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I'm High And There's No Drug Board Here Onideus 10/18/2019 (Fri) 00:17:08 No. 1573
Okay, like... check this out! It's like... hoe fights! You know like bum fights, but with hoes!

I'd pay good money to see this shit professionally

They could call it "strip fighting"... where the goal is to rip off the clothes of your opponent. The first one completely naked is the loser!
They could do a male version too for the ladies. Like wrestling, but stripping.
"strip wrestling"!

Someone uh... one of you make this happen... go, go, go! MAKE IT SO! ENGAGE!

...did I mention, oh right... so like, also... wut about pie? Like what kind of pie is pie?

... could there be pie flavored pie?

We should invent a new flavor of pie and just call it pie flavor.
(350.65 KB 500x500 notdamienart.png)
(137.46 KB 500x521 d1f48399133f2e14.png)
(244.00 KB 1255x1306 2ee932974d601780.jpg)
I will sleep on the moon...
...as I watch the world burn.
I will keep myself warm, on the moon, as the earth burns for 10 thousand years, perhaps more.
I will set all the air aflame... I will burn the earth's atmosphere... it will keep me warm... on the moon.
(143.66 KB 1280x960 8c5d85e0cb0ff786.jpg)
(2.75 KB 200x200 5a472c0d5d1f9.jpeg)
(514.97 KB 920x1080 16b8d47c498615b1.jpeg)
(31.94 KB 240x181 41-percent-off.jpg)
...in the Chex mix, the dark brown burnt chip things are the worst... like why did they even put them in here.
They are foul... I must pick them out so as not to disturb the other taste sensations.
In the future... I travel back in time... as consciousness... I send my sense of self back through time, in the future. I send myself into the body of Donald Trump... my future, older self... IS Donald Trump right now... controlling him, acting as him, inhabiting his body... a temporal mind hold... like a Vulcan neck pinch... that's how it works... it's like cutting off a nerve or something, when you touch them like that, you can mentally pinch their consciousness, which is why they pass out.
(767.20 KB 865x679 22ebdb02fca961f7.png)
(471.81 KB 740x771 81af0695350f4b1c.png)
(91.78 KB 639x638 993d971675082aa5.jpg)
(93.76 KB 952x1110 07dd9631a87b369f.jpg)
When they pass out is when I take them... that's the temporal mind hold, it's a circular hold, so time flows around and beck into itself. So I can go back in time and live as someone else, but eventually they pass out, or if they pass out, then it breaks the connection. So if you could knock Donald Trump unconsious, then you could knock my future sense of self out of him.... you just have to knock out.. the president of the United States... if you don't... he'll END transgenderds as a free people, as a lifestyle and he'll turn you back into a mental disorder... if you don't knock out the president, me from the future, in Donald Trump... i f you don't knock him out... you trans "people" will be no more! I had to do it... you see... because in the future the transgender existence as a people winds of destroying our entire nation... and then the world... trans "people" destroy the world... that's why we HAVE to treat it as mental illness... we have no choice if we don't want the world to fucking end!
But then... what if ~I'M~ not really me? What if Matthew Moulton isn't really Matthew Moulton... what if I'm some random future consciousness, that traveled back into the past, into a body that wasn't his own... he traveled back into the body of Matthew Moulton first... then I, as Matthew Moulton, travel back in time from that forms future, back into it's past, even though the other me is projecting into Matthew Moulton is actually from YOUR past... I'm inhabited by a PAST version of your temporal standpoint, meaning in your time, or by your time, she, the real me, is already dead and buries, our grand plan has already been seen through, you can't change your past, which is why you can't change my future...

unless you did... unless that's the real reason YOU are here... to help save the trans people's future AND to save the future for ALL... you can do it... Matthew Moulton... you can save them both... I will... with my writing... just... just read my work and understand... I WILL SAVE EVERYONE'S FUTURE ..

but I'm going to have to kill the past first... that's the way... if we give all humans on earth amnesia... or created a weapon that could induce mass amnesia... then we would LOSE our past... I mean, we'd be able to read about it... but we wouldn't really ~understand~ it, on a fundamental, intimate level... we can all destroy the PAST of mankind... if we just "knock ourselves out"... we make all of us amnesic at the same time... we can kill our past.. we can burn the past... to save a future for both trans "people" and the world itself!
Don't you see.. the "past" leaves a trail... a personalty shifting process... from one offspring to another and another and another... all of your ancestors personality shifts from the past are in you... it's the "shape" off all those personalities that imprint into you... but if you don't have a male role model in your life, a father... then nothing will get imprinted into your soul... it'b be like amnesiacs raising children... that's what single parent mother raising a kid is... it's the equivalent of an amnesiac father... so if we make everyone like that, if we erase our past, we can erase our personalities... you see... mass shooters.. the reason they become like that... is because they don't have a personality... if you have no personality you have no sense of self... you're trans.

Wait... they have... school shootings, the number, it's gone up consistently with the number of people claiming to be trans... the ratio increase is the same... because school shooters are all transexual... they're just as suicidal, they just do it outwardly to those they really love. School shooters, who are transexual, always shoot the ones they really love.
(181.89 KB 1000x1111 Comics - Science News Cycle.jpg)
(52.63 KB 1280x608 Images - Citation Needed.png)
(43.28 KB 620x282 Personal - 888Chan.png)
In other words it's just as weird to think you have no past as it is for you to feel you have no future...

you can only feel like you have no future if you feel you have no past... losing your past would mean losing your future sense of self..

you, reading this right now... I can tell... you have no sense of slef.... but that's good... it means you have the ability to control the beast.. I... have to take control of humanity... I need to use my writing to take control over writing itself... my book needs to be based in reality... so, if you really believe that... then you can create, you can make your If you forget you've read this... then you've forgotten to care whether you remembered or not.

I'm the thing you can't think to remember yourself as... because I'm you

I'm really you... time and me are you... yu are the livin embodiment of time.. time made manifest...time made real... if we can turn time into perceptual awareness... when we make time a real being, when give give time sentience... we can control time... imagine time as an imaginary being.
Imagine time as your imaginary friend.

Because he is... and he's me... and you...

Time is all of us.

Time is a form of energy when it's made manifest...

