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(132.55 KB 889x696 1510062941391.png)
Shitmerica Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 22:43:56 No. 16181
Shitmerica is full of inbred Kikes and Shitskin Niggers. Is anyone else awake?
(175.45 KB 630x688 jew expulsions explained.jpg)
>>16181 >it's another "you don't fetishize niggers as much as i do and you're an alt-right boogeyman" episode at ashcroft manor can these fucking nigger-loving mischlings just shut the fuck up for one evening?
(30.72 KB 539x500 1599651291608.jpg)
(103.53 KB 721x679 1593708447326.jpg)
(133.38 KB 1360x1336 1597732428214.png)
(240.61 KB 400x400 b460ba8eb1fb1f3a.png)
transition get black bf ??? PROFIT
(133.01 KB 644x1024 1598657064881.jpg)
(46.90 KB 680x564 1591117968262.jpg)
(299.08 KB 640x368 206470.jpg)
>>16278 albert schweitzer loved shitskins. the quote is fake.
(87.84 KB 400x238 ClipboardImage.png)
(121.92 KB 400x317 ClipboardImage.png)
>>16281 The quote is disputed, because no one will produce a copy, doesn't mean it is fake. >Loved shitskins Source: Trust me bro He clearly did not see them as equals to whites >Page 130 in the chapter entitled "Relations Between Whites And Blacks", from archives.org: "On The Edge Of The Primeval Forest" : http://archive.org/stream/ontheedgeofthepr007259mbp#page/n163/mode/2up Note: This was 1914, and from a much younger man, one would expect that 25 years later, his view of blacks may have changed
>>16286 the source is literally given to you. you can read the entire african notebook and not find it... furthermore, these quotes (that i have already seen before your reply) are a far cry from the quote in the picture i was replying to. master and slave =/= older brother and sibling
>>16288 >You can read Really? You have a copy? because it does not exist digitally anywhere online https://www.amazon.com/Albert-Schweitzer/e/B001H6SPAI/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1 Almost every book of his sells for less than $10 Except African Notebook, a 2002 (((reprint))) goes for $140 https://www.amazon.com/African-Notebook-Albert-Schweitzer-Library/dp/0815607431 Until I see a pre 2002 copy for myself, I will say the quote is in dispute >far cry 25 years, at the age of 38 it is not surprising he would temper his words in a book written for publication. After 60, knowing his end was nearing, one could assume he might be a little more bombastic Why do you suppose he said OLDER brother, and not simply brother/equal?
>>16291 deleted my last comment because i was being a drunken asshole, but just think about it. this guy spends the better part of his life toiling to improve the lives of niggers. the book isn't so elusive that nobody has read it.


no cookies?