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(23.12 KB 633x758 Tired wojack.png)
I just recovered a strange memory through astral projecting Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 15:28:03 No. 22830
>be me >Standing with a crowd of people (mostly fat boomers in short shorts with cameras around their neck), waiting to go on a Caving Tour >i immediately strip off all of my clothes and send a mighty dump down into the abyss >And then some niggers came along. >niggers look at me and get afraid because I am naked > my pasty white skin is practically luminous in the cave >this is weird because I'm black, or at least I was >Tfw I realize that this is my chance to do some buckbreaking >"Y'all ever been Buck broken before?" t. me >"Oh shit" t. The niggers >My footsteps echo off the cavern walls >still naked, the disembodied nigger tongues follow my rectal scent >I can feel them bearing down on me, like hellhounds on my trail >Summoning my strength, I yell, "Turn in your job applications here" and dispel the spirits > >until I notice a single bigger tongue slowly slithering up my naked legs >Suddenly, the walls shake, the ground cracks, stalactites fall from the ceiling. In the distance, I hear a deafening roar. >LetsGetOutOfHereScoob.jpg >turn around and try to run, but stumble over the disembodied tongue, crash on the ground so hard I split a tooth >suddenly a figure appears from the shadows, with a massive nose and hands that rub menacingly. >Before I can react the nigger tongue reaches my back and licks my anus >shit was cash, and I, being totally spent, black out. >I wake up, finding myself in a pitch black room >want to move but to no avail; my wrists are held tight by slimy, pulsating protrudes >terrified, I shout with all my might, calling for aid from my cat, Niggerman, as I feel my sanity slipping away >then a skeleton popped out, and I have the horrifying thought that it may also be a nigger >i woke up, it was all a dream. >head hurts, wrists and ankles are bound, are I can hear some kind of busy clamor coupled with a gentle humming tune >and then i look down to see a small figure, no bigger than two feet tall, stroking my penis. >a gnome is stroking my penis. i shove my cock into it's mouth as punishment for stealing my pillows >I remember reading about "gnome shaking" on /x/ and deftly cram the gnome into my anus, before violently twerking as it tries to tell me about travelocity or something. >the gnome begins to travel up my digestive system, the movement causes me to have an anal prolapse >Another gnome appears demand to know where her husband is >after telling her what happened, she goes white, and whimpers that I'm the "harbinger", whatever that means >The Men in Black flash their light thing and wipe my memory of the day's previous events >wake up in bed with literal pain in the ass >feels like I am forgetting something >go onto /x/ >learn to astral project to recover memory >remember everything >mfw
stop writing these you colossal faggot