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(80.27 KB 826x798 See Ya Japan.JPG)
Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 06:35:50 ID:2af2db No. 1715
(433.00 KB 826x798 fixt.png)
Have you ever even been to that irradiated shithole?

It has niggers and curryniggers everywhere already
Japs can't code for shit, go to any area with offices and you'll see curryniggers everywhere
japs were at the height of electronic advancement in the 1990s and 2000s, pakis arent even pajeets, theyre just like a slightly less shitty pack of goatfuckers almost identical to afganistan
The efforts to flood Japan have really gone into warp speed with the Trump administration. It's not a coincidence.
> The efforts to flood Japan have really gone into warp speed with the Trump administration. It's not a coincidence.
That's just the general direction society is heading in. The president doesn't actually have any power.
The clique he fronts for does. Trump is the hyper neoliberal anti-White faction of the "deep state". Turbo yidism. Japan is a vassal that needs to be leaned on to stop setting a bad example for the domestics on the homefront.
(54.48 KB 500x650 23.-Syra-Shehroz.jpg)
Some Pakis are fine though.

The uber India.
(79.28 KB 500x600 girl18.jpg)
(32.64 KB 325x400 Pk Girls 1 (2).jpg)
Fine? In what sense exactly? Most here take less issue with skin color than with Character of a woman or the traditions and beliefs she holds in high regard
This looks fine to me.

Some Pakis are going to also improve Japan in some senses.
I get it, you have a chubby for average looking pakis. As a people though they leave much to be desired
Not sure is you noticed this is /pol/ not /zoo/
>president has no power
hes more of a figure head, while hes in office boomer/normalfags wont give a fuck about native displacement, at least compared to a sanders type president
(16.91 KB 480x336 laughingdogs.jpg)
>muh dick
>dog posting
nigger post what they look like after hitting the wall
>Some Pakis are going to also improve Japan in some senses.
>because Pakistani men will let Paki women roam freely in a foreign country
Pakis are the worst kind of immigrants. They make up most of the rape gangs in the uk. In Germany they are also at the top of the list in terms of offenses against minors.
(83.90 KB 995x876 doop.jpg)
Came here to say this, you said it better. Sandnigger bitches are not fine, they're brown you low standards keyboard apes.
Japan's got a bright future ahead of them. Is no place sacred anymore?
The first computer virus was written by pakistanis, retard.
You and your gf hanging out and this fine gentleman comes and your gf says "Hello Handsome". What do you do?

Imagine being this misinformed about how pakis look.
(62.14 KB 388x478 indian_mans.jpg)
>indians on suicide watch?///
Nope brain was created in 1986, Elk Cloner was created in 82, infected the boot sector and was written by someone in Pittsburgh.
don't forget there's US naval bases mainly in Nagasaki and Yokosuka ( an hour way from Toyko center and 30 minutes from Yokosuka)
> 30 minutes from Yokosuka)
meant to say Yokosuka 30 minutes from Yokohama (~409,000 people live there)
cant wait for pakis to immigrate and immediately trigger their five million year old tribal grievances with some random indian thats been living there for 15 years because "brudah hees gred granfada kild me gret gret granmuda"

difference between europeans and non euros? they set aside differences in pursuit of the greater good. third worlders dont do that. look up aboriginals in australia. they do the same shit theyve been doing as nomads for the past like 50 THOUSAND years. "nah mate his fuckin uhhhh ancestah kild moin yea nah fuck him im not gettin a treaty with this cunt"

third worlders arent retarded cause of their acceptance. its cause of their instinctual retardation to hold old feud shit up past any other podium of interest. "yes, shit in the streets, we're too busy killing pakis for their 2 person genocide in 1902"
>cant wait for pakis to immigrate
There are muslims in Japan.
Only whites have pathogenic empathy. Other races don't give a shit and will kill or at least swindle each other for peanuts. They are also massively racist although they are quite good at hiding it, even towards whites, which means at least they still have their survival instincts working at 100%.
They are in the minority, 0.3% of the population is non-native, Japan's main issue is it's low birth rates and the fact they are cucked military speaking by the USA and nato.
opening those borders gonna double the GDP
>That's just the general direction society is heading in.
Hmm. It's not the general direction Belarus is heading in. Or China or Cambodia or Vietnam or North Korea or Russia. It seems really localized to certain countries in a certain orbit who accept a specific economic paradigm.
Who is this guy? Looks very handsome.

>in a certain orbit who accept a specific economic paradigm.
You mean capitalism needs immigration?
>difference between europeans and non euros? they set aside differences in pursuit of the greater good.
Unless you're a Serb or a Croat, or a Southern Irish or a Northern one, etc.
Need I continue?
(all these disputes result from conflicts generated by Jews tho)
>Sharia in Japan
you got me sucker
How is this a bad thing? I mean, essentially, they're looking for alternatives to China. Japan has been outsourcing manual labor to China for quite some time and China keeps stealing... EVERYTHING! To the point where China is even producing its own knock-off anime now. So it makes sense that they would want to outsource to some new shit hole... personally I'd go for India... but then again maybe that's the intent... maybe by making a big show of saying they're going with Pakistan then they can get a better deal out of India.
(834.21 KB 400x170 choose.gif)
skilled workers
from Pakistan


no cookies?