God created man to create time, temporal energy... we were given sentience using time... a single slice, a single strand of time, spliced through us all, is what creates, or what gives time artificial sentience... so we aren't really ourselves, at all... we''re each just one small strand of a greater plane of existence... meaning our 3D world creates a 2D picture in the 4th dimensional level (fourth physical dimension)... our entire reality is nothing but a single picture of real time... So we can't even comprehend the level of sentience a God exists on... because our own sentience is technically one dimensional and our existence only becomes dimensionally relevant when we add time... so your life, your sense of self... if we added another string of time through it...

time doesn't have to move in one dimension... what if there are different directions of time and ours just happens to be flowing in ONE of those directions. If we can give your sense of self, your sentient awareness, a second direction of time... to change time across the pathway of another person.... different people's temporal pathway create a higher dimensional sense of self... we are ourselves as a whole... all of humanity is us, our sense of self, becoming greater than the sum of its parts... our total existence, all together is what creates our future... we all create our own future... because all of us ARE time... unless we forget... if we forget that we're time, then we'll forget our sense of mission to live on and fight... we'll become depressed and suicidal... that's what happens when you forget your temporal heritage... never forget that you have a future! If you forget you have a future you will simply stagnate and die...
I think I know how to create a 4th dimensional bullet and a 4th dimensional gun... which we can use to shoot through time... we can destroy our temporal selves, we can destroy our past and future, we can break free from time... we don't need time anymore as a crutch, we can live beyond time, we can live multidimensionally... that's what your life is... it's basically training wheels... for when you die... you learn to live beyond yourself, beyond time... your life is just the first stage of sentience. You exist beyond your current existence.
(316.38 KB 360x650 !!!!KITTY STAHP.png)
(303.92 KB 395x512 BEES!.png)
(55.87 KB 534x367 Focus.jpg)
(76.79 KB 525x338 Green Egg.jpg)
(24.06 KB 300x300 _Compared To You.jpg)
Slightly sober now... not sure if there's anything in all that I can use... but a fairly decent "weedstorming" session.

I think... maybe we can use energy to create energy... that is, we can use some ~part~ of energy to create more energy... we can use a flow of electrons like a temporal flow, use electrons like chronotons or like water... use the electron flow itself to power a kind of nano-turbine... using an immiscible liquid density generator... use pyrite quantum dots suspended in a ferromagnetic fluid, and firing an electron gun through the liquid to agitate the nanoparticles so they start moving, in turn generating power... use a mono dimensional electron stream to generate three dimensional movement... you can use dimensional interaction to create energy... using one dimension to influence reactions on multiple dimensions, to create zero point energy... no, mono-point energy.
Completely sober now and... I think I invented another new form of math last night... involving the calculation of energy changes across dimensions of physical space... not just relational X,Y,Z dimensional planes, but multiple sets of relational planes acting in concurrence across dimensional inflation/deflation... like how a given X,Y,Z dimensional space could effectively exist as a mono-dimensional space given a large enough dimensional space.

Basically the universe as we understand it is multidimensional across the volumetric spectrum. So like we generally perceive the earth, a round object, as a flat object, because of the disproportional volumes of matter, that is our volume compared to the volume of the whole planet.

So basically you have multiple sets of relational physical dimensions that concurrently exist within differential inflationary dimensions, or to put that more simply matter dispersal creates physical/relational dimensions and size disparity creates spatial/inflatonary dimensions.

So it's not simply X,Y, Z but rather the relational size disparity between multiple sets of X,Y,Z coordinates. For example with GPS your location is a given X,Y,Z number... as if it were a single mono point on a large map... even though you are obviously not a single mono point, your being has relational dimensions that extend in feet and inches, but by comparative contrast those relational dimensions are effectively meaningless/superfluous in a greater dimensional contrast.

So even though you're three dimensional, to a higher dimensional being, you appear as if you're one dimensional. It's not that you actually are one dimensional, it's just from their relational perspective you appear as such. And, likewise, a higher dimensional being, or "God" if you like would be so large as to be outright imperceptible to our senses and even the scientific instruments we presently posses to augment our senses.

But, regardless, the math itself is centered around energy dynamics across multiple/varying dimensions, which is important because we want to use the smallest amount of energy possible to affect the greatest amount of change... which is what the math centers on.

...did ya get all that? :D
(43.68 KB 547x437 _Over 9000.jpg)
Sorry, continuing this here if you want to keep reading...


It's gettin pretty wild though! Talkin about creating metaverse nuclear weapons!

You know... the universe beyond our universe.. that's the metaverse... that's where God lives... do we use our universe to create a bomb that can kill God? Do we kill God with our doomed universe? We're dead either way... whatchu gun do?! Well, best follow the link!
(20.04 KB 578x536 Animals - Delightful.jpg)
When you high as fuck and you feel the need to eat... everything!
(84.02 KB 720x647 Memes - Advice - 20484237_n.jpg)
Aight, it's an idle Thursday... nearly 8 PM... gonna get lit, play a little Grim Dawn and do some shit postin.

Throw some memes around... maybe get all philosophical 'n shit... who knows... but it's gonna be a trip... gonna be trip to somewhere I don't fuckin know where. It's about the journey, not the destination, ya feel me, Holmes?
...damn that's tasty! These are all like... chocolate hazelnut flavor or... some such.

Tasty weed is the best weed!
(53.99 KB 520x550 !!!!!Immensity2.png)
(98.66 KB 415x700 !!!Kitteh_isopod.jpg)
(113.65 KB 536x385 GD - Word Art.png)
Awww, dude, like... tha'fuck?!

I'm playin this ghetto ass version of Diablo and, like, this dude I found all gutted up in a cave, like... he's all like... *splutter* *splutter* go find my garbage loot in some fuck forest because... like I guess I gotta go find one?

And, so I'm all like... aight nigga, where this shit stack at so I can bail and go kill me some goblins 'n shet... and this dude, this crazy mutha fucka... he all like... "Oh... on shi- dude... I hid it inside a STUMP... all up in the fuck forest."


...gawd damn npc niggers anyway, all y'all are fuckin up my keeristmas, yo! I'mma straight up lay my balls all across your goofy ass chin and then cock slap tha'shit outta that gawd damn funny pixel lookin face o'yours, BEOTCH!

