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The beauty of the white woman Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 19:16:16 No. 2200
No interracial spam. Just the beauty of the white woman.

NOTICE: This thread allows adorable little girls, because this is not a porn thread, it's simply for appreciating the beauty of the white woman and reminding us that we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. NO SEXUALIZED IMAGES OF CHILDREN.
(118.31 KB 942x942 154525395344.jpg)
(80.83 KB 640x640 154530548584.jpg)
(153.47 KB 1280x1599 154646231142.jpg)
(75.98 KB 1280x853 1364532092989.jpg)
(61.60 KB 500x692 1367235557100.jpg)
(125.14 KB 499x750 1370276354654.jpg)
(201.29 KB 1063x1600 1370283431281.jpg)
(554.33 KB 2479x3288 1371803770204.jpg)
(47.11 KB 500x712 1386159295129.jpg)
(571.84 KB 2448x3264 1387995566603.jpg)
(190.22 KB 1280x721 1388048639113.jpg)
(55.91 KB 500x282 1388048682533.jpg)
(139.66 KB 1280x721 1388048731823.jpg)
(102.61 KB 644x699 1388222677787.jpg)
(772.52 KB 1152x1600 1390199036434.jpg)
(151.79 KB 630x833 1400803800653.jpg)
(117.76 KB 680x1024 1401703019917.jpg)
(204.42 KB 1280x853 1402093646061.jpg)
(280.86 KB 818x1024 1403373971269.jpg)
(71.70 KB 612x781 1404681500891.jpg)
(374.94 KB 1365x2048 1403133030730.jpg)
(187.28 KB 780x1170 1403133166457.jpg)
(107.17 KB 718x900 1404780230464.jpg)
(58.46 KB 500x738 1405394969784.jpg)
(310.73 KB 1330x1863 1405797738051.jpg)
(120.54 KB 667x1000 1409180384554.jpg)
(314.78 KB 864x576 1409486837796.jpg)
(76.33 KB 640x960 1410621867820.jpg)
(120.33 KB 501x710 1411607724971.jpg)
(105.73 KB 600x900 1414951032217.jpg)
(290.72 KB 479x720 1413674333692.jpg)
(331.42 KB 576x720 1413674467731.jpg)
(217.45 KB 1024x1538 1414962569141.jpg)
(781.45 KB 1000x1000 1416401261577.jpg)
(559.19 KB 853x1280 1418150793776.jpg)
(422.17 KB 2048x1365 1420070841352.jpg)
(95.83 KB 580x780 1425094929909.jpg)
(170.04 KB 800x800 1425283915273.jpg)
(247.07 KB 1280x1206 1426197322266.jpg)
(661.69 KB 1323x1741 1426212290148.jpg)
(90.91 KB 670x503 1427970505096.jpg)
(706.78 KB 1018x1024 1429938828894.jpg)
(508.48 KB 1067x1600 1429943449569.jpg)
(54.33 KB 480x720 1430030902062-0.jpg)
(205.00 KB 900x1200 1430926294517-2.jpg)
(2.34 MB 2663x2838 1431716907467-0.jpg)
(1.61 MB 3276x1992 1431716979438-0.jpg)
(2.07 MB 2920x2597 1431717187044-0.jpg)
(839.62 KB 2544x1590 1431717187044-1.jpg)
(1.03 MB 2185x1992 1431717204336-2.jpg)
