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(203.03 KB 720x874 IMG_20200708_170234.jpg)
Anonymous 07/30/2020 (Thu) 14:03:45 No. 15746
Is pay for sex morally wrong?
Slide thread >>>/b/
>>15746 you tell me, favela monkey
>>15746 That is such a weak question, why the hell would you ask that? What can you even do about it, they're not gonna change whether it's legal or not, and even if it was possible, people here aren't going to start a rally against it. Now, the actual interesting and relevant question here would be just how morally wrong it will be if they start giving prostitutes early access to the covid vaccine to effectively fucking reward them for being a humongous transmission vector for disease!
>>15746 ALL MEN pays for sex. Married men pays the most
>>15804 Oh yeah, what about north africans?? Don't you remember about how they have this "tourante" (literally "passing around") tradition, which is ... something you already should have had explained. They also have the world's highest rate of HIV resistance. They also have all that slavery up there, so they must have easy access to south sudanese or somali slave girls.
Get the fuck out out of here with that fat bitch trash
>>15746 You Brazilian faggot


no cookies?