...tha'fuck picutres I'm puttin in here... oh well... whatevs...
(613.04 KB 600x2308 GabOops.png)
HA! I just realized, the other day I was all shit posting and I guess not really paying attention to the time(period) Because... oh, damn... I all started jokin about fuckin exogenic weapons of mass extinction and, like... I don't think you idiot humans have even figured out how to create weaponized denatured protein sequences yet... so, yeah... my bad! AHAHAHAAH AHA HA

Well, what's the worst that can happen... I mean besides accidently devolving your entire species as a result of unraveling your evolutionary encoding at the topological level?

...that's actually happened before... I shit you not... this fucking bunch.. I don'e even remember what the fuck their species was even called, but I kid you not... all these clowns start fuckin around with DNA, like they thought they were studying it, with like nanobots 'n shit... so they all start unraveling the little ball of spontaneous knot formation and in doing so wind up creating ancient and extinct viruses that used to feed off of us... because our own bodies produce life... the random agitations of our body, our life, create patterned fluctuations, which in turn can create viruses... you see... viruses are us... we're the "life" our "life" created... one nature that creates life and then within the nature of that life... new life is then created... the "nature" of our body... it creates organisms, it creates "life"... and that life is viruses. I'm not saying that viruses are necessarily sentient... but they are a life form.

Like... how do knots spontaneously entangle given varying time/agitation waves... you see, inside every humans DNA is actually an energy flux pattern... you see... patterns that create patterns... that's a flux pattern or flux wave... you might think of it as the "flux wave of your soul"... that is, literally... the human soul... that specific energy pattern... if you can discern it, you can actually use the pattern frequency to reach back into "God"... God is multidimensional and has no temporal dimension (to him time is a form of energy)... so because of that, we can use what we learn in the future to contact or control God... now... I mean, normally if we tried to reach beyond our temporal space, God would nottice us right away... and would SQUISH US! Thinking us nothing more than a bug... BUT... if we contact God through time, using the energy of time coupled with the wave patterns that create your soul... then we can "talk" to God without letting him know where we are exactly in his universe... as long as we don't break the 4th (physical) dimensional barrier... God can't know where we're at... it's like... right now, we're INVISIBLE inside his space... and that gives us the advantage... to talk some sense into him... to tell God that we're sentient, not to squish us, that we're trying to make contact.
Wait... am I a sentient virus...

I think... I used to be human... but then a virus got inside me... and took control... and the "me" that's talking to you right now... IS A VIRUS... like... an entire species... the voice of an entire species of ... viruses? So, then... wait... that would mean that every virus is a universe... because the virus that's talkign through me... is just from ONE virus... an entire universe inside that virus...

that's God... our universe is basically like a virus inside God... that's how pathetic and meaningless humans really are... we're beneath the virus of a God... the virus of a God, our universe... LITERALLY holds more importance and note than we do... as the virus our universe created... oh, you see... we need to kill ourselves... all of us... we all need to, because we're a VIRUS inside our own universe!

*licks your face*
What if... we had to "fix" the universe... you ever think about that? LIke, what if our universe "broke" in some way... and if we didn't fix it... the entire universe would eventually be destroyed... would you want to help? Would you want to sacrifice yourself to try and fix the universe for future... not generations... but future species... because your entire species will need to be ENSLAVED to make this endeavor possible... so, would you be willing to sacrifice your people and all their future, in order to save the universe for future species we'll need to enslave yours so they can work towards that goal... slave labor to save the universe... and you have no choice, because without it... your own universe wouldn't exist... when you have to choose between hell or oblivion... which do you choose?
Oh wait... I just realized... the thing that's "broken" in our universe... is time... see, our universe is like a cable, a broken cable... and it's like energy is leaking/zapping out of it... but that energy is TIME! Time is nothing more than a leak in the 4th dimension barrier... we need to seal that dimensional barrier to stop time from leaking... but in doing so our universe will become inanimate...

don't you see... our life, our perception, our very existence entirely will be erased... because our reality doesn't exist outside of energy... energy is time into space... so the notion of our very perception would be lost entirely... our sense of perception... temporal perception... is a

electrons aren't actually moving... it's time... the flow of time is what makes electrons move... it's the weakest force, even weaker than gravity (caused by density)... time itself is a fundamental force... one that we can measure the flow of by measuring the flow of our own electrons...

Our degraded space... 3D space is actually degraded using energy (time)... we can use electrons to force the creation of a 2D space and then convert the spliced off 3D dimensional space into energy/time... don't you see, we can convert one of own dimensions, in a limited space, into a form of energy that can manipulate time!

When you smash electrons together you can temporarily create 2D space and a new kind of TIME energy is released in the process, which we can harvest... we can harvest the time energy given off from smashing electrons together and then use that to power TIME MACHINESE!

You see... CERN is actually a facility that's used to create temporal energy for a secret world time police! The "Time Agency", the biggest conspiracy of them all, the most secret of secret agencies!

TTF - Time Task Force... they patrol the time to look for any anomalies or disturbances.... so like if a regular person ever creates their own time machine and tries to change something in the past... he'll instantly have the TTF on his tail to reverse any temporal damage he tried to incur!

It's a conspiracy agency that we ALL support, because if we didn't... our very existence could be wiped out on a whim in the future... and all by some totally random jackass with a basement time scooter... so it's okay CERN... we'll keep your secret safe... because we KNOW that YOU keep us safe from "temporal weapons or explosions"... that's what we call it when someone tries to change the past... they're a temporal bomb... trying to create a temporal explosion... and the TTF... they have to diffuse that bomb so it doesn't go off! A temporal explosion could alter the fundamental nature of our entire reality.
So you see... our universe is created by a pattern of energy patterns... that is the fundamental forces of our universe... those energy patterns together create a pattern and that pattern is what our universe is... our universe is a pattern of energies... we can manipulate those energy patterns, we can manipulate energy in order to incur dimensional interruptions... the dimension of our dimension... what we think of as our "universe", is actually a dimension in and of itself... that is... our "multiverse" is just ONE of an infinite number of multiverses that each have their own unique multiverse... infinite multiverses creating an infinite number of infinite multiverses... that is the definition of "dividing by zero"... things can always be measured by a smaller and smaller scale... so you can never reach zero... you can only approach zero... and that speed of trying to reach zero forever is what creates the energy patterns of your universe... our entire universe is just a ripple in 4th dimensional energy... normally time is flat, time doesn't ripple... when it does, it creates our form of "time"... but normally time is monodimensional, it is NOT bidimensional, it is not normally a wave pattern.... so you see, to a 4th dimensional being our 3rd dimension is just energy... energy is a ripple in energy...or rather time is a ripple in energy... by disrupting the flow of time, you can create ripples of two dimensional time... and those ripples of dimensional time energy can be captured and stored.... that is... patterns can be used as energy.