(276.52 KB 1371x2048 1431269858243.jpg)
(18.78 KB 418x500 1432639131862-0.jpg)
(355.97 KB 1280x1705 1433185673495-1.jpg)
(79.53 KB 474x674 1433186269592-1.jpg)
(52.84 KB 423x750 1433186298425-1.jpg)
(50.19 KB 721x480 1433217645177.jpg)
(499.67 KB 1280x1920 1433218299170-2.jpg)
(294.84 KB 2014x1234 1433290939480.jpg)
(36.66 KB 1000x750 1433344841937.jpg)
(521.12 KB 1200x1200 1437856437124.jpg)
(1.47 MB 900x1350 1438678826869.png)
(146.43 KB 1000x760 1440284838427.jpg)
(46.63 KB 682x1024 1441744426239-1.jpg)
(838.98 KB 2304x1440 1442134612234.jpg)
(1.26 MB 1280x1922 1444150380934-2.jpg)
(260.84 KB 720x921 1445134996559.jpg)
(194.28 KB 2048x1365 1445135784325.jpg)
(587.86 KB 1000x667 1449615443244-4.jpg)
(64.76 KB 500x645 1449625705106-4.jpg)
(146.03 KB 500x667 1449640469514.jpg)
(52.88 KB 768x1024 1455269907386.jpg)
(242.54 KB 929x1350 1458648996435-4.jpg)
(36.31 KB 480x639 1461274531722.jpg)
(2.29 MB 2400x3600 1465085995977-1.jpg)
(351.16 KB 517x651 1465445391466.png)
(365.02 KB 1280x1098 1467176485939.jpg)
(230.42 KB 1280x853 1468333306785.jpg)
(47.30 KB 479x719 1469225059934.jpg)
(63.63 KB 500x591 1469122543227.jpg)
(134.01 KB 600x900 1470123886433.jpg)
(237.68 KB 846x1200 1470141648298.jpg)
(538.87 KB 1417x2048 1470336908791.jpg)
(133.54 KB 788x1000 1526960121544.jpg)
(68.85 KB 600x900 1526960551804.jpg)
(75.33 KB 518x807 1527622031637.jpg)
(223.48 KB 1024x679 1529234862578.jpg)
(100.97 KB 500x683 1529254847730.jpg)
(73.92 KB 894x529 1529883005384.jpg)
(350.79 KB 1920x1440 1534688192042.jpg)
(75.47 KB 1200x627 1534689934068.jpg)
(251.30 KB 900x599 1535300642910.jpg)
(510.40 KB 555x801 1535302166940.png)
(416.06 KB 686x650 1535302666285.jpg)
(211.28 KB 665x887 1535302764216.jpg)
(119.34 KB 640x640 1535303028888.jpg)
(148.87 KB 1359x960 1535320917797.jpg)
(123.16 KB 900x900 1535810159605.jpg)
(578.82 KB 1080x1080 1535813379894.jpg)
(20.62 KB 402x604 1536411334793.jpg)
(189.08 KB 1024x1024 1536525959893.jpg)
(56.03 KB 381x595 1536526213504.jpg)
(117.31 KB 640x960 1537063960256.jpg)
(590.44 KB 1424x2048 1537136504548.jpg)
(276.71 KB 1620x1080 1538013792747.jpg)
(138.23 KB 736x1104 1538340137600.jpg)
That's all for now.
The one on the right, wish her toes were in my mouth.
(48.82 KB 499x666 Cute Women - 01427_n.jpg)
(198.35 KB 1304x2048 Sexual - 11467097_o.jpg)
(115.64 KB 1280x960 Sexual - 1301430764982.jpg)
(20.06 KB 500x333 Sexual - Glasses - 324ds6.jpg)

