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Self sufficient experiences Anonymous 01/12/2021 (Tue) 20:28:25 No. 18034
So, managed to finally buy some little house in the woods. Nothing to brag about, not some mcmansion with paved roads. In fact it has an outside toilet shack and water from a spring (formerly not dry at random or frozen). Why dont we use this thread to share experiences which made us feel more self sufficient and free, you know, like an american. I'm really excited to share a number of experiences i've noticed. -> POWER. While the house is connected to the grid (surprisingly) I know i can't rely on it, especially in a HAPPENING. The gov can shut down power at any time to make you move back to town. I know for a fact that in the last 6 months I have been reading in the news non stop about power cutting in random villages, even closer to town. The government cuts power all the time and does not give a damn about you being angry. Now I havent bought a generator yet but I do have a 21W solar charger, enough to charge the phone, powerbanks and anything a powerbank can charge, like 5V lights and such. Even though its not enough to even charge a laptop its very freeing to know that you can charge your phone unlimited times....for free and have access to music, podcasts, videos and books (off the grid). Just by charging 2 powerbanks from the sun each day. -> WATER. Surprisingly again for the past YEAR ive been reading non stop about water cutting in a lot of villages out of town. You cannot rely on a water "Grid" sharing with others, controlled at the mercy of your government. Not only it cuts randomly, but the neighbors would fill their pool and leave you without water. Having a well or a spring, even collecting rain water, incredibly refreshing to know that I can collect like 100liters and no one can take them with me. And im not some asshole, i make sure the animals in the forest have water as well. -> FIREWOOD. So i met my first rocket stove. Not only did i had big pieces of wood left, but now I can collect any fallen branches and chop them, not even harming nature. Can you imagine that people pay insane prices every winter for heating and they rely on electricity? You dont need any electricity and you dont need to pay anyone anyhting anymore. NO ONE can stop you from heating yourself, and youre not even harming or polluting nature. The forest is FULL with fallen sticks and branches and the rocketstove barely produces a little white smoke. And im not some gypsy burning tires or coal. And no one even picks the sticks or wants them. They just rot. As an added benefit i use leftover cardboard and paper packaging from food now as fire starters too.
-> RE-USING stuff. This is probably the most shocking one. The beautiful cycle of nature. You didnt know but nature is designed in such a way that if you give a little, you get a lot more into infinity! I use the ashes from the burned wood as fertilizer in my yard since the soil is too acidic anyway. The pine trees keep producing needles acidifying the soul and i keep throwing ash to make it more alcalic again. A lot of the hay grass apart from being left for animals to eat, can be used in adobe brick laying or making comfy flooring for animals to have a spot in the forest to keep from the rain under a tarp (from an garbage bag). Fallen apples rotting into the ground not only fertilize it but feed worms who keep turning and fertilizing the soil. Ive started a big bag of compost to turn with a shovel, peeing on it, throwing all kinds of rotten stuff, and it slowly turns into beautiful coffee like rich soil. No chemicals needed, just natural rich soil that can sprout a mutant from the concentration of nutrients.
-> FOOD. ah man, the fucking food. Last time it rained I gathered a whole giant bag of mushrooms, big ass mushrooms too. Forgot the name but they were edible, orange ones. Just peel the skin to not poop yourself. And the best part is you can buy a syringe of your favourite shrooms and grow them any place you want. There are so many things that grow in 4-5 months, from potatoes to spinach, strawberries to beans and tomatoes. You can have so many fruits and vegetables that you would have to can them, were talking butt-loads of crates of strawberries, grapes, watermelons. And you know exactly what the soil contains, growing heirloom stuff, you never have to eat pesticide shit from monsanto again. Just 100% gaia/terra designed from nature it self. old school.
