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Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 00:16:18 No. 22577
4chad here ama
(357.32 KB 232x236 video_1.mp4)
Go back to 4chan you nekochub lard ass mother fucker. Pol pot wanted you people dead for a reason
>>22577 is it true that jews make you people smuggle gold bars through airport security in your rectums?
>>22577 checked nigger
>>22579 >>22586 >>22687 cope jews literally give single reason why 4chin bad atleast our website is actually active
>>22586 fake news
I am also here from 4chan. I saw a picture with a link to this website and neinchan. first time on 4chan was in 2011, although I didn't start browsing until 2014 or 15. thank you for reading my blog, have a nice day. >>22762 16chan actually has decent PPH. (You) can often get (You)s while browsing the board, which is active enough.