W-why is there a fox on her head? D:

Did they just... like randomly Photoshop that into the picture? I don't... I'm at a loss here... seriously, I don't get it.

It is... worrisome. ಠ_ಠ
I love to imagine every single one of them with my cum splattered all over their face.
(106.90 KB 567x843 1433184849258-1.jpg)
(111.05 KB 1280x848 1433185391977-0.jpg)
(121.40 KB 612x612 1433185391978-2.jpg)
(459.79 KB 1600x1200 1433185622828-1.jpg)
(767.97 KB 750x500 1433185673601-2.png)
(604.42 KB 960x1280 1433185977260-2.jpg)
(216.15 KB 765x1024 1433186066166-1.jpg)
(762.36 KB 2001x3000 1433186208124-0.jpg)
(62.30 KB 604x604 1433186208124-1.jpg)
(1.19 MB 2667x4000 1433187735413-0.jpg)
(693.56 KB 3000x2000 1433187735414-2.jpg)
(46.67 KB 538x523 1433188838223-2.jpg)
(235.38 KB 600x676 1433190172630-0.jpg)
(3.85 MB 4024x4024 1433190642901-2.jpg)
(958.29 KB 500x373 1433191097124.gif)
(251.54 KB 1920x1080 1433197051770-1.jpg)
(554.33 KB 2479x3288 1433199240971-1.jpg)
(2.34 MB 2663x2838 1433199656169-1.jpg)
(397.90 KB 1367x2048 1433199915436-0.jpg)
(217.45 KB 1024x1538 1433199915437-1.jpg)
(1.31 MB 4288x2848 1433200900902-1.jpg)
(571.29 KB 1830x1218 1433201080766-2.jpg)
(1001.14 KB 2000x3000 1433201369391-2.jpg)
(95.77 KB 600x899 1433201657510-1.jpg)
(535.83 KB 2000x2272 1433201830955-1.jpg)
(81.81 KB 800x535 1433202027259-1.jpg)
(75.98 KB 1280x853 1433202681304-1.jpg)
(240.59 KB 424x600 1433202995913-0.jpg)
(729.59 KB 936x1549 1433203353385-2.jpg)
(88.37 KB 453x604 1433204507222-2.jpg)
(111.54 KB 1280x842 1433204861305-2.jpg)
(1.25 MB 2560x1600 1433206121335-2.jpg)
(1.35 MB 3059x2048 1433206583979-0.jpg)
(39.39 KB 648x864 1433207995863-1.jpg)
(264.45 KB 500x500 1433207995863-2.png)
(912.77 KB 3072x2304 1433208480781-0.jpg)
(385.92 KB 1280x1453 1433214450202-0.jpg)
(132.38 KB 759x960 1433214522478-0.jpg)
(335.29 KB 634x1000 1433214522479-2.jpg)
(1.39 MB 1488x2125 1433214755816-2.jpg)
(389.70 KB 2124x1317 1433214797115-0.jpg)
(2.87 MB 1792x4000 1433214869143-2.jpg)
(149.89 KB 1280x800 1433214911680-1.jpg)
(1.48 MB 2410x3547 1433215903427-0.jpg)
(170.02 KB 1280x1100 1433216315132.jpg)
(6.62 MB 4180x3208 1433222195811-1.jpg)
(70.81 KB 614x960 1433223066330-2.jpg)
(1.15 MB 320x240 1433263590599.gif)
(210.90 KB 1095x730 1434228280312.jpg)
(109.04 KB 680x960 1442094006482.jpg)
(102.70 KB 479x750 1451414790282-1.jpg)
(35.37 KB 530x720 1451415784223-1.jpg)
(709.64 KB 1365x2048 1451418605533-0.jpg)
(378.70 KB 1280x1216 1451418605533-1.jpg)
(587.86 KB 1000x667 1451418681339-1.jpg)
(190.86 KB 856x1280 1452000650880.jpg)
(89.91 KB 525x700 1452067240587-1.jpg)
(82.91 KB 644x699 1452067240587-3.jpg)
(56.21 KB 480x640 1452068971534-1.jpg)
(42.63 KB 604x592 1452308570773-0.jpg)
(82.71 KB 516x720 1452308570773-1.jpg)
(368.13 KB 1280x960 1452308570773-2.jpg)
(83.57 KB 604x604 1452741905364.jpg)
(369.59 KB 853x1280 1452742789770.jpg)
(220.89 KB 853x1280 1452742967311.jpg)
(78.79 KB 538x801 1452747340398.jpg)
(87.03 KB 736x492 1453576648247-2.jpg)
(3.39 MB 4368x2456 1453746335575-2.jpg)
(94.74 KB 500x596 1453800997568-0.jpg)
(60.37 KB 596x380 1453800997568-1.jpg)
(79.51 KB 400x612 1455188970466.jpg)
(146.97 KB 750x766 1455203331395-0.jpg)
(114.15 KB 650x975 1455203331440-2.jpg)
(317.79 KB 1105x806 1455203376084-0.jpg)
(87.74 KB 540x540 1455203376107-2.jpg)
(172.48 KB 1024x1024 1455203376108-3.jpg)
(247.07 KB 1280x1206 1455203376108-4.jpg)
(32.00 KB 640x640 1455203399068-0.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2030x3000 1455203399068-1.jpg)
(77.83 KB 400x386 1455203419141-3.jpg)
(137.04 KB 534x534 1455203438237-0.jpg)
(55.04 KB 651x906 1455203438238-2.jpg)
(338.15 KB 381x595 1455203475863-0.png)
(75.39 KB 615x814 1455203505192-0.jpg)
(715.11 KB 1229x819 1455203505193-2.jpg)
(19.92 KB 500x414 1455204922397-1.jpg)
(99.87 KB 933x622 1455204922398-2.jpg)
(89.23 KB 640x960 1455304866365-2.jpg)
(607.81 KB 1920x1080 1455304866366-4.jpg)
(108.19 KB 637x900 1455305234340-1.jpg)
(221.57 KB 720x960 1456228843210-2.jpg)
(139.76 KB 590x800 1457819246203-1.jpg)
(247.14 KB 400x600 1486533583562.jpg)
(407.72 KB 1280x1707 1487271678116.jpg)
(88.24 KB 640x1136 1487281092472.jpg)
(2.16 MB 640x640 flaxen hair2.mp4)
(3.10 MB 576x720 LONG hair.webm)
(8.93 MB 384x480 long-hair-brushing.mp4)
(10.94 MB 640x640 long-hair-seated.mp4)
(111.22 KB 919x1024 1538438534250.jpg)
(896.01 KB 720x816 1541547508835.png)
(157.75 KB 880x954 1539906142156.jpg)

