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(56.00 KB 1292x592 fuckwindows.png)
Fuck Windows Anonymous 10/03/2021 (Sun) 00:04:50 No. 22627
Let me get this straight. You paid for the computer and you somehow think this means you're in charge? Bill Gates gets WHAT he wants WHEN he wants. It's HIS computer now. Maybe in a few hours he'll let you use it again. Get fucked
Big tech nanny state. Time to install gentoo
If you don't stop using it for important data after this video you deserve the cyber rape.
>>22627 Since Windows 8, Windows has been using more and more Pajeet coders. Very interesting.
>>22633 source?
>>22627 I always pirated windows or found free windows install discs. not to mention free old laptops. honestly windows is basic bitch tier and the only reason its available more compared to other kernels is because mainstream consoomers cant into computers. But I'll give Jill Gaytes credit. s/he managed to get the mainstream to buy (((it's))) McDonald software.
(11.18 KB 291x173 index.jpg)
>>22633 Any based linux users who want to talk over xmpp or IRC around? There is litterally no one on the irc room advertised at the top of the site