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Quick Poll PollsterX 10/26/2019 (Sat) 03:15:38 ID:7c47ad No. 1857
Predict: will Donald Trump be impeached and removed from office? A Yes or A No will suffice.
Impeachment is a theatrical production. It is designed to keep the various "sides" engaged and believing that the representatives of their "side" is a credible actor with independent agency. Trump gets to appear "besieged" and "stonewalled". Democrats get to look like they are "#resisting".

Meanwhile, Mackinder marches on.
A Yes or A No will suffice.
This guy gets it. It's just a dog and pony show, OP. If he were an actual threat to (((establishment power))) he wouldn't be in the oval office he'd be in a grave. So to answer your question, no.
Even if the Kikes of America (aka Demonrats) impeach Trump, he won't leave office.

Trump will have to gas the jews if he wants to survive, but he is a slave to them aswell.

America is going to Hell, and it's long overdue.
WW3 starts before that, BECAUSE of this fact. You are all just not intelligent enough to see how this global thing works they have spun.
But, in any case... Impeachment means shit, least of it Trump leaving office. It's onle last jewish sideshow before the end that is the USA
No, but if he were we could be saved by the electric pence
Not a chance.
No, but isn't the government-circus such sparkly fun?
>voraciously eats bread
(408.93 KB 680x677 1571837893394.png)
This user is a paid shill who makes these posts daily over on 4chan. Saged and reported.
Slide thread
Nice badge, have another.


no cookies?