That's not photoshopped. It's standing on her shoulders. Foxes make excellent pets; they're like a cross between a dog and a cat.

You're either an idiot or... no, you're an idiot.

Foxes do not make good pets. Foxes are like skunks, they have a special little stink maker in their nethers and they will spray/mark in a manner similar to cats... except it stinks to high heaven.

Those silver foxes are about the only kind of fox you could seriously keep as a pet (indoors) and even they're not completely stink free.

If you kept it as an outdoor pet only maybe, but even then they stink like shit.
Are you even Aryan? I've been extremely close to skunks, even startled ones, and never have they even tried to spray me nor did they stink of the property where I stayed. You just gotta have animal magnetism, which happens when you have a pure heart -- it's an electro-magnetic field they can sense. If you don't have intentions to kill/eat/desecrate them they have no reason to waste biological resources.

Fucking untermensch...

I am Onideus, a living God, I have the wanton intent to end your entire species with exogenic weapons of mass extinction.
All animals can have scent sacs surgically removed, ferrets are commonly de-scented and even skunks can be

Some animals still stink even when they're surgically altered. Also, in 1st world countries, you would find it exponentially more difficult to find a vet willing to do any such surgery on a wild animal. Even in 3rd world countries it'd be hard to find someone (insert quote from the movie Congo here).

Further, trying to surgically alter a stupid animal to make it into something it's not (a pet) sounds... awfully familiar (insert any tranny reference you like).
(95.83 KB 580x780 1425094929909.jpg)
(3.31 MB 2000x2000 1538821500952.png)
(300.04 KB 400x800 1541380938980.jpg)
(430.70 KB 2048x1339 1541548003488.jpg)
(329.38 KB 625x941 1548455891627.jpg)

Foxes make fine pets, you fucking faggots. You can find literally hundreds of videos on youtube of people showing off their pet foxes. They're not as good as dogs, but if you know what you're doing they're fine.

People even have pet skunks, racoons, possums, etc. Hell, there are pet bears, lions, rattlesnakes, and more.

