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(125.72 KB 640x640 It's fucked.jpg)
Anonymous 11/06/2019 (Wed) 03:01:14 No. 2493
Is the USA beyond saving?

I did the math, and assuming there are 22m illegal spics here, we kick out 2000/week, that adds up to about 210 years.

This doesn't account for the subhuman spics that are here legally and parasitizing this country, and the ones that are still coming.
That's because it would have to be a mass population movement, not 2000 at a time lmao because that's crazy and similar things have been done all throughout History. Hell there's even an entire portion of the Bible dedicated to it called "Exodus."
The USA was beyond saving 40 years ago. The best we can hope for is the creation of new nations within the former USA once it crumbles.
>tfw commie jews crumbled in the 90s
>tfw capitalist jews crumble soon
>tfw natsocs were defeated but will rise from the ashes to reign eternal
Balkanization is the key, at least until the mass movement necessary to eject that amount of people exists.

Create, and focus on, like-minded White communities. Make yourself known, and make your political views known without being a sperg about it- there is no point in going full 1488GTKRWN on a stranger, but discourse on the evils of the usury that plagues our world is an easy thing, along with the nonwhite hordes invading our communities.

The laws are gonna get fucked. Demographics will turn our country 'blue'.
This does not mean you cannot have White children in a White community, and without any advocacy of law-breaking, civil disobedience is a thing.

Being blackpilled is a natural progression on the path to philosophical greatness; overcoming it is the challenge we all face, to win against all odds, at all costs, to preserve a future for White children.

Dixie will be the 'hot gates' in my prediction, especially considering the governor in KY now being blue and Virginia turning blue priming the way for a NY style assault weapons ban; perhaps the NWF will be the refuge. Take from that what you will.

I will say this- gun law state level preemption is a thing. Tennessee has it, if I recall Missouri has it. Dixie needs to be the focus for outreach for people for our movement, specifically Appalachia. The corner of tn, ky, and va. Southeastern ky.
Consider the battle of Athens, and the coal wars.
Jewish power as a concentrated force in the USSR crumbled under Stalin. It wouldn't re-emerge in any significance until after the USSR broke up and the USA moved in.

wrong question, is western world beyond saving ?
Most likely, yes. I can't say it with absolute certainty yet. Not until the boomer die off, that is.
How bad would it have to get for Pedro to fuck off back to his shithole of origin? Presumably, much worse than where he came from because reverse migration would require money/effort along with a desire to return to turdworld mediocrity.
They are trying to thwart those efforts by seeding illegals and shitskins into the far flung reaches of the country.
This. We're fucked. We might as well just embrace degeneracy and hedonism while the good times last.
(38.67 KB 640x625 1572341281718.jpg)
Yes, it's too far gone. Our only hope is to seize as much land and assets as we can when it falls, draw some lines around it, and install new leadership. From there we just have to hold on for dear life and hope we make it through. The collapse could be quiet like the USSR or it could turn violent very quickly. But either way, China and Russia will be jamming their greasy little fingers into our shit and trying to take what's ours. We might also have to deal not only with the federal government sending in troops but also with local and state governments and their militias/national guard and shit like that. It will be a hot mess. Lots of people will die. In the first year alone millions will lie dead simply from being choked off from basic supplies like food, water, gas, etc. as delivering the basics is already a logistical nightmare during peacetime.
Fuck off tor using jidf. Take that black pill and shove it up your degenerate ass.

Slide thread btw, fags reposted blackpill thread since the other was deleted or moved to b. Report and sage
No need to give up, the US might be on its death bed but a new nation can emerge from the ashes. Hopefully this new nation is kike free.
The only question is: will it be a European nation or a mestizo one?
lmao my ass off, those are way below rookie numbers. With a determined and willing authority, you could easily remove more than 100,000/week in a humane manner, and way more in an inhumane manner
If you must reply sage this shit thread
Exactly what the boomers did. We can die not being boomers.
Bump lel. Am I a shit poster yet fellow goyi... I mean whites.
If the White race is terminally fucked, why does it even matter anyway?
>largest military in the world
>military has one job - defend country
>military doesn't defend border from invaders
Yes we're fucked, but we will outlast others before we go down.
The USA is a judeo-masonic creation. A redpill that seems hard to take for americans is that their country was never great. It was always ground zero for jewish order of things. The sooner it collapses the better.
Most of them deserve to be fucked, but it's fighting for the ones that don't that counts.
true. every single fucking leader of the usa corrupt beyond ANYONE's knowledge, except for john f kennedy, but look what happened to him.
No. I don't think the planet is even beyond saving, we should go to mars or something.
the majority of the millenial generation is a bunch of rainbow waving anarcho communists and the zoomers are a bunch of bluepilled pro cap leftists whose minds are proscessed the same way our food is. would you rather millennials rule, or a bunch of gadsden republican pro usa boomerites? i'd choose the boomerites.
>US Beyond saving that sounds like some commie bullshit you retarded motherfucker
Please pray.


no cookies?