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(136.19 KB 640x640 Honeypot.png)
this board is a honey pot Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 10:22:43 No. 1688
Leave before you say something you regret
Any proof? If you're not going to say anything else then please leave this so called "honeypot". We don't need retards like you
israel has nukes
Come back to 4cuck, where we can track your IP, and shove no stop porn ads down your throat
This entire site is probably run by fbi
that's why i am gay
Damn you kids and your dog you always find out about us feds!! Eeewww we r so mad now!
Stay away from me
(63.43 KB 1080x731 1567105357695.jpg)
(30.60 KB 1845x158 Screenshot_2019-10-23 pol -.png)
Presented with out comment
accusing an image board of being a honeypot is an interesting accusation, not just because the whole internet is a honeypot, but because the accusation cannot be proven nor disproven. which imageboards are there that openly state they will never comply with any law enforcement requests? is there an imageboard where the FBI cannot go to, see a post, and then contact the board owner for the posters information?

saying the place is a honeypot is a moot point, it changes nothing and makes no sense.
No. this place doesn't seem capable of even circumventing a cheap vpn, let alone tor. 4chan tracks your posts without permission. they see where you go after without you knowing, they know your evolution, they know your deepest secrets. they somehow still found out my ip when i tried to post there but got banned, 4chan. this place is run by a linux/tor user, and on my ublock origin only one thing was blocked. it's a good doggy of a website. or, alternately i should say, a good koala.
why would gookmoot want to know my secrets

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