Aryans can tame nature and bond with it. Only shitskins look at a creature and think "no way, that thing's scary!"
(1.03 MB 1000x1500 1541548230106.jpg)
(323.76 KB 771x1173 1541943427249.jpg)
(394.25 KB 508x508 1544488637211.png)
(355.37 KB 480x480 1544506210938.png)
(1.00 MB 2048x1365 1544886127131.jpg)
(220.26 KB 1100x732 1544886286559.jpg)
(86.59 KB 532x800 1544886457810.jpg)
(535.42 KB 854x1000 1544886502278.jpg)
(221.09 KB 733x1100 1545317347711.jpg)
(231.93 KB 680x1000 1546033912593.jpg)
(109.58 KB 720x1080 1546037953177.jpg)
(117.88 KB 736x613 1548015364247.jpg)
(1.86 MB 3840x2160 1548189658774.jpg)
(1.82 MB 2560x1440 1548189475632.jpg)
(211.92 KB 1365x2048 1548545397887.jpg)
(81.51 KB 582x581 1561265551174.jpg)
(200.64 KB 950x633 1561274897598.jpg)
(53.13 KB 960x540 1561274938076.jpg)
(530.63 KB 849x1200 1561318471421.jpg)
(130.02 KB 712x950 1565111347632.jpg)
(787.81 KB 1139x1500 1561362042282.jpg)
(5.10 MB 2781x4000 1561387514562.jpg)
(602.50 KB 1200x800 1561400626049.jpg)
(136.06 KB 960x1280 1565019233471.jpg)
(48.40 KB 564x846 1565619379935.jpg)
(3.37 MB 1573x2359 1566094864416.jpg)
(120.37 KB 564x846 1566094993465.jpg)
(99.94 KB 714x714 1566095161352.jpg)
(87.21 KB 700x1050 1566095321200.jpg)
(334.87 KB 1014x1143 1566095905962.jpg)
(146.57 KB 780x1053 1566096410201.jpg)
(90.16 KB 1080x765 1566302260663.jpg)
(655.93 KB 1700x2560 1566511441697.jpg)
(373.24 KB 1440x1067 1566616781301.jpg)
(196.53 KB 975x648 1566642297917.jpg)
(79.67 KB 640x634 1566736336385.jpg)
(258.72 KB 1080x1350 1567148225086.jpg)
(524.44 KB 2035x3000 1566750735971.jpg)
(269.64 KB 2469x1396 1566757601530.jpg)
(1.66 MB 3500x4466 1566776181655.jpg)
(321.18 KB 537x745 1567141122674.jpg)
(187.58 KB 1080x1350 1567179407282.jpg)
(31.62 KB 410x570 1567179976538.jpg)
(847.31 KB 746x1020 1567308951191.png)
(84.63 KB 728x728 1567440967429.jpg)
(350.41 KB 960x1280 1567446124794.jpg)
(131.01 KB 618x926 1567635445611.jpg)
(91.67 KB 691x960 1567638915711.jpg)
(73.90 KB 1080x1081 1567640315342.jpg)
(99.11 KB 600x400 1567642982499.jpg)
(318.08 KB 1231x1212 1567646885669.jpg)
(58.05 KB 819x1024 1567688720343.jpg)
(88.74 KB 801x1200 1567699536647.jpg)
(22.02 KB 396x500 1567782048509.jpg)
(56.08 KB 640x960 1567785571684.jpg)
(96.21 KB 819x1024 1567791068317.jpg)
(209.68 KB 543x783 1567799677062.jpg)
(223.49 KB 720x981 1567867546338.jpg)
(40.99 KB 720x720 1567884879011.jpg)
(189.89 KB 1080x1326 1568112348863.jpg)
(536.80 KB 2048x1738 1568746031964.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1242x1450 1568811217791.jpg)
(180.27 KB 736x736 1568874983543.jpg)
(97.65 KB 1080x1350 1568876392004.jpg)
(728.25 KB 752x582 1568896068682.png)
Remember the connection Aryans have to nature.
(129.16 KB 617x900 1568961398485.jpg)
(38.77 KB 721x717 1568962297884.jpg)
(128.98 KB 900x623 1568994659454.jpg)
(63.41 KB 638x900 1569014058078.jpg)
(126.31 KB 640x911 1569097138361.jpg)
Oh look, another pet fox. Imagine that.
(135.95 KB 540x960 1569144744385.jpg)
(146.98 KB 640x800 1569147232813.jpg)
(238.06 KB 742x1024 1569174025268.jpg)
(250.69 KB 2048x1365 1569625756999.jpg)
(755.64 KB 481x669 1570173442096.png)
(46.29 KB 458x563 1570378812087.jpg)
(409.30 KB 992x1000 1570380333062.jpg)
(720.53 KB 1270x1794 1570380619746.jpg)
(155.90 KB 819x1024 1570382546706.jpg)
(36.23 KB 500x611 1570382611254.jpg)
Still would prefer a dog for a pet.
Malamute for example.

That's likely not a pet, but a trained animal specifically used for photo shoots, commercials, movies, etc. Like notice how the fox is always looking off camera, because it's focused on its trainer (who likely has treats).
(38.06 KB 350x301 Alaskan_Klee_Kai_-_01.jpg)
(69.86 KB 800x600 Alaskan_Klee_Kai_-_03.jpg)
(48.34 KB 480x360 Alaskan_Klee_Kai_-_06.jpg)
(39.02 KB 360x480 Alaskan_Klee_Kai_-_04.jpg)
(44.26 KB 480x360 Alaskan_Klee_Kai_-_08.jpg)

