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(27.08 KB 768x217 1.jpg)
boycott the 2022 olympics!!! Anonymous 09/18/2021 (Sat) 07:59:39 No. 22370
Are you planning to boycott the 2022 Olympics given the fact that China murders its citizens BIGLY?
>>22370 >China murders its citizens I don't care, you dumbass shitlib. Go back to reddit.
>>22370 Xi Jinping is the leader of the free world.
>>22374 >free world doesn't exist bud
>>22370 Does it count as a boycott if you've already never expressed any interest in the olympics? >>22375 I took it for the same cutesy euphemism it always was for "Enforcers of the NWO"
>>22374 Then go move there faggot protip: you won't because it's hell
>>22377 I can't move there it's on the other side of the world, you dumb jew.
>>22381 Yeah you can quivering coomie, live what you advocate, you will never do that though because it sucks, you suck.
>>22382 If you lived what you believed you would be in a brothel sucking jew dick.
Jin ping is qhwn qhwb when you play ping pong with chopsticks while drinking gin.