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(107.18 KB 474x355 ClipboardImage.png)
Most boring revolution ever Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 04:28:59 No. 18104
Trump pussied out and threw his own supporters to the crocodiles. Dems impeached him again because why not? Pro tip: reruns are boooooring, faggots! Now everyone just sits around waiting. I thought that the leftist ratchet/Cthulu/holiness spiral was supposed to swim or die. It looks like Biden's puppet masters have more control over it than the usual pundits expected. They are somehow keeping the niggers from chimping out while they execute whatever stupid plan they think they have. It is ridiculous. I have been planning for YEARS for bands of roaming ferals and instead I get this lukewarm shit. The left are as bad as fucking Trump is. All bark and no bite. Pathetic. LOOK AT ME Do something you useless faggots. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin are rolling in their graves. Put your stupid plan into action so that I can destroy you for my own amusement, yet again. I just want to see her smile again. :^)
Some men just want to watch the world burn.
you wont do anything you nigger
>>18104 even if someone was to do anything, it wouldnt be in the open with people getting arrested. Dont you have pedophiles to arrest mr FBI? Instead to incite violence?
>>18109 CHAOS FOR THE CHAOS GOD KEK MUST REIGN When the FBI incites violence, don't they usually do it on the right? >unironically using the word pedophile
>>18109 The point is that the left now does nothing but spam their shitty boring propaganda on every forum 24/7. This would be okay if (a) it was interesting or (b) it bore some tiny resemblance to reality, but it does neither of these. The left spams boring propaganda and it will not take the actions that would render that propaganda either true or false. This is the problem. It is spam. After a while, the propaganda starts to reflect more upon the propandist than the propagandized. Every blacked thread is a Jew who betrays his even deeper fear of the soft genocide that his own people is undergoing. Every tranny thread shows the knowledge of a man who knows that something, somewhere, has gone terribly wrong. Which woman, being naturally a woman, needs to affirm the same? Because none of them on the left can stick their heads out, they all move, slowly, in lockstep, shrieking louder and louder for someone, anywhere, to do something, as each individual does less and less. They too fear the FBI. Trump wanted take us back to the 1980s then freeze time. Biden would, if he could still reason, want to freeze time maybe at 2015 or so. The deep state is not the leading edge of the left. It still exerts control. Biden won the primaries despite Sanders being a more leftwards candidate. This could change but at current it is not. So this is where I am. I stand for chaos, because chaos favors the prepared, and I am prepared. For me to take down the deep state would take generations, as it took Abraham generations of living in Egyptian exile before his descendents conquered the land of Canaan. The left on the other hand can do it within months. All we have to do is rile them up then get out of the way. Strangely, some on the left are even somewhat agreeable if you can talk to them alone, and if you let them know that you stand for truth and honor and God's glory. Others, generally the more stupid ones with a tendency to Twitter or Reddit, are not capable of anything other than a false and haughty air of smug superiority, and will need to be summarily disposed of. Chaos favors the prepared, the resourceful, and the intelligent. The sooner we bring the chaos, the sooner we can start to fight back and rebuild.
>>18114 None of them can create anything. They need a person of value to create something that they can steal.
>>18114 Redditors are retarded and should all be put to death.


no cookies?