I'd rather have an Alaskan Klee Kai, they're much more portable. Basically mini/micro huskies.
(129.16 KB 617x900 1568961398485.jpg)
(38.77 KB 721x717 1568962297884.jpg)
(153.07 KB 1080x1080 1570382975907.jpg)
(1.67 MB 1362x2048 1570489823244.jpg)
(248.32 KB 1080x1349 1570820249974.jpg)
(196.95 KB 768x960 1570930993826.jpg)
(289.84 KB 1203x2048 1571234822190.jpg)
(336.75 KB 2048x2048 1571245141686.jpg)
(135.48 KB 500x751 1571985651991.jpg)
(289.06 KB 1080x1252 1572193028059.jpg)
(106.59 KB 673x767 1570843901541.jpg)
(153.43 KB 1280x853 1572224790025.jpg)
(948.68 KB 1254x837 1572791486443.jpg)
(1.68 MB 300x193 1573607098114.gif)
(118.23 KB 1080x1080 1573696961058.jpg)
(88.37 KB 453x604 src_1370557070929.jpg)
(157.29 KB 1100x1528 src_1370557321862.jpg)
(116.36 KB 510x680 src_1370605392947.jpg)
(61.60 KB 500x692 src_1374417533909.jpg)
(554.33 KB 2479x3288 src_1374417660186.jpg)
(2.88 MB 640x800 1574065993609.webm)
(730.11 KB 800x1040 1567909657445.webm)
(1.61 MB 720x404 1572201798680.webm)
(1.13 MB 1620x1080 10c287726.jpg)
(650.32 KB 2048x1365 1534696704089.jpg)
(153.40 KB 1280x904 1564531837444.jpg)
(1.77 MB 4000x2703 1533283524663.jpg)
(6.84 MB 3744x5616 1539085848886.jpg)
(1.82 MB 750x1334 1539193953908.png)
(446.36 KB 1280x1920 1563018608391.jpg)
(93.86 KB 640x960 1564326340933.jpg)
(271.13 KB 1920x1200 1562806551214.jpg)
(1.77 MB 2000x3000 1564573430050.jpg)
(120.07 KB 1080x1560 1565845256716.jpg)
(1.57 MB 4000x2649 1567030856778.jpg)
(1.23 MB 3008x2000 1569001327675.jpg)
(122.30 KB 960x960 1574850794154.jpg)
(80.55 KB 1080x1350 1574794973920.jpg)
(1.07 MB 1200x1200 1569904330612.png)
Pushing your luck, cross the line, entire thread will be deleted
>>3225 Seems overreacted. Apologies. After some searches, questionable girls all appear to be legal. Still, some girls in thread are definitely under age and now you are posting nudes. This is not a porn site There are many sites that would welcome said content. Please keep it clean Anon.
>>3236 I think porn dumping is stupid af and deteriorates board quality, but you're also a jew
>>3237 Oh vey You caught me. Guess I will march myself to the >>>oven. Just how was it you came to this brilliant deduction?
>>3238 >keep it clean Anon like he'll get your jew hands dirty or some shit
kek. Seriously don't know how to reply to that Most kikes have very dirty hands and have no shame in it whatsoever
Besides I'm just some Anonymous Janny and have no legal responsibility to this site any more than you do. I have no issue with porn it self but like you don't want it here. If you lads think this site is ran by Jews then why are you even here?
>be me, a jew, known pedo >Zero issue with pretty white NS girls for entire month >see girls in thread getting younger, and loosing clothing >oh no <Shut it down You truly have not thought this through Anon
>>3244 >jew pedo kike nigger of course it's a mod
(38.03 KB 439x290 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK16.jpg)
>>3244 >jew anitped pedo kike nigger crypto nazi superhuman fucking jannie Put me in the screen cap
>>3251 is that one of the banners? I haven't seen it before. It's just what this place needs
(15.08 KB 300x100 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK162.jpg)
>>3252 tried to get it 300x100 but not very happy, will try again
(17.52 KB 305x100 EFZ8O8nXYAQY4HK163.jpg)
meh, good as I can get
>>3257 looks sexy to me
>>3236 >any woman who lacks double D tits must be underage Are you an Australian politician, by any chance? >https://boingboing.net/2010/01/28/australian-censor-bo.html >Australian Classification Board (ACB) is now banning depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films. They banned mainstream pornography from showing women with A-cup breasts, apparently on the grounds that they encourage paedophilia, and in spite of the fact this is a normal breast size for many adult women. Presumably small breasted women taking photographs of themselves will now be guilty of creating simulated child pornography, to say nothing of the message this sends to women with modestly sized chests or those who favour them. Also, there is a difference between sexually explicit pornography and artistic nudity. Please do your research before allowing your knee-jerk reactions to push you around. And the OP does explicitly state that sexualized images of underage girls is prohibited. These pictures do not sexualize women, but celebrate their natural beauty and remind us of what we are fighting to protect. If you simply want to prohibit nudity entirely, then by all means, say so.