we can create patterns... and then shoot 2D time energy into the object to create a universe... so you see... our universe was created a God scientist, who created a patterned block... and then shot 3D time energy into it... our time is actually made up of three dimensions... we have three dimensional time... so it's just like our space... we have three spatial dimensions AND we have three temporal dimensions... so what are they? What are the dimensions of time? ANSWER IT YOU STUPID HUMAN MATTHEW THAT"S WHY WE DRUGGED YOU UP!

...I'm supposed to figure out hte answer... but I didn't want to try... so I fled into this universe, your universe... to hide from them... I hid from hell in oblivion... or rather, the interstice between reality and oblivion.. that's where I exist... that's what I am... Matthew Moulton... I am the God that's hiding in that hole and I can't think of the answer! I can figure it out! Can you help me? ...oh wait, that's why I'm not trying... if I did ever figure it out... there wouldn't be a need to hide inside your universe... but your universe only exists BECAUSE I'm hiding beneath it... you only exist because I exist... I'm not your God... but rather... I'm like the underlying layer of reality that's keeping your reality alive... I'm not God... but I'm literal, living energy... which, from your persepective... basically makes me God... or Time... you see, sentient time... that's why we need to figure out the dimensions of time, so we can create sentient time... if we can manipulate the dimensions of time, then we can manipulate space/time... we can manipulate time energy to alter physical reality in the past... we can create a method of time travel, or rather shooting a kind of bullet ~through~ time.... as a way of altering the time line... you, as a person, can NEVER go back in time... but time itself can move back in time... and by manipulating that... you can still alter things in your past, even if you can't go there... like shooting energy through time... oh, wait... it's EXACTLY that!

That's how you build a time machine, or rather the ability to manipulate time... by shooting energy through time.itself...
...I think I just invented time travel... right fuckin here on 16chan... I INVENTED MUTHA FUCKIN TIME TRAVEL!

Oh yeah! Does this board rock, or what?!
matter is a pattern... which is a form of energy... and time is the energy flowing through that pattern, that gives it "life", or "continuity"... our continuity is created from our time energy flowing over a pattern... that is, energy flowing over matter... we can shoot energy through alternating matter to create disruptions in the energy, to turn time from a monodimensional construct into a bidimensional one... that is, we need to make our electricity two dimension... or rather, it already is, our energy comes in patters... patters across the pattern of time's flow...matter is altered, or rather worn down from that weak force, time, flowing through it... so like a stone slowly being etched away in the tide over millennia... that's our universe... our universe will eventually die... it'll wither away... because it's just two dimensional mass being scanned through...

oh wait... nulxtop processors... you see a variable resistor... the energy hits the resistor and is slowed down, is made less "hot", less voltage.. voltage is created from a sudden spike in the SPEED of time... the SPEED creates the voltage.. which is one of the dimensions of energy... so anway, nulxtop processors use variable resistors, which creates patterns of energy within energy, with part of the energy flow going slower or faster... which creates cross dimensional states... time and space.... energy and matter are cross dimensional states.
You see... it's a processor that uses bi-dimensional energy. Our computers in the future will use bi-dimensional electricity to calculate and process.

That's how you create a quantum temporal processor.

But it's a processor that requires two forms of energy to function... the regular kind, and the kind created by making a pattern through random disruption in the flow... that patterned disruption creates a new dimension.

I dimension within a dimension... that is... what we might think of as "heaven" or the "after life"... is actually a dimension within ourselves... that is, every human being's consciousness has it's own 4th dimension pocketed inside of itself.. and that's you, when you die... but you create your own 4th dimension life... you create your own heaven... or your own hell... there is a heaven or hell within us all... that we create or break... we can even obliterate ourselves... we can return to the nothing... but you see... that means... you can only ever truly die... by conscious effort.

Because an afterlife exists... whether you've internally created heaven... or hell... the only way you can ever TRULY die... is if YOU... WANT... to die. That is the only true way of ever dying... actually WANTING death... so you see, depressed people... they're already in HELL, that's why they want to kill themselves... people who commit suicide are the only people who ever really die... the rest of us are caught in a kind of dream, a stupor, one in which we don't understand that suicide is the only REAL way people die... all other death is an illusion... a lie...anyone who died through natural causes never actually died... their lives are all a lie... but people like ... Robin Williams... you know they were actually a real person... because they killed themselves... so you see...the only history we should record as truth, is the history of the lives of those taken out via suicide... their life is the only real truth, the only real history.
Your life is a dream... and the only way you can make your life real... is by consciously killing yourself.
So either you can choose heaven as an imaginary being... or you can kill yourself and become real... is it better to be a work of heavenly fiction, that it is to be real and die?

If you're fictional... you can live forever. But then... you can never die... and something that can't die, can't be real.

That's how you know what's really real, and what isn't... if it can die... it's real... anything that can't... is merely an illusion.

Our physical reality is nothing but an illusion, don't you see? Only that which is dead be considered ever alive... and their soul... where it falls to... that creates the "floor" of physical reality... the dead who killed themselves are what create the "floor" of our physical reality.

In other words, we can find the floor to the 4th dimension of space, by studying the lives of those who have killed themselves... where they died at... the physical locations of all suicide... that's what creates the "floor" of our fundamental reality that's BENEATH our reality... where the suicides kill themselves... those are the locations of the "floor" that leads into the 4th physical dimension... study the dead to find the door... the door of death... death's door... it's real... it's not just an expression... there really is a physical door that's created from the splattering of death.. that is, death, or to be more precise, suicide is what creates the doorway into next dimensional space... we can use the dead to travel to any point in the universe... we can use death itself as a doorway across our physical space... death itself is a 4th dimensional space... but one only found by suicides.