>>18034 You cant heat a house by collecting sticks from the wood or with a rocket stove. At best u can cook with it, thats it. Making firewood does not "harm" nature, nature is a resource to be used, it sounds like you try to treat it as something else? Sounds like you are from the city thus detached from the what reality living in a cabin/country side is, in long term. You need alot of real firewood for winter and summer too. You need a real proper generator, not those 300-400 dollar cheap , small ones. But a proper generator, Diesel if possible. You need to install water pump to your well if u are living there long term. for that u need real electricity You need that water pump and water heater for shower etc. So in addition for generator you need to store electricity, for that u need batteries. decent amount of Car batteries. And in addition you need solar panels. Also you need to buy basic tools and have ability to use them. Power tools, chainshaw etc. Good luck to your life in cabin!
>>18039 i think i used the wrong word "rocket stove" you americans talk about all the time in the prepper communites. What i meant was a larger wood burning stove, with stone slabs on the inside, and a big pipe that goes all the way to the chimney. That thing can definitely heat a big room just like a fireplace, only that i found out some wood makes heat less than others.
Comfy pic and interesting firewood stove. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=r_TO30jzyUA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_TO30jzyUA Russian stove, meant for -40 winter, may not apply to you. Looks like rather than burning a ton of fuel the mass of bricks absorb the heat then slowly radiate the heat off with just a small amount of wood added after stones are hot. When I was a kid we lived in an old farmhouse that had massive stone fireplace that continued up to second floor hallway to help heat the rooms like other 2 pics
>>18089 Crickey, i was at the SHTF house today and fired up that bugger. its this exact model, found it online. Its like a fucking S class, look how many holes its got! you got 1 on the bottom for air intake and collecting ash its got the middle big one, and then you got 2 more on top. The thing is...i fired it for about 3+ hours. It consumed 4 pieces of wood as bigger than my forearms, and the same ammounts of thinner sticks, newspapers and cardboard...and i used some sunflower oil to make it fire up better. When it heated up to maximum it sure was producing a lot of heating for 2 meters, but the rest of the room still stayed not warm. Why the fuck is it not producing enough heat to heat the whole room like a sauna. It does have stone slabs inside, although its not a giant fireplace like yours. Dad said i need to let it run for more than 3 hours to warm up the walls of the house. Shouldnt i just put some stone tiles on the floor the furnace is on so the can heat up?
>>18090 Dad is not wrong. Can take anywhere from half day, to all day, to warm a cold house. There could also issue with your insulation and your losing heat, but your need to heat the house for a day, then judge how quickly it gets cold again and/or what the minimum amount of fuel is needed to slow heat loss
>>18090 you need to burn full amount of wood so you get maximum amount of gloving coxs and then close the "air outtake" that way all heat is pushed inside instead of going out from the house. 1. heat for 2-3 hours 2. put it full of med size wood 3. let it burn until its just gloving cox 4. close the "vents" , so heat cannot exit vent you are looking for is not in the oven/fireplace itself but in the "exit pipe". somewhere higher
>>18034 > In fact it has an outside toilet shack and water from a spring i wish i was you
How did you guys go about obtaining your property? Without giving too much away. How long, what procedures, what is required, and approx. how much?
>>18117 what do you mean? Its always best to buy from someone who "needs" to sell it. in my case some gen x wine aunt that had loans to pay to banks and had a daugther with brain problems. We and the jew lady that was representing her, convinced her to pay her 30% of the money legally via the bank, and the rest we gave her on hand. This was done in the notory office so no one can cheat the other. Of course the best part is getting a property away from any other people or parcels so that you can build and do whatever you want.
Its best to let the house selling agency karen handle all the details or you will have to go around gov offices for 2 months waiting and dealing with angry karens. in my case we had to wait more than 2 months for some documents to be printed again and registered that our house even exists. If you have to remember one thing, listen to me and buy a house in the woods WITH NO OTHERS AROUND YOU. if there are people they will be a problem. from construction noise, cutting wood at 3PM, to music, barking dogs, confrontations about who gets water, who exhausted the well and so on. People are fucking nasty and would literally let their cows in your property even if you tell them to not. And make sure your house is not on some trail path where people or hunters pass everyday. Make sure its a dead end path that no one goes to. After that, wall yourself and be ready to shoot on sight.


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