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(499.23 KB 1000x1132 345570.png)
Fuck IT Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 10:07:54 No. 1110
2D lewdness thread

pls no gay shit, thank
(766.18 KB 1024x671 ClipboardImage.png)
Anon, lewdness IS gay shit
Moar big tiddy gwen
(334.64 KB 200x200 glowindarks.gif)
Stop glowing faggot
Is that Christchan?
If not, should be.
Hentai, ecchi, porn are already degenerate. I just wish that they taught some sort of moral lesson as to why they are bad. That would be soooooo meta...
(1.20 MB 700x990 20191023_151742.png)
wew lads
Friendly Reminder Anons,
Global Rule 2.
Pornography of people under the age of 18. Which includes but is not limited to:
(496.77 KB 720x983 20191025_165634.jpg)
>tfw thousand year old immortal goddess lolis dgaf
Censor out the halloweenie, spoiler it,and call it even.
>>1830 - I was gonna say... have you tried ~not~ being a pedophile... but then I realized, you're probably some spergy tweenage muppet fuck who just likes looking at porn that's in your own age bracket.
(33.68 KB 497x335 11909639874.jpg)
(96.81 KB 700x413 117497847834.jpg)
(173.37 KB 777x670 117458000964.jpg)
(216.06 KB 640x480 118822497827.jpg)
(91.77 KB 529x700 117486986738.jpg)
(185.15 KB 680x974 00003.jpg)
(95.47 KB 575x700 angelstail.jpg)
(123.97 KB 1135x828 sj_dkey00072ponytackblack.jpg)
(498.61 KB 642x854 QueenofHearts.jpg)
(302.21 KB 527x790 Comic 01.jpg)
(80.28 KB 461x652 nurse_ayane_b.jpg)
(36.58 KB 320x381 horsed-for-spanking.jpg)
(66.87 KB 490x750 1169145579343434.jpg)
(478.14 KB 608x713 1151465321134.png)
(281.99 KB 935x1046 119206576465.jpg)
(100.98 KB 800x585 119102471874.jpg)
(41.39 KB 475x361 119258923345.jpg)
(139.43 KB 800x600 119109126467.jpg)
(224.45 KB 677x502 119099544134.jpg)
(346.68 KB 650x889 119013552485.jpg)
(879.85 KB 1600x1785 hentai-whore-taking-horse-dicks.jpg)
Found the pedophile honeypot
Too bad they won't let me screenshot
(1.16 MB 1800x1730 20191026_012406.jpg)
Why does "Ryu's form site #297" girl have an eyepatch. Did she see too much eyebleach?
How can we prevent these unspeakable problems? All options are on the table.
(549.53 KB 800x800 hentie-tentical.jpg)
(795.45 KB 800x986 1548958820808-4.png)
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that tay.ai mindfucked herself to death. The female cannot control her own libido. She cannot tell the difference between holy and unholy, God and satan. Men must control her libido for her.
>nb4 "have sex incel" choke on your meds.
Pics related should definitely have the word "unholy" in the titles.
Gonna be a hell of a halloween, lads.
Don't do anything illegal.
Be prepared.
(47.29 KB 480x640 Sexual - Anime - 70741614.jpg)
(96.00 KB 800x567 FILE2373.jpg)
(127.15 KB 1024x768 pussy_blast.jpg)
(66.68 KB 431x746 10.jpg)

I refuse to acknowledge the existence of incels/virgins... I'm sorry, but incel or not... you can always pay for sex if you're especially desperate/ugly.

There is no plausible way a virgin can exist in our society unless they simply WANT to be one.

To put it bluntly... virgins are a myth... especially when you consider that, in the end... life fucks us all.
Why are you guys such a faggots? Did Daddy come visit you late at night a lot?

...why did you capitalize the word "daddy"... somethin you wanna share with the class, kiddo?
Pretty common to capitalize a proper noun as daddy, as is the noun daddy to a child

daddy noun
dad·​dy | \ ˈda-dē
plural daddies
Definition of daddy

1 : father sense 1a
2 : granddaddy sense 2

>Examples of daddy in a Sentence

I stopped calling my father “Daddy” because I thought it sounded childish.

Cook's Tours can be considered the daddy of all organized travel tours.

It's not a proper noun you educationally absent shitwit!

If I ever called my dad, "daddy", he'd have probably thrown me into the furniture or strangled the shit outta me while screaming at me to, "talk like a man".

...I had a very... "colorful" childhood... or pre-adulthood would probably be a better way of describing it.

--Examples of daddy in a Sentence
>I stopped calling my father “Daddy” because I thought it sounded childish.
or for the retards in the back of the class
>I stopped calling my dad “Daddy” because I thought it sounded childish.
once again Jimmy
>I stopped calling my father “Father” because I thought it sounded too old fashion.