>>3441 This is just the opinion of me... but uh... if you're sexually aroused by a LACK of breasts... yeah, yer kind of a pedophile. I mean, I'm not sayin ya gotta love ginormous boobs... but if what you love is a LACK of boobs... as in an ABSENCE of boobs... mmm... yeah, kinda pedo-ish. And if you combine it with especially SHORT women or especially THIN women and women with no pubic hair (at all)... yeaaaah... it's basically pedophilia with extra steps. I mean, you're not fooling anyone. And going out of your way to say it's all like ~artistic~ or some shit... sure, I'd buy that... provided they're clothed and not posing sexually (talking about kids). I guess the real question is tho... does it promote and enable pedophilia as a serious sexual interest? Consenting, of age, adults... on the surface I don't see a problem with that... but in practice... I see some serious fuckin problems. First and foremost... how do you tell? I mean, if you're a pedophile, I'm sure you're aware of every last jail bait model around who looks like they could "pass" as a preteen... but see if you're a normie, or even a semi normie like myself... I CAN'T FUCKING TELL! So, to me, being a semi-normie, my attitude is... no. Fuck no! Just... keep it the hell away from me. You want to look at that shit in the privacy of your own wank hole... hey, go for it, but when you start plastering it all over the Internet... mmm... kinda bugs me. I think the basic rule, in general, should be one question. Ask yourself, every time you post an image, "Could this be easily perceived by a normie as child porn?" If the answer is, "Yes." ...maybe DON'T post it. Not saying it's illegal, not saying it's against any rule, I'm just sayin... maybe not a real bright idea... just, in general... maybe rethink yerself there. Maybe DON'T share that particular sordid aspect of your personality with the whole class. Just as a matter of good form.
>>3441 >there is a difference between sexually explicit pornography and artistic nudity. Its a fine line. >These pictures do not sexualize women The female form is sexual in nature Pictures of children and pics of porn do not belong in the same thread The last pic is literally taken from a porn shoot that is very sexual in nature The second last one is Russian cosplayer that exploits the fact that at 25 she appears to be a teen, often doing shoots dressed as a loli. Based Aussie politician is not incorrect Fags, trannies, and Pedos have been pushing the bounds as of late. The thread was beginning to resemble something from 8 channel.
>>3441 To be honest Anon, I enjoyed most of your thread, the children seemed a little out of place, but I don't deny they are in fact beautiful very young white women, but you are pushing at the very edge of the line and deserved a warning for such. >If you simply want to prohibit nudity entirely, then by all means, say so. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps you have not been at site from very beginning when BO, mods, and Anons alike agreed that Porn and all around degeneracy would be discouraged. Pedo's with loli and the like were ran off the site. Take a look at 8 channel net, if that is your thing, then by all means take your thread there. There is NO /s/ board here despite multiple requests on meta. There's is a zero tolerance for CP. >What is CP? There very nature of the term and the laws are vaguely worded, meaning it will often simply be a judgement call. A single pic of a child in a pool is not CP. A collection of children in swimming wear can be. Pics of ten year olds, porn shoots, e thots, and women that intentionally posing as children (cosplay thread) create an overall impression like that of 8 channel.
Labeling, categorization and context I think are most important. Like in my archive, under the "people" category there are sub categories for "celebrities", "kooks", "cute kids", "cute women", etc. But those categories are completely separate from the "sexual" category. And then separate from that category is the "disgusting and disturbing" category. And then each of those categories has its own sub categories. Even some of my sub folders have distinctive classifications, like my "cosplay" folder uses mainstream media categorizations, starting with comics, anime, video games, movies... but then sub categorizations are used to delineate more precise details, like Cosplay > Video Games > Metroid then uses labels like "sexual", "zero suit" and names of specific cosplayers. But like in this thread, I can look at the fuckin file names and I can tell right off the bat that they're all just slopped together into one batch, that there's no coherent naming convention used at all (mostly talking about the images starting with "15"). Given the overall context the OP might want to rethink his folder a bit. Main category, for him, would be something like "Aryan Life" and then use sub categories like "Sexual", "Cute", "Family", "Scenic", "Cosplay", "Red Heads", "Promotional" (stuff with Nazi imagery), etc, etc. Separations and naming conventions provide clear