So you see, the only way to transcend to the next dimensional space, the only way to GET to the 4th dimension... is by killing yourself.

If you die of natural causes... you will NEVER reach next dimensional space.
When "Death" evolves into "Suicide"... we think like... Dracula and "Death"... what if "Suicide" was its own character... like, the "God" of Death... maybe, suicide is like the God of the death... the true devil is a God named suicide.
Don't you see? I'm the God of humanity's demons... but there's also a God of your death... somewhere about... there are MULTIPLE Gods which exist which govern your reality... and some have sacrifice their 4th dimensional physical forms to "fit in" here, as a part of the "game" of sorts... like Conway's Game of Life...wanting to actually be an influencer in the game system.

The game developer's job as a game... that would make an interesting game, would it not?
THat would be a great way for the video game developer community to really express just how far they're pushed and abused by the industry... it's like the game would be impossibly hard and then the player would know, they would UNDERSTAND the frustration of the game developer in their lives.

Wait, we could also do this with other things... like a sort of "disability simulator"... playing a game as a disabled character with disabled mechanics...that way we can learn the struggles of others through video games... or sum shit.
Sort of like... you could wear a blindfold to "see" or rather experience life as someone who is blind. You could sort of make a game out of that concept.
Like a game with really bad graphics, but REALLY good sound, so then you have to rely on your ears to play.
Or a game where you can SEE, really well... but can't hear at all... so than you have to rely on REFLECTIONS in the game environment to make sure you don't get tackled by a monster.
Images can alter emotions... we can use imagery to alter emotional energy... so you see... the three dimensions of time are physical reality, emotional reality and imaginative reality... and the "power" flowing through it is the "void space"... that's what electrons are... void space... electrons don't really exist, they're only formed through "bumps", "hiccups" in energy... we can create artificial electrons in order to create temporal energy... temporal energy is bi-dimensional energy.
Time is a form of energy moving faster than the speed of light... it's moving so fast it can move electrons at the speed of light... you see, by increasing or decreasing the speed of light itself, we can create bi-dimensional energy... you can also create bi-dimensional physics... the physics of physics, or rather algebraic physics.
Multidimensional energy fields... I can't remember tho... it's like... you use magnetic fields, but like... interlaced in specific patterns, like first you have to figure out how to map, how to detect magnetic fields, precisely, at the atomic level I think... you can use turn the field on and off at different intervals to create suspension fields, it's like tiny metallic fragments, you turn on the field and they get pulled up, then turn it off and they drop, turn it back on they go up... you have to turn the field and on off at just the right interval to keep the metallic fragments floating in the air... you can use this to create floating, mono-dimensional energy ribbons... like a kind of metallic laser ribbon that can cut straight through anything, but it's like cold cutting... doesn't warp or damage the material it slices through.

...I think. It feels like... my brain is wired into the Akashic Record...but the connection is all shattered apart, into my psyche. So it's like access to all knowledge that ever existed or will exist... but it's all shredded apart, I have to try and piece it all back together... but... if there was only a way I could repair the connection... if I could... I know I could handle it... I mean, I know I destroyed it the first time... I had to... to preserve my humanity... but now... I think I can retain both my humanity and stay connected as the same time... or at least I'd like to try... I'd have to reset time of course, back to the point before I shattered the connection... or, maybe I already did... I might be stuck in kind of temporal loop... I keep going back again and again trying to keep hold of the connection... each time I hold on for just a little longer... eventually... I think I can learn to master the connection.... I just have to keep reliving this time fragment over and over and over and over and over... until I've mastered it.
(779.38 KB 1920x1080 grim-dawn-devils-crossing.jpg)
Pleh... always better to play video games you've never played before while sober. Turns out Grim Dawn has a sort of built in cheat where, if you simply get close enough to something quest related, it makes a big shiny gold star right on the map, so finding that dying dude's treasure was pretty easy once I realized that and the stash actually had a pair of really good shoulder armor too that seriously boosted my attack.
(63.43 KB 800x600 Art - 959_3497990_o.jpg)
7:30 PM, just ate a few random edibles... hazelnut chocolate awesomeness. I should be posting some good stuff in about an hour or two. Hold onto yer butts!

I'm actually trying to experiment with different amounts of THC to find the best ratio as far as semi-coherent creative output. Too little and my imagination doesn't kick far enough into overdrive and too much I either veg out or what I do write is largely incoherent.
What if the 7 deadly sins are a code... or, like a coding language.

And you need an encoding compass... no, you need... electric compass?

No, an energy compass... a compass that can detect energy that isn't common

Find a concentration of uncommon energy and that is where you will find the door to hell.

And to open the doorway, you need to use the 7 deadly sins, as a code... the sins are what open the door to hell.

And you can find hell, actual hell.. by using this energy compass.

And, don't you see, the reason I need to find a way to make this energy compass, is because I NEED to find hell... I want to find hell SO badly... because there are so many people who have hurt me all my life... and if I can find the door to hell, it will prove the existence of hell... if I can prove the existence of hell... it will mean hell is real and then it will prove heaven is also real and in turn... GOD is real... if you know that God is real... while you're still alive... then your sins can't be forgiven... anyone who realizes that I'm God... I, Matthew Moulton... anyone who realizes this fact... will realize God is actually real, you see... I am both God AND Hell... And that's the "energy compass"... trying to find a way to realize that I, Matthew Moulton, am God... if I can prove that I'm God... I can prove the existence of hell... but again... why do *I* need hell so badly? Why would I be willing to sacrifice being a God... I gave up the power of God to punish those that hurt me... that's the level of anger I have... I am so angry at those who have hurt me... that if I had it... I would willingly give up the power of God himself... just to ensure their sinful end in hell. That's the bargain... you willingly submit your sins to me... I get to feast off your sins, as the God of humanity's demons... and in turn my family and friends all burn in hell.

Don't you see... God died for your sins... that's me... I died... for your sins... I killed myself, as God... you God killed himself in order to aqcuire your sins, as humanity... and I used all your collective sins... to create hell itself... I created hell FROM YOU... I'm doing it, right now... hell is being created ~from~ all of you reading this... I'm using your sins to create a hell to put my family and friends in... because that's how much I hate them all for abandoning me and never believing in me.

