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(379.47 KB 1104x1200 Leafs_giant_CO2_scrubbers2.jpg)
(49.15 KB 1473x742 CO2_for_dummies.png)
(57.61 KB 1851x1082 CO2_chart.png)
Climate Hoax: Leafs Gone Too Far Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 04:45:42 ID:906d92 No. 1629
Apparently no one told the Leafs that climate change was a hoax to get more tax dollars to waste and gain political power. So they built this death machine.
no link? OP you're not a faggot right? You can do better than this, come on back in a salvage this bread.
Atmospheric pollution is real, we just need to handle Jews and shitskins instead of shooting ourselves in the foot.
So China gets to pollute the air and cucknadians spend money cleaning it up? Sounds like a deal.
(404.54 KB 597x398 1569219550688.png)
>Liberals may literally cause the death of our species.
I'm pretty sure that's the idea, LeafAnons
There is a climate change.
It's the end of October and in a lot of places, the temperatures are higher than they're supposed to be.
You faggot it cold as fuck
Climate change becomes interesting if you explore the dome firmament.
Are they aware of the fact that this is what's known as "geoengineering" and is presently ILLEGAL under UN law... I'm just sayin.
The fact that heat rises (greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere) and that more activity creates faster degredation. Basic laws of physics. Don't be a 'tard just because the institutions are skewed.
Where are you ?
(166.32 KB 350x350 Seal-Of-Epic-Failule.png)
MFW the best way to sequester carbon from the atmosphere is planting trees. And they are building machines to do this.

That's because they're stealing it. They're not just scrubbing the CO2, they're collecting it... for use in algae based biofuel farms.

It makes sense... the idea should be to integrate our industrialization into our existing carbon cycles. Treat our industrialization and technology like it's a living thing. carbon out, carbon back in, it's the most efficient system.

It's just... it's kind of fuckheaded that they're pretending to be all "green" and doing some really big favor to help the environment... even though it's simply a matter of profit.

Like buying up garbage dumps, knowing full well they'll be choice mining property in 50 to 100 years.
A good start for the solution of climate change, is to abolish some works.
We don't need night shift workers, we don't need fast food restaurants and we don't need at least 90% of office workers.
We work way too much and in general, do things we don't really need to do.
inside your mom
If you live in Russia, you probably know that the temperatures in almost whole Russia, are higher than they're supposed to be.
In Rostov On Don for example, there are 15-20 C in the last days, while in November, it must be up to 9C.
When all the Jews are dead, the climate change will magically stop once and for all.
It won't stop, but become much better. Industrial Nationalism >>> Jew Industrial Globalist Monopoly.
ideal for plant life != ideal for our current ecosystems retard

Uh, the current ecosystem is fucking horrible. We actually NEED more CO2 in the air and we NEED more heat so we can get back to the Holocene Climatic Optimum... I mean, it's called OPTIMUM for a fucking reason!

Granted we'll have some erosion issues in the process and a LOT more rain and likely more insects... but on the flip side we'll get rid of those annoying mountains of ice in the water, we'll get the Sahara grasslands back, we'll get TONS of new rain forest and in turn lots more God's critters roaming about waiting to be eaten... with BBQ sauce... and tasty breading... mmmm...
>>1629 bump
>>1649 Next year it's going to be colder and you'll say that it's too cold ughh climate change. Just because the temperature is different from the average doesn't mean we're all going to die
The Jews changed the climate. All devil work is made by them.


no cookies?