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(897.79 KB 1000x540 1576806992364.jpg)
Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 19:56:43 No. 8249
what is your favorite weapon
Machete; it's a Gladius but more usefull.
The MP7 is pretty tight. I also really like the SX-7, although I'd rather have a G-36, with like the 100 round drum and the optional 40mm grenade launcher addon. I'd settle for the civilian version though, the SL-8.
(13.03 KB 600x255 01 - FN Herstal - P90.jpg)
(16.14 KB 375x264 10 - Glock - 17.jpg)
(187.17 KB 604x453 11 - Glock - 26 (subcompact).jpg)
(84.15 KB 604x492 16 - Para-Ordnance - S14-45.jpg)
P90 is probably the most practical I'd say. And of course the Glock 17 or the Glock 26 sub compact. I really like the style of the Para-Ordnance - S14-45. With the contrasting black and silver. The MP9 sub machine gun is also very awesome looking.
(153.25 KB 648x554 Weapons - New - 01.png)
(384.16 KB 637x587 Weapons - New - 02.png)
(350.18 KB 643x567 Weapons - New - 03.png)
(386.30 KB 637x545 Weapons - New - 04.png)
(120.50 KB 645x545 Weapons - New - 05.png)
Some newer shit.
(346.19 KB 638x571 Weapons - New - 06.png)
(164.71 KB 675x675 Weapons - New - 00.png)
(231.43 KB 750x657 tp-scope.png)
(683.39 KB 1268x405 tp-track.png)
(102.40 KB 1280x359 tp-fssp.jpg)
Genetic lock guns are kind of a neat idea, but I think it'd be better if like you had a ring on your finger or something and then the ring's direct proximity would enable the weapon. Or even like a chip implanted into your finger. Then of course there's the new PGF systems, or Precision Guided Firearm. They can be operated remotely and have autonomous tracking capabilities. Kind of reminds me of that Bruce Willis movie The Jackal.
(61.68 KB 480x480 Weapons - 1NrD1z3.jpg)
(74.82 KB 800x654 Weapons - 4QdcjII.jpg)
(25.09 KB 522x522 Weapons - 8bf136326c177.jpg)
(171.21 KB 784x960 Weapons - OOr3oKE.jpg)
Random shit.
That Kel Tec KSG 12 gauge, pump action shotgun is pretty sweet! There's also expanding bullets or dumdum bullets, designed to maximize flesh damage. Not very practical for conventional use though. On that last one, someone disguised a shotgun as Nerf toy gun! D:
(18.70 KB 464x327 Weapons - 8857_33740356_n.jpg)
(87.98 KB 1920x1080 Weapons - 03305235304_o.jpg)
(47.25 KB 540x551 Weapons - 1579419846512_n.jpg)
(108.36 KB 700x471 Weapons - American_Flag_Ammo.jpg)
(766.75 KB 3795x1600 Weapons - Bullet Comparison.jpg)
Some rando weapon related junk.
Guns, animoo and cosplay... wut moar do you need?
(91.81 KB 1280x720 aug.jpg)
(171.78 KB 1273x809 GAU-8.jpg)
(357.17 KB 1145x1000 1389255079444.png)
Meme's aside, I like staves as a melee weapon, thowing darts & kaltops for more traditional weapons, as far as modern weapons, AA-12 for shotgun, SVDK for rifle. can't forget molotov cocktails & claymores too.
>>8249 Whatever is close and effective when I need it. >>8258 >Genetic lock guns My $800 smartshit won't even unlock if my fingertips are slightly wet. Am I supposed to sit there swiping repeatedly at the sensor while some meth head is trying to kick my door in? Hahahahaha
(115.44 KB 1579x854 goebbelsincolor.jpg)
>>8249 >what is your favorite weapon propaganda
(248.69 KB 1000x1000 pepe_monster_cheers.png)
>>9797 all w*men are whores
>>10445 checked
From Arrest Proof Yourself (written by a Miami cop turned FBInigger turned lawyer): Your choice of weapon reflects your clue-quotient, or Clue-Q, which is how much of a clue you have. Low Clue-Q: gun Medium Clue-Q: knife High Clue-Q: lawyer
>>10445 this
>>8249 M249 SAW
>>8249 My cock


no cookies?