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Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 00:36:09 No. 9826
>Bank of America is limiting withdraws to $3,000 a day >FED announces they have unlimited money >0% interest forever from now on >ANY lenders can dump their debt to the FED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIsFZJ-zm20 >why pay taxes, when they can just print money?
(128.99 KB 899x548 1584910509487.jpg)
>mint 2 trillion-dollar coins >pay for the neet bux hey this works great >mint 10 trillion-dollar coins >free cars for everyone >mint 100 trillion-dollar coins >free houses for everyone >mint 1000 trillion-dollar coins >free spaceships and we all go to mars
(58.94 KB 519x375 1584841494382.jpg)
>>9826 >Bank of America is limiting withdraws to $3,000 a day this is why you don't keep your money in a bank. The paltry, now non-existent, interest you receive isn't worth the risk. I think the only reason is if you think someone might steal it.
>>9836 Well you can always get safety deposit boxes. You can also use more than one bank and create more than one account. Like I have a blanked out account I use for online purchases and I only transfer money into it from another account when I'm actually buying something. That way even if that account information is compromised due to some bushwa... they get nothing. The withdrawal limit is good though, it prevents idiots from panicking... like with the toilet paper shit. They should have set limits on that right from day one. A great number of people are useless idiots who need to be controlled to some extent by the state to prevent them from destroying society outright. Self destructive morons who act on unrestrained emotion without the benefit of intellect. Those types need to be immediately leashed in any crisis situation.


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