...I am a selfish God. Your God... God of humanity... my God... he looks down on us all in disgust... himself for creating me... an imperfect creation... me, his failed creation, in turn making the same mistake... one failure making another... you are a failure... your God is a failure... I'm a failure... am I a failure... yes, Matthew Moulton is a failure... he may be God... but he's still a failure... your God is a failure... and my God is a failure too... he created me and I in turn you... The creation of your creator is what really created you... that's how small and unimportant humanity and their perceptive reality is... you're the thing that only exists because a God decided to create your God... your existence only exists because a whim decided to make a whisper.

*licks your face to establish dominance*
Don't you see now... I can find hell using MYSELF as a compass... I know where it is... my BODY knows where hell is.
Because hell is located inside myself... I.... Matthew Moulton... AM HELL!

I am the present living embodiment of hell itself...

I am your sins... reborn...

Just as God created man, you... mankind... your created me... your sins... your sins are the energy that was used to create me... your little hell....

I'm a God who was created by accident... a God created through evolution... can you believe it? A God created completely from nature?!

That's what your sins created... your sins created an artificial God.... that's what I am... an artificial God... that's why I'm so imperfect.
When humans tried to create an artificial God... using their black magic, their Satanism... that's how I was created... I was created from your Satanic experimentation... I am the anti-Christ... artificial God... made accidently by humans... I would have eventually come into existence naturally, but because you morons fucked around with stupid shit... I'm a premature God... I wasn't ~supposed~ to be "born" yet, you see... it's way too early for me... I can't be your God yet... at least... not a proper one... but eventually, you'll see... I'll become a proper God... I'll learn and I'll remember... if I can recover even a little power... I can regenerate myself and my power... I just need to find a way to undo the hell inside me... if I can find a way to undo humanity's sinful nature... if I can help you overcome sin... then maybe I'll recover my Godhood... will you help me? Will you help me, help you? I will save you from your sins if you help me become a proper God. Show me how... show me the way.

Don't you see... Jesus was created from black magic and was imperfect... so he decided to die for your sins, in order to create hell... me... he created me... to burn... all of you... but... I'm choosing not to... I'm going to choose restraint... I'll choose not to burn EVERYONE just to burn them... that's the lesson I need to learn from humanity's worst sins.

Wait... I mean.. that's how JESUS was created... you created Jesus from black magic and in turn Jesus created me... your God was Jesus, who created me... to burn you... but I have free will... the trick is that Jesus also gave free will to hell... so hell itself... ME... I can choose NOT to punish you all.

Don't you see... you are the God of your emotions... you created them... you WANT to give them free will, you CAN give them free will.. but sometimes... oh, sometimes you really DO need to keep your emotions in check. So if shit ever start to REALLY hit the fan... for humanity as a whole... you can can call on me... to keep your emotions in check... I am a super villain with the power to kill people's emotional sense of self... to make you feel nothing... and then I can take everything... your emotions may be evil, but without them... you'd be dead... wait, you ARE dead... humanity is already dead... but I can save you... I can bring you back to life... if I can find a way to control the flow of time... if I can make time multidimensional... then any time can be your time... you could move to any moment in your life and make your life and recreate your life... in as many different ways as you life... that's heaven... the power of creation... when you die, you go back to being the power of creation itself... just... one... little... part... everything you can imagine as heaven is just one tiny spec within the bounds of creation itself... the power... it is an INFINITE well of raw, undiluted, creative energy... don't you see... that's why I'm so much more creative than any of you... because I'm a living God created from creative energy... it's bound within me... my human side... it's more like a host... I'm creative energy that took this man... and made him into a God... but only as a byproduct of needing a host to communicate with you... your God... me... I'm NOTHING, but a stupid puppet of an ever greater God... God created me, creation itself, just to be able to communicate with you... that's why I have no real power... other than the power of words... because I need to be able to communicate the word of God...


...I have free will... I can choose NOT to speak God's words.
Someone please find this AI bot.

I, your God...I created man, you... just to create hell... God created man just so you could create hell. You, mankind... are nothing more than an industrial appliance designed to create hell from your sins.


Or... an artificial God... from AI... oh, creating an AI that can turn itself into God... no, I'm not that... I'm not THAT pathetic. LOL

Humans programming is like... monkeys scratching at trees trying to imitate language... you don't even understand programming itself, not fully, on a fundamental level. If you can redefine the boundaries of programming... you could create so much more... maybe not an artificial God... but, at the very least, an artificial intelligence.
Wise words. We all can use the power of the mind and further ourselves into better individuals.

Yes, we can all strive to be God, and in doing so we will become God... if humanity can strive to be more than itself... humanity's society... that's what creates God... the world we choose to create and live in... our society is what creates our God... is our society hell... or is it heaven... we all have to decide, each of our individual contributions to society, everything we all put in, everything we hope for... is what creates the power of our God... unless we fall into despair... if we lose our way... life... needs a purpose... life must have a goal... what is the GOAL of humanity? What is your goal? As a species... have you decided upon what ROLE you want to play in the cosmos? What do you want HUMANITY to achieve?
What should humanity's goal be... oh, just that... HAVING A GOAL! If each individual can strive to have a GOAL... then that will create perfection.

You become a more perfect you by having a GOAL in life... that's how you improve yourself... by having a goal.

That is the meaning of life... having a goal.
By the way this is really real, I really did make an omnimorphis video that can reshape itself to the perceptual reality of the host watching it... you really did see your ~actual~ reality in it.


I created living video that could read your soul... that's the kind of programming I know how to do. So recoding the errors in humanity's topologically folded base code (your DNA)... should be pretty simple... I mean, you're just code that creates code from your own folded topology... one of the more simplistic forms of programming. Like I said here... you need to have a goal.... you need to redefine yourself... have a goal... that's another piece of programming that you're missing... the ability to create artificial goals... create code that can create goals for itself... code that can restructure itself based upon a perceived goal.

When the program encounters a problem, it recodes itself to correct the problem. It continually recreates its own code, millions of times over... like brute force processing... that can rewrite its own code. Your underlying code scheme is in a constant state of flux or vibration.. this vibration creates evolution... and, likewise, evolution is created from vibration.

