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I am probably one of the most enlightened individuals in the world Anonymous 10/04/2021 (Mon) 22:17:19 No. 22686
>Odin came to me in a dream 4 years ago and told me Richard Spencer was a federal agent, long before he is an open Bolshevik >This while being a Christian >Heavily gangstalked while receiving signs from the Lord that he will always protect me >Understand that Europeans are the true Israelites and the so called "jews" somewhere along the way stole our real identity >Understand Hitler was one of the last chances to save all of European society and he should be praised as a martyr and warrior for Europa I am a brilliant genius, enlightened, and blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
>>22686 I highly doubt that Richard Spencer is a fed. If he were a fed, he would be trying to blend in and preach the most orthodox White nationalist philosophy which the FBI believes we believe in ie, White supremacy + capitalism + Christianity + being a Republican Instead, he preaches things which completely contradict the things which the FBI believes we follow. What is really going on is that Spencer is eccentric, reasonably intelligent but not incredibly so, and an accelerationist. His views are eccentric because he is a bobo. And his slightly above midwit tire intellect tells him that the Democrats say that he is the face of White nazi-racism, so he goes out of his way to trash their propaganda by being an open Biden supporter and pro mandates. He is not dissimilar to the KKK group that supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. They knew what they were doing and so does Spencer. There is also a deeper element to Spencer's public statements. I believe that Spencer is an accelerationist. This aspect of his political philosophy became more pronounced after he lost steam in the post Charlottesville era. This shift in his personality would make sense given he was punched in the face (metaphorically) by the hard fact that protests do not work and voting will never oust the jews from power. Thus, he has adopted the idea that the only way to wake up the lemmings is to shock them awake by ruining their worthless lives with in-your-face judaism. >Europeans are the true Israelites >WE WUZ JEWZ N SHIT! My ancestors did not originate from the desert shithole of pissrael. In 1000~ years of its history, Shitreal did absolutely nothing. The jews produced no great literature (except what they copied from the Sumerians), no great philosophy, no great art, no great architecture, no great empires, no great literature (except the fucking torah), no great culture to speak of. That is what you are WE-WUZing over. A worthless shithole only one step above niggers. If it were not for Christians, no one outside of Assyriologists would even know about jews. Their worthless culture would have died in the desert or remained a random shithole desert religion. Instead, you worship jews.
>>22697 >third pic It’s common knowledge that Jesus went and preached the Gospel in Hades after he died and saved everyone who followed him. Millions of Europeans were likely saved then
>>22699 >Jesus went and preached the Gospel in Hades after he died and saved everyone who followed him So you can escape hell by worshiping the jew. That violates your other beliefs about Hell being eternal and irredeemable. The truth is that the only Europeans who deserve to burn in Hell are Christians and leftists for embracing degenerate ideals. Sin is a jewish myth just like White guilt.
>>22700 >That violates your other beliefs about Hell being eternal and irredeemable. No, when you're put in hell after Judgement Day it's final.