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Why does 16chan feel so comfy? Anonymous 09/17/2021 (Fri) 00:13:35 No. 22346
It feels like I’m at a coffee shop or something, very relaxing atmosphere. Very different from the chaos over at 4chan. 663 created something special. Speaking of 663, does he ever stream anymore?
>>22346 >Speaking of 663, does he ever stream anymore? Bignig is taking a break from streaming, he made a website for the stream https://www.im663.com Enjoy your stay anon
>>22346 Yeah it's pretty calm compared to the cesspit that is cuckchan. IF ONLY IT GOT SHOA'D
diarrheas into mug here's your order xir
>>22541 I’d actually like some sugar and cream please
I feel like 16chan is mostly quiet, unlike a coffee shop. Coffee shop atmosphere is where there is a relatively moderate PPH though and replies replies replies.
>>22542 itches scalp cooms
>>22346 it's not a constant fight between bbc shills, tranny faggots and retards
>>22552 Thanks, tastes great
>>22346 Because its in its golden age where only good content and memes are. Soon it will become infamous over something dumb and you will see a million trap fag threads and blue pill threads. Thats when you know an image board is ruined, when its /b or an equivalent is ruined with gay shit and dumb takes instead of fun content.
(544.20 KB 1600x1065 1426034231921.jpg)
>>22346 High respect == high comfy. Only the company of sovereigns truly suits anons.
Hey anons I have come over from the 4chins, am I a fren here? I am super glad 16chan exists, it's super comfy and seems like a place only for frens, I wouldn't want to be shitting up the board
>>23072 don't bring in other 4 channers and don't act like a sped and you'll be just fine.
(826.51 KB 2404x1260 Hobby.jpg)
>>23103 Yeah I won't, really want this place to remain how it is, picrel is very sadly too accurate, luckily any others who come here seem to have short attention spans and instantly leave after they realize the site is pretty slow
>>23119 >luckily any others who come here seem to have short attention spans and instantly leave after they realize the site is pretty slow This has always been a defense mechanism, our endurance, patience, and obscurity. Not unlike the fjords of Thule. P.S. L2 use periods at the end of a thought.
>>23120 Ah fuck you're right, I have no idea how I didn't pick up on basic punctuation after going through the board.
>>23125 don't worry about it. it's not worth having arguments about something as minor as punctuation.