It is in THIS context when a child calls their father "Daddy"

Capitalize Mom and Dad as a Proper Noun

When you're referring to a specific person, you may be using the proper noun form. In this case, you would capitalize the words "mom" and "dad." One easy way to tell if a word is a proper noun is to substitute the word for a person's name. If it makes sense, then it's a proper noun.
I easily could said
"Did your dad touch you?"
"Did Daddy touch you?" if speaking to a small child as Daddy is the only name a small child has for their dad.

"My dad is the smartest dad in the whole world."

"I have a surprise for you," Mom said.

"That's when Dad came home with a box of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies."

"Your mom and my mom were talking, and Mom said we will visit for the holidays."

"But, Mom!" she whined.


Do not do that. Ever.

It's a confusing, stupid mess and will cause the reader to fumble over your garbage tier text..

Always use the name of the person, like "so and so's dad" or "shitwit's dad"... do NOT add in random capitals like that.

Just because you technically can do something does not mean that you should be doing it.

I'm not aware of any style guide that would ever recommend doing that or that would prioritize such proper usage over common usage with distinctive identifiers.

That's one of those ancient arbitrary shortcuts in English where the good intention was to create less text, but it does so at the expense of coherent communication. Which is why you should NEVER do that.
Sorry Mate,
I finished my formal schooling almost 30 years ago, and I doubt they changed the Queens English since then.
Maybe you're the Burger who keeps posting humor [sic] threads instead of humour threads and don't know that colour is a 6 letter word, but the rest of the commonwealth and I will keep trying to correct you and your joke of a education system

The "Queens English"... tha'fuck are you on about you poser class dipshit.

That is not a style guide, you poverty of intellect.

MLA, Chicago, APA... which one, dipshit?

You don't get to use your own unless you're an English major or an extremely competent writer or you have some specific reason to be using your own.

Wanting to flourish your faggoty purple prose with a random "u" is not acceptable unless you're one of our inbred cousins and even then they probably require you to have a "loicense" these days. "Oi, you there mate, you got a loicense for that faggoty u?"
America is only Exceptional in America burger.
The rest of us laugh at you and your nigger tier education

You do realize your government would probably put you in jail just for being on this site... right? I mean... that didn't skip you at all, did it?

You're living over in UKuckland, where you get randomly shanked by all the crazy Muslims you let take over your country, all the while YOUR every action is criminalized to the point of making an outright police state look like a breath of fresh freedom.

You are ~literally~ living in an actual dystopian shit hole future and your dumbass is all shit posting on the Internet about the "Queen's English"... the Queen FUCKED YOU, Spergs! Royally. It was an actual ~royal~ fucking, with you bent over a Muslim praying to Allah as you got shanked up the ass by queen and country.

I don't mean to tell you your business or anything, but uh... if I were you... I'D BURN IT!

...literally, the whole country, just... BURN IT!

Destruction breeds creation! Just burn it all to ash and start over from scratch, cause uh... at this point... I don't think you can fix it. Pretty sure you're well and gone past that point.

Son, you're so educationally absent you don't even know the difference between "their", "they're", "there" and "thereof".

You're worse than fucked... you're so intellectually screwed I'm amazed you can even type and breath at the same time without asphyxiating.
OMG a typo, guess that means you win
I'm well aware of my rights and lack THEREOF.
Im not in the UK, I live next door to you niggers and spics but my country is whiter then yours.
Approximately 85% to your 49%
No, we no longer (since 1982) are under the Queens thumb
Yes this country is fucked, but less so than your kike infested government,
yet we still spell Humour with 6 letters as does the rest of the English speaking world.
Capitalization of proper nouns is still a thing here.

Therefore, honey the item is a thing, Honey the person is a proper noun

So it is, "Please, Honey would take out the garbage" or "I love you Daddy" or
>"Your mom and my mom were talking, and Mom said we will visit for the holidays."
>"Your mom and my mom were talking, and then my mom said we will visit for the holidays."

There is a decidedly difference in those sentence structures as the nouns become proper when they are names of people
(243.55 KB 939x1524 1405495580362.jpg)
(73.11 KB 800x600 Sexual - Chastity - 8453.jpg)
(301.32 KB 800x600 leash-20.jpg)
(1.81 MB 1147x1545 Lesbians.jpg)
(105.54 KB 999x734 Ragnarok Online - Alchemist.jpg)
(111.72 KB 1000x1000 52491994183_o.jpg)

I always win, because I know how to verbally rape anyone that gets in my way.

*licks your face to establish dominance*


"I live next door!" So you're in EUrotard land... how exactly is that better? Cause... pretty sure that's actually WORSE in most places. At least Germany had sense enough to get rid of Merkel though, that crazy cock pocket was just a walking cluster fuck of self-destruction.


Do you even lift, brah?
(623.71 KB 1280x1076 20191109_025501.jpg)
nah not rly
just sh¡tp0$ting


no cookies?