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Why is 4chan /pol/ shilling for a negress rapper? Anonymous 09/19/2021 (Sun) 07:52:26 No. 22397
>be her >speak out against taking (((covid vaccine))) >get huge backleash >meanwhile being part in the (((rap))) industry >Promoting (((BLM))) >Anti white >Degeneracy, she is naked in rap vids
>>22397 Desperation for authority figures to approve of their ideas, even if it is hollow or tangential.
>muh 4kike You can support what someone's saying without supporting the person. Regardless not wanting the deadly vaccine and being loud about it is good nothing more.
>>22397 how many times do we have to point out that you faggots shouldn't even be visiting that cursed site? >4chan /pol/ shilling Get a hold of yourself man. The site is infested with leftists, intelligence agencies, military operations, ngos, and any number of other influence agencies. It has been hemorrhaging "true-blue" anons for half a decade and you still take anything on there as popular opinion? What the fuck is wrong with your brain?
(195.77 KB 1600x1167 test test.jpg)
>>22397 <her i believe you are confused.
>>22402 People are too dumb to understand how political strategy works. That's why the jew wins, it knows how to harness the negro for its own purposes.
(244.22 KB 676x380 my problem.png)
>>22409 the kike rodents play both sides to achieve it (((purpose)))
(124.92 KB 1021x1024 1631911844605.jpg)
The reason 4chan is shilling for her is because she's a nigger Whore. And 4chan loves niggers.
(901.28 KB 540x789 nyet gook.png)
>>22397 >Why is 4chan.. Let me stop you there nigger