of socialism check I'm gonna setup my own site... not like a chan board or regular web board, but uh... well, custom shit.


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