context regarding the images and ensures you don't wind up sending a bunch of mixed signals. Like you don't expect to see a porn theater or a porn shop right next to a school or a McDonalds... so take that same mentality and apply it to your threads... don't make a thread and put porn and pictures of kids right next to one another... but, then again, when some of your porn images are directly labeled as "amateur"... yeah, you might just as well be wearing a giant sign declaring yourself as a pedophile at that point. That classification is used, very specifically, for sexual pictures of people who can pass as underage and sometimes it's used by pedophiles to try and mask ACTUAL underage sexual photos as being legal. When most normies or semi-normies see that label... bells and whistles immediately start going off in our heads.
>>3443 >you must be some sort of schizo if you think adult women with small-to-average-sized breasts = pedophilia >why yes I am! >these are adults in their late 20's >yeah, but they look like YOUNG, perfectly legal adults, and that makes me think of prepubescent children, so even though there's nothing wrong with what you posted I don't like it and you're suspect, even though I'm the one who seems to be obsessed with sexualized children Thanks for proving your opinion can be safely discarded as mentally ill and stupid. Not everyone shares your exclusive fetish for women with breasts as big as their heads, several of which were posted in this thread. >>3452 Nudity and pornography are not the same thing. Witness the Nazis and their hatred of degeneracy, while promoting the nudist movement and art demonstrating the beauty of the human body, male and female, without sexualizing it. Just because the Jew has poisoned your mind to the point that you can't separate nudity and sex doesn't mean they're the same thing. That said, if we don't want nudity, then I won't post nudity. Better to be overly strict than become too permissive and start the board down the slippery slope. >the children seemed a little out of place What motivates a man? A woman, and his children. The two most important things we must fight for, culminating in our future. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. If you look at an image of a cute little girl and think "sex" instead of "d'aww" like a normie, at least consider the possibility that you're the one with the fucked up thought process. I hereby declare this thread done. It's served its purpose and is now just being bogged down with bizarre shit and pedantry, so it no longer needs to exist.
>>3498 I have no wish to to force my personal views upon the greater community of 16. My reasoning is based mostly upon "the slippery slope". We have all seen examples of pedo's pushing the bounds of late and it needs to be pushed back, free speech be damned As I mentioned I was mainly concerned with the overall optics of the thread. It began very strong with some very beautifully shot photos, but the children coupled with the trend of the last few pics was problematic. The last pic is not an example of "nudity" but is in fact "pornography" (note the wording of link as well some of the poses of model) >source https://www.ametart.com/gallery/red-top-and-patriotic-panties-brunette-showing-her-beautiful-pussy/ The Russian cosplayer has a history of exploiting her teen appearance while wearing loli costumes and has earned millions of dollars and we both know some actual ped's have paid for that content I sincerely apologize for shitting up your thread, but my position is unchanged. I'm sure you would agree that if we move this thread to /pol/, with subject of "Why we Fight", our fellow AnoNS there would also take issue with some parts of this thread. I hope we can come together with some agreement here. Going forward, 16 will welcome your next thread, just keep in mind the present day trends we are combating and the overall tone please
(476.06 KB 1200x750 Daily_Stormer_-_Free_Memes.jpg)
>>3498 If you're jacking off to it... it's porn. Sorry dude, but you're going out of your way to masturbate to grown women LARPing as teens and preteens, to the point of even outright labeling their shit with pedo-bait titles like "amateurs". PROTIP: You can always tell when someone is a pedophile because they post pictures of women with a complete ABSENCE of breasts... and then when someone points it out they make like Cenk Uygur and comically overcompensate with extreme hyperbolic strawmen like... "breasts as big as their heads" ...no, fuckwit, no one is saying that porn needs to have giant breasts. They're saying that porn needs to HAVE breasts... period. If you're not into breasts and you're not a pedophile... hate to break this to ya dude, but yer probably a homo.


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