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(316.51 KB 1334x1002 sistine chael.jpg)
I had an awful semen backup and I released it this morning Anonymous 02/25/2020 (Tue) 14:04:16 No. 8232
So I have been doing a lot of DXM lately and it makes you unable to cum. I quit 2 days ago and this morning I jacked off to an asian giving a guy a blowjob, and released a massive load, and I still feel so great from it, my balls are emptied and yeah that's all. Hope you guys have a good day. Also I think nofap is retarded
DXM afterglow is kinda werid though. It's morning the birds are chirping you're still dissasocated but not as much but there is a SUPER heavy Alice in Wonderland effect. I remeber drinking coffee on the porch to try and sober up so I can go to work and I just wound up staring at this squirrell thinking "when did my porch become so small?" Was that tree always shorter than me or is it bigger? It's a werid feeling. Also no-fap is great don't knock it till you've tried it bub
>>8232 tell us more
Recently I didn't coom for several months because I wanted to see how long I could go for. After a while my balls were starting to hurt but I still didn't give in. I gave up last week though since my balls started to swell up and looked like they were getting squeezed by my scrotum or something. So I went and jacked off to a chick masturbating with a potato and I coomed so hard that it shot all the way across the room. I managed to find some of it and thought I'd cleaned it all up, but then later on my friend came over to visit and was standing in my room. He put his hand down on my desk to lean on it and asked why it felt slimy. But it turned out to just be some cat food that I spilt there earlier while feeding him. But then he looked up and some of my cum that was on the ceiling dropped in his eye and now he has a really big infection in his eye. Should I be worried?
>>9568 lmao bro. It's funny how jizz shoots like a fire hose after you don't cum for a while. Anyway it wouldn't hurt maybe for him to clean his eye with water thoroughly. Maybe see a doctor if he's worried
>>9599 >Maybe see a doctor if he's worried No I was asking if I should be worried. Who gives a fuck about him.
>>9607 What would you be worried about?
I had a massive wet dream all over my 10-yo kid sister's back... and she liked it!
>>9623 gtfo
>>9623 ...but you don't have any balls, so I don't see how this story could possibly be true.
(45.21 KB 500x333 ch3.jpeg)
>>9639 I am thankful that my 12-yo g/f is not pregnant yet.


no cookies?