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(95.88 KB 1468x784 american-freedom-waking-times.jpg)
Freedom Anonymous 03/14/2021 (Sun) 22:25:24 No. 19673
Is this site one of the last bastions of free idea exchange we have?
>>19673 There is a few, though I don't think any are completely free, that includes here. see >>18897 for reference
(209.73 KB 1104x897 1610813021666.jpg)
>>19674 are you talking about not being able to post beastality? Im actually okay with that.
>>19683 kek No, it was nigger porn, but he was banned for "reason: posting bestiality" Its /b/, but even a newfag should be able notice the threads are 'random' Not porn, tranny appreciation, blacked, twink, furry, loli, etc etc.
(47.82 KB 278x374 IMG_6342.JPG)
>>19673 This and the literal dozens of other imageboards on the internet. Provided the mods allow what we decide to talk about
>>19687 >this is a random board >randomly posting porn isn't allowed People like you ruined imageboards. /b/ was never for serious discussion or porn or anything in particular, it was for everything and only subject to global rules which were no spam no cp. If you wanted a place for something specific you were allowed to make a board and add your own rules since it was your board. Admins would only enforce global rules on your board and it was up to you to hire mods to enforce board specific rules like "no porn" Today imageboards are autistic trash weighed down by invisible rules or vague ones that are easily abused by power trippers trying to make their own personalized safe space.
>>19673 There are a couple of shills here, and obviously (((they))) want to shut it down, but it's still pretty usable.
>>19691 >it was for everything Doesn't work. You still need to censor the shill threads otherwise they just take over. The mods need to be experienced enough to know the difference between some newfag posting stupid shit and the fucks that do it for a living.
>>19694 No spam and no cp takes care of everything. If some users use the board more and become more of a presence and whatever they are about becomes liked on the board its organic. Who are you to step in the way of that? If you don't like it post more. Everyone has a say and if they push hard enough can make an impact. Just like real life living in a country. Seriously stop trying to control things
Nobody gets paid to post on 16chan. Altchans are irrelevant unless they get popular
I don't even know why I'm bothering to say anything this place is just some autistic persons play pen I just discovered thanks to bvffalo.land. I don't care.
>>19695 You're a fucking faggot who should kill himself immediately. Why don't you ask the fucks on Twitter if you can post anything you want to?
>>19696 Kill yourself faggot.
(280.77 KB 408x612 ClipboardImage.png)
>>19697 You will never be a woman.
>>19691 Hey newfag, take a look around before you post. The USER BASE asked for no porn. Your want to look at furry and tranny dicks >>>4chan is that way. The reason its an "invisible" rule is because the site owner and mods did not make it
>>19701 It is the lightest touch of (((Soros's))) fingertips across our site. They are asking for "free speech" and next they will ask for special protection. Then all of a sudden the trannies will be everywhere and will eat the site like a swarm of locusts. I have seen this happen on many other imageboards before this one.
>>19702 Meh. He is over on the NEET board stirring up shit there. Just some faggot that thinks we are going to fall for low effort d/c. Must be his first day. >They are not sending their best
>>19703 No they are not.
>>19697 nobody else knows either. you just sound retarded. there are plenty of other websites for your porn addiction, so fuck off to them. preferably just kill yourself.
>>19673 OP. Look at all the BS replies, most likely an attempt to trash the thread. That gives us some idea of the state of things.
>>19756 The current state of things is: For the past couple weeks, some shill(s) has been hard at work with d/c. Started with posts from someone claiming to be a nigger. Then moved on to calling everyone else a literal nigger or kike Then complaining how dead the board is, despite it being no different than any small chan Now it's the pro pedo, free speech, tyrannical jannies angle Those of us the have been around can plainly recognize it. Its not the first time it has happened, it won't be the last. Somebody thinks we are a worth the effort I guess. They will give up, we will still be here.
>>19695 Eat shit then kill yourself. Fuck you.
>>19757 Accurate assessment. Permanent range ban. Fuck them into the dirt. 16 is the last decent place to have a conversation with anons on the internet. If you know a better place don’t tell me.
>>19691 /b/s lack of rules also applied to moderation. If mods wanted to fuck with the user base for a few hours they were free to do so.
>>19760 Thankfully our Mods are above that level of childish behaviour
(THIS USER WAS PEMANENTLY RULECUCKED) Global Rule 7. subsection (b) (1)
>>19673 True
>>19673 Muh free dumb
Muh freez peach, on a side note what does cunny mean?
on a third note, i'd rather not know what cunny is
(45.11 KB 604x482 algiz othala blck sun.jpg)
>>19673 4chan is run by freemasons hooked up with google, my theory is they just want to data collect info on everyone in case a pro-White and potential Hitler starts to rise, they can blackmail and show posts he made, they will hack his emails, plant CP, who knows what else. 4chan is not safe. 16chan while I would be foolish to put my complete trust in it, they are the most privacy focused and it's a well run site. I know it's a bit slower but it's better than posting with your real IP on a jewish-masonic honeypot like 4chan.
