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(38.46 KB 640x360 dump.jpg)
Mike Tyson was right Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 19:56:31 No. 22859
when I haven't taken a shit all day: >grumpy >tired >lack of appetite after I take a massive shit: >feel amazing >full of energy >appetite is back >can think faster >increased libido >smoother skin Remember the golden rule, guys. IF YOU FEEL LIKE SHIT, GO TAKE A SHIT works every time
>be me >fat autistic marxist >think saying nigger is a no-no >begin saying it anyways for kicks >occasionally say it in my own quarters >begin saying it more often >i begin saying it in public to my friends >suddenly i begin to lose weight >my social skills begin to improve heavily >I feel my entire body becoming healthier just by saying the n word >kicked off masturbation and porn so i can say nigger >now i weigh 200 pounds in pure ripped muscle, have a gf and a stable life, still say nigger for fun take the niggerpill bros
>>22896 somebody hasn't taken their daily shit
mike tyson is basically a huge shit so i guess he would know
>>22859 Just took another steamy shit. Must have been at least 5 pounds. Feel like I can see the future.