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Black people hate thread Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 18:43:56 No. 1225
>6 years ago
>at walmart with uncle
>with brother too
>it's fucking 2:00 in the morning
>shopping for fly swatters and shit because flies
>leaving store
>i'm pushing cart, brother then starts fucking with me
>pushes cart, hit's my uncle's slipper
>he says to cut it out
>nigger receipt checker says "you know what my daddy would do if i done did that, he just POW right in the back of muh neck"
>my dumbass uncle get's fucking influenced by this so he smacks my head outside the store
>fucking nigger should've kept his mouth closed
fucking niggers nigger hate thread now
(2.14 MB 640x360 1567301592658.webm)
(3.81 MB 640x800 IThinkSheMightBeRacist.webm)
(851.40 KB 252x460 opening a can.webm)
(3.63 MB 480x270 VroJBZrtyvbfS3rm.webm)
Lets kick this thread off, 4th webm is unrelated but I like it
(458.78 KB 476x476 1559173604748.webm)
(93.70 KB 720x805 1567188839758.jpg)
(67.10 KB 664x561 1559867125193.jpg)
(199.63 KB 600x650 1510784430426.jpg)
niggers chimp out
Fuck niggers however they are merely a system of the cause destroying nations. Golems I suppose.
Symptoms *
(125.16 KB 610x802 1565648614406.jpg)
(67.51 KB 804x984 1565922907663.jpg)
(94.38 KB 683x743 1567184830401.jpg)
(110.39 KB 1013x1024 1567457289601.jpg)
Someone put OP in KSI's subreddit.
Hopefully it gets into KSI'S next Reddit video.
(1009.63 KB 1280x536 vlcsnap-2019-10-09-17h43m21s462.png)
It would be so great to have a nigger hunting season, and head bounty. Get $1k bonus for every dead nigger.
(146.11 KB 1200x687 1569658137153.jpg)
(152.67 KB 1024x1057 83076420.jpg)
(102.20 KB 519x624 the niggler.jpg)
(117.17 KB 740x494 lazy eye.jpeg)
(45.65 KB 720x712 FB_IMG_1563143650761.jpg)
Can i really post here? On a real chan and not be banned?
All blacks in America aren't African at all.
They're the descendants of indigenous tribes who lived in America way before the whites came.
(24.07 KB 325x458 prairie nigger.jpg)
we wuz injuns n shit
Muh dick.
and that's why people don't like (You). 100% kike detected
Wut, and what was slavery?


no cookies?