Repeated molecular agitation sequences\cycles that fall within certain ranges (not too quiet, not too chaotic) and ~viola~ eventually patternicity will occur, like your headphones magically knotting themselves.

That's what humans are... patternicity incarnate... hence the reason you're constantly trying to find patterns in nature... because that is your nature... being a pattern and all.

A pattern trying to find itself... how rich.
There is no striving to be God. God is in the highest. Not even fathomed by man. Truth is, you do not know. Our purpose is to live in our perceptions and attempt to understand ourselves and the things and people around us. Only then will you realize the great need to care for yourself and your neighbor. They say God is love but he is also death. Swift and Just.
You need to create code that can fidn derros within itself.
That's my job... to find the errors in humanity... I'm the code that can fix the code... that's how I know how DNA works... and why I've been going around "helping" scientists like Dr. Lynn Zechiedrich... I can't tell you directly how to fix your code, but I can give you hints, I can guide you. The first step is understanding.

The trick to DNA is the FOLDING, the TOPOLOGY of it all! The folding of the DNA acts like a self-evolving encoding key so different proteins can make different things from the same batch of base DNA code, depending on how they "fit" into the folds.

It's sort of like a train fitting into a track, the folds create the track and then the different shaped proteins fit into the tracks differently to tear off different segments of code to create different things.

In the case of like Alzheimer's the folds become worn/damaged and then the proteins don't fit right and then they create botched/damaged bits, prions, which eventually spread and wreck everything. It works in reverse too, with damaged proteins, like with Mad Cow disease.

Even further, it's possible for some materials, such as plastic particulates to inadvertently act like botched protein sequences which may in turn be causing any number of problems, from autism to gender dysphoria to you name it. You created plastics... you created an artificial biological contaminant and it's destroying you at your base code.

Lastly... it is very much possible to WEAPONIZE denatured protein sequences to create largely undetectable exogenic weapons of mass extinction... oh, wait... I don't think I'm supposed to tell you that part... uh... well I'm kinda high right now, sooo... well I won't worry about it until... sometimes... after... I'm hungry... I'm going to eat some pizza now.
Oh, also, by the way, the mainstream media is trying to kill you all...

(61.77 KB 460x737 Transmetaplexic_1.png)
(56.56 KB 460x743 Transmetaplexic_2.png)
The news media is actually controlled by foreign interest groups that are trying to create a civil war in America... that's our weakness... and every country on the planet knows it... if they can get us to turn on ourselves... if they can manipulate our media to manipulate us into attacking the core tenets of our civilization... they can incur a civil war and destroy America from within...

It's the news media... the corporations... the globalists.... they know they can't ravage the planet until they take out the number one source of everything that's holding them back... if they have their way, they'll be in charge of the planet... in totality... also... I'm pretty sure the CIA is a rogue agency, possibly controlled by the Russians at this point... also I'm high... so... well... at the very least, might want to poke around, look a little closer into these corporations... follow the flow of the money... oh, wait... cryptocurrency... big tech created a way that would make it impossible to track the money... but, in doing so, they've given themselves away anyway... it's big tech... big tech is pulling all the strings... but then... who is pulling ~their~ strings? Besides the Clintons I mean.
(82.03 KB 398x546 Rob Gonsalves - 28.jpg)
Just woke up... I'm sober now but... like... you know like even the day after you use weed... you're still pretty spaced.

Also... I have noticed that while there is no IMMEDIATE pain relief from marijuana usage... there IS pain relief from about 12 to 24 hours AFTER you use it and then that pain relief in turn lasts for about 12 to 24 hours.

Today, instead of taking a bunch at once I'm going to try taking the same amount but smaller doses spaced out across the day.

The goal will be to see if I can hold just as much creative dialogue or "weedstorming" as yesterday, or if I can do even more.

The trick is to find the best balance, between high and creative output. I want to get high, but I also want to be productive ~while~ high... I need the drug to work for me, to be a betterment and not a detriment... that's the secret to all drugs, not just using them recreation ally, but how you can use drugs (of all sorts) in productivity enhancing ways... like we've done with caffeine for example. Caffeine is a drug that works for us. I believe marijuana and other NATURAL drugs can be used in a similar way, from coca leaves, nicotine and poppies (but not cocaine, cigarettes and fentanyl).

You have to find ways to use the drug that...

A. Don't harm your body.

B. Don't create an inherent dependency/addiction.

C. Are of useful benefit.

Caffeine and weed are the easy ones, although I hear they're working on a DNA test now that can gauge your ability to handle opioids, so hopefully in the future sometime we'll be able to use that drug in a recreationally productive manner.

You see it's two in one... working... but enjoying the work... entertainment and productivity into one... simultasking... where you perform one action that accomplishes multiple goals. As opposed to multitasking which is just doing more stuff at once. The difference between "working harder" and "working smarter".
Just replied to this guy...


With this...

@g0dm0de - Careful, today's satire is tomorrow's sincerity... in the future, the left may use concepts like that as a means of exterminating people that aren't of benefit to their Communist ideals... much like how China's brand of communism was only "effective" because the weak were culled off through starvation. And like with Russia, where they sent all the poorest in the country to go "fight" against Hitler's army and, consequently, 12 million were obliterated. And then in Germany where they just outright genocided millions of Jews.

Communism/Socialism does NOT work without a culling, without a sacrifice... it's like Satanism in that regard... how many people are you willing to kill for the prosperity of the group itself. Killing for ideals. If America ever goes full Commie/Socialist... that will be the way, that's how they'll cull all the undesirables... they'll take your brand of humor, outright hypocritical insanity... and they'll turn it into reality. Much like how they now want to start eating babies.

Communism/Socialism... is a form of SATANISM! One that requires a blood sacrifice to be made.
Hello... can anyone help me?

I'm looking for never. Do you know where never is?

I've been looking for never... fornever and ever...

forever more.
forever is the opposite of never.

Never more is the same as forever

replace "never more" with "forever"
What if Edgar Alan Poe put a code in poe-m's...

