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(42.47 KB 641x641 13515.jpg)
MORTY BLATTSBERGSTEIN 11/03/2019 (Sun) 01:55:28 ID:e2d17e No. 2256
/hfaw/ How Fucked Are We? thread

reminders to consider when thinking about how fucked america/the white population of most countries

-majority of gen z are """minorities"""
-majority of the population is against far right ideologies or detest """nazis"""
-all social media platforms are full of kikes pretending to be white, and advocating for white genocide
-media portrays white straight males as incels or violent white supremacists
-israel owns military, banks, media, and most of the citizens loyalty
- free palestine is a "right wing dog whistle"
- majority of content creators are left wing
- mass shootings happen commonly, and whites are blamed for mass right wing terrorism
- us debt is well over a trillion
- much of that is owned to chinks
- israeli secret agents are planted and post on websites to brainwash the goyim
- israel pays or funds opposing forces
- legal gay marriage
- transgenderism is now no longer a mental illness
- children are being castrated and giving hormone therapy treatment
- white europeans are projected to be a minority within 30-40 years
- texas is a majority hispanic
- africa will be the most populated continent within 100 years
-china will own a majority of africa's infrastructure and
- whites will be a even smaller minority in the future or atleast 100 years from now
Yeah, the US and Europe are pretty much lost at this point. Left wing ideology has brainwashed most people now.
(106.07 KB 800x450 It's over.jpg)
As of November 2nd, 2019, /pol/ has unanimously swallowed the blackpill. There's just no winning. The only way out is to deny the Jews the satisfaction—by killing ourselves.

>Embrace the Blackpill.

>Jews have won.

>Ashes and echoes.
(489.09 KB 1817x724 The Ultimate Redpill.png.png)
This. The only way out for us is to kill ourselves to deny the Jews satisfaction killings—by killing ourselves and livestreaming it.
Welcome to 16 you kike niggerfaggot.
(98.81 KB 500x499 Follow your leader.png)
Calling him a kike doesn't disprove his point, copenigger. We must follow our leader.
Fucking pussies and kikes the whole lot of you. Where is your spirit, you guys are subversive agents to blackpill more anons, or you have let the kike brainwashing convince you it is better to give up than to fight for what's right until the end. Grow a pair and do it for your people you faggots.
This attempted blackpill is so low effort its inspiring. Inspiring to have fun in the fight upon us and to come, and inspiring in that you wish we would just give up before we've even started.
remember to sage, kids
I forgot to sage! How could I? I'm honored to be on the same side anon. Fortune favours the bold.
>-majority of gen z are """minorities"""
>-majority of the population is against far right ideologies or detest """nazis"""

Daily reminder that "polls" are Jewish lies. Do you require a more recent example than Clinton's 90% + going to win rating and humiliation when she lost.

The BDS movement needs to be promoted en mass by exposing Israel's genocide of the Palestinians. By exposing the way Jews abuse people they have power over, Jews can stop being seen as the eternal victim and start being seen for what they really are.

The genocide of the Palestinians is an indefensible position. This will open the door to the question of why the media wholesale ignores a modern day genocide.


I've seen two people on live TV mention being redpilled. The democrat on set looked like he was going to puke. What we are doing is working. Dig in, keep fighting men, we can win.
Based torfag.
I mean we also have hundreds of years of history of their actions, books of their own words, basically evidence that should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they are the scum of humanity. I feel like it should be common knowledge.
I know eventually man will wake up to facts and fight for his own people's survival.
Fuck you demoralizing kike shills.
Un-friendly reminder:
Traitors get the bullet first.

Sage and report
(65.31 KB 1007x1024 laptopDark.jpg)
>How Fucked Are We?
Kikes openly attacking White society now
Everybody knows something is seriously wrong and looking for answers
More people waking up to race realism and kike supremacism
<Its a war, mateys
Our job is to wake more normeys up and to organize against the forces of darkness
Kali yuga is over in 6 years.
Why not use the same logic to say that we should attack their system? That would be a bigger spite and who's to say they wouldn't enjoy us killing ourselves? Seems like you are just a giant shill.
>Its war, mateys
Ignore that one, is shill copy pasta that mods missed
See >>2260
(713.32 KB 1347x1424 88c.jpg)
>We're fucked >Everyone ends up killing eachother >Lootin' n shiet boomers, millenials and jews fw they gotta go boogaloo on eachother
>>2259 >Throwing yourself into the cold sea as the Titanic sinks >Not making your way to the buffet and eating as much as you can for free before you share the same fate You're a chicken nugget scoon/


no cookies?