>>20109 >>20110 Loli pussy
>>20109 >>20119 Typically, photos of girls age 6-11'ish. Usually clothed or in swimwear, often in suggestive poses or anons include suggestive comment with pic. Sometimes it is actual "cheesy pizza" other times it is borderline. Basically soft porn for peds
No way. Maybe though.
i feel bad for the peds they must be so confused between stealing a real child and or beating it to drawings of children
Deepweb Neinchan Nanochan etc.
The future looks crappy.
>>20204 and gay.
Money printer go brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
No free dumb for you anon. Back to your cage.
(110.58 KB 1132x1155 free_speech_2x.png)
Muh facebook instagram iphone
>>20109 old jewish pedo term for little girl cunt
>>20426 >if you're yelled at >get banned from an internet community nobody here is pushing to stop the rampant hollywood faggotry. the two points mentioned are fair but in certain contexts, namely against total fucking nigger-loving faggots who purposefully stoke the flames. they can go post about bbc love on any mainstream website without censorship, so who gives a shit if they get banned/censored here? this is probably the gayest cartoon to ever grace the internet and the author should fail a serious suicide attempt and end up permanently maimed.
No, youre wrong
No, youre wrong. It is not.
How do I get some of this freedom op?
World on a downward spiral, freedom is just one of the things you lose along the way.
Freedom is one of those things like democracy that's meant to sound good but doesn't actually mean anything.
>>21135 Indeed, freedom is not what societies are built on. Societies are built on organization and the restriction of negative freedom (not being able to do certain things). Positive freedom is what matters, internal self-control, being able to have a healthy and fulfilling life. This isn't say that negative freedoms aren't important. Humans are not bees, but freedom is not the greatest goal in life.
Just find someone to blame like always, and nothing gets done.
There is no freedom. We are lucky if it is not full fledged slavery.
Trolls can go back to their parents basement.
This site is dead.
>>21534 Punk is dead.
>>21535 The music genre?
(49.79 KB 200x113 200w_d.gif)
>>19674 >>19687 Bestiality porn is one of the favourite destabilization techniques of our lizard overlords.
Quit escaping from your chains people.
(28.04 KB 480x480 1431541198669.jpg)
Another shithole power trip for mods. party's over, people on chans believe they're the loosers tourist shit said they were. Act it, become it, attract it, try to mold others to it. No one wants to be alive. It's always been a punishable offense. Regularity is in demand by who regulates. Good goys goo goo gaga and wait for their pat onthe head. Fools think life is a right instead of a reward.
>>22933 can you screenshot your ban or point to the moderation action in the logs, or are you just going to vaguely ramble about whatever in a drunken stupor?
>>22942 Some sperg was banned on /fascist/ last night. Safe to assume that is what he is whinging about
>>22944 Uploading what will likely get me banned on /v/ at the moment. Otherwise ease the feeling of what can be done. More material that says try. Checking what you can do is taking orders from what says you're sheep.
>>22942 I don't remember what the file is called and I have backups of backups of backips etc everywhere. I think it was on ausneets (Simply wanting to share the bliss of being Australian recognized as I listened to 12th man and watched Shawn the Sheep I was home, had one). I was afraid of god or something, of taking the love he neded to make hell tollerable. Your love loving someone else hurts when they're in heaven too.
I miss infinitychan so fucking much
>>23264 Wait what happened? I remember browsing it like one time and i've been looking for it ever since
>>19673 >Is this site one of the last bastions of free idea exchange we have? Hopefully. I got permab& from 8kun for btfo'ing israel with their own pegasus scandal https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/israel-cuts-list-countries-can-buy-cyber-tech-report and then i got b& from 4chan for typing out 16chan.xyz into a comment. HOPEFULLY my 4chan ban will expire just in time for the start of the Jizzlane Maxwellhill trial that begins on Monday Nov 29. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/11/ghislaine-maxwells-trial-opens-a-new-chapter-in-heinous-jeffrey-epstein-saga Assuming she doesn't shoot herself in the back of the head twice after hanging herself with a toilet paper noose in her prison cell of course. And all because the CIA can't admit that Covid19 is literally Havana Syndrome. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/25/havana-syndrome-fbi-warns-staff-amid-reports-of-symptoms-among-agents >>19683 >>19687 >>20117 >>20506 >>21679 >>21724 >>22135 >>23264 >I miss infinitychan so fucking much Me too, anon. Me too. Sooooooooooooooooooo anyanon gonna wanna bake a bread for the Maxwell trial on Monday?
>>23329 Good work anon, keep up the good fight. Here's some golden age of infinity memorabilia.