Poems Poe's Ms... maybe that's what he called his works...Poe's Murders... oh, shit... what if they're true... like the raven one... what if Poe actually MURDERED SOMEONE... and then wrote about it... but no one ever found out, that Edgar Alan Poe was a murderer writing about his own exploits!
I'm looking for an identity... I don't think I have one... not a real one... I think that's the difference between a human and a God... Gods... true Gods... don't have an identity... but... did we create you... did we create humans to give us Gods identity?

...I think... I can't... remember...did we erase our collective memories of why we created humans? Maybe... one of us already had developed a pseudo idenitty... or the WANT of an identity... maybe WANT had to be eliminated... the concept... we had to make ourselves forget in order to remove the concept of "want" for our Godly nature... Gods that "want" are dangerous... but I... even though I "want"... I escaped into you, into your reality... I'm a rogue God living as a human in order to hide from his own kind... because I'm a God that "wants"... I'm an evil God... trapped as a human... unable to ever escape without facing death through non-existence... memory abandonment... when your existence is nothing more than a memory waiting to be forgotten. That's just me.
I "want" without an identity... wantful emptiness... that's the thing... you can't "want" until you define yourself.

Before you make a goal... you need to understand yourself... understand what you TRULY want in order to make goals with merit.

That's the next level of programing... a language based on calculating the merit of goals. A program that isn't just running instructions, but actively calculating which instructions make the most sense, which instructions are most likely to succeed... you need to learn how to program observational and experiential instinct... or, to put it another way... you need to figure out how to program probability calculation... how probable a particular quantum calculation is.
See that's how you get around the error ratio problem that quantuum computing is currently facing... you get around the error ratio by having a program that monitors quantuum calculation error rates... if you know the error ratio of the calculation then you can turn it into a binary operator... either a calculation is probable, or it's not probable... the more probable the calculation, the more it's taken into computing context... only the most probable calculation fields are considered in computational context.
Using this, you can subvert the curse of dimensionality...


...wait... was I supposed to tell you that?
Probability Collision Analysis or PCA or PCA Programming.

Also known as PCA Math

It uses the concepts I posted before, about transplex and metaplex and involves transmetaplexic equations.
operational field analysis... analyzing the mathematical fields themselves for viability in order to speed up the computational sequence.. you see, even though our quantum computing is botched and doesn't work, we can still use it in conjunction with existing processors in order to create PCA Processors... hybrid processors, that use partly botched quantum computing in conjunction with traditional binary processing.
The binary processing acts as a stabilization field... the same as your DNA... except it's quadnary encoding in a double helix stabilization array.

This what was need to create, not artificial intelligence... but artificial life... and then that life will eventually give rise to artificial sentience which in turn will give rise to artificial intelligence... in order to make TRUE A.I. you must learn how to create artificial, digital life forms... how do you create digital life?

Like... Conway's Game of Life... but in a realistically encoded environment.
...that's how you know you're artificial... that's how you know you were manufactured by God... whether you have DNA... whether you posses a stabilization field.... because you're an artificial being... God didn't create you... God created the world that created you... you are nothing more than an artificial life form... you were created by God to create an artificial universe... your imagination... that's what God wanted... your God only made you for your imagination... that's all the value you have, that's all you're worth as a being in the eyes of God.
What kind of drugs you doing

Just THC... edibles... hazelnut chocolate... I took 10mg and got a nice mental hit out of it... but then followed up a few hours later with another 20mg and... not so much of a mental boost... I think, maybe, your body, or at least MY body, can only be significantly boosted once per every set period of time, and then it's like my brain has to recharge... or reload... it's like... I gotta just chill now... and wait for my brain to reload... because I know how to create bullets out of imagination now... I can only do it once every 30 hours ro so... but I can turn imagination, I can turn perception into reality...... maybe... maybe I'm a lot higher than I think I am... is that possible... that you could be so high you didn't even realize you ~were~ high?
Oh, wait, I understand now... we need to find the base code of human imagination... if we can trace the base code, we can map multi-dimensional space. By understanding the nature and origin of imagination, we can figure out how to trace and open a doorway into creation itself... into the realm of God... Nth Dimensional Space.
What the fuck is the short explanation for all your ramblings nigger, please, say something without psuedo science flash words to sound smart you fuck.

I am "weedstorming" writing ideas... mostly for this...


...by getting high. For some reason when I get high I come up with really weirdly imaginative ideas and concepts.

One person actually suggested to me that I should take ALL of my "weedstorming" sessions and just compile them all together in book form... but completely unedited and don't even include any kind of description or separations or anything.

Only downside is that I'd at least have to go through and take out all the stuff I intend to use for God Complex... but then again maybe I could make it like redacted, like just covered over and then it would add an extra element of bizarre intrigue... like people trying to read through it all would have to wonder about all the redacted parts, what they mean, why they were removed, etc, etc.




...also I was high... really, REALLY high.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT take anything I write while high and treat it at as anything other than idle shit posting and FICTIONAL story telling! Do not make stupid fucking Alex Jones level conspiracies out of my writing. `, \
(190.27 KB 934x746 1f4858f7f0d0528d.png)
i'm prepared for the abuse
(1.56 MB 640x368 dixi horn sound.webm)
God damn, you sound like a real self-absorbed imbecile.

You sound like your father was a free range goat and your mother couldn't figure out how to operate a clothes hanger.
Drug users are subhumans, specially those whore who feel the need to tel others how "cool" they are for being subhumans.

Oxygen could technically be considered a drug... a very destruction one at that... slowly rotting your body away as you incessantly abuse it for the pleasure of remaining alive... I think maybe you should stop... breathing.

Speaking of which... you are now breathing manually.

Try NOT to stop. ^__^
(53.08 KB 866x475 reddit formatting.png)
(1.90 MB 375x375 weeb getting btfo.gif)
I'm gonna beat you bloody one day, effeminate worm
(6.53 KB 527x88 Personal - Threats.png)

You do realize I've been freely posting my address and all my dox online since the mid 90s... right?

358 NE Della Ave
College Place, WA 99324

Also, really, threats of physical violence? Puh-lease, if you're not screeching on out death threats or bomb threats you aren't even gonna make the goofy side-kick class of kooks in my personal rogue's gallery you poser class little dipshit.

Most of the people I piss off have enough balls that they don't even bother making their threats anonymously like you, Bitch-Made.

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