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I'll post like 10 new images a day.
(30.66 KB 720x720 Not_Gay_Elf.jpg)
(63.14 KB 600x900 Happy_Holidays.jpg)
(110.74 KB 1280x1919 Christmas_-_Cheetos_Wreath.jpg)
(101.38 KB 1280x854 Christmas_-_Gingerbread_Stores.jpg)
(151.77 KB 499x578 Thrills..png)
(61.45 KB 500x402 Holidays - 55602.jpg)
(34.20 KB 720x478 Text - 15502287_n.jpg)
(22.93 KB 500x668 Snowman.jpg)
(29.13 KB 468x641 kkk snowman.jpg)
Atleast I get to watch Bad Santa 1 with friends.
(133.96 KB 624x473 Sexy Christmas Outfits - 01.jpg)
(356.47 KB 1600x1600 38832.jpg)
(217.47 KB 1600x1600 38836.jpg)
(80.79 KB 334x469 Sexy Christmas Outfits - 03.jpg)
>>3631 I still haven't seen it. D:
>>3673 >haven't seen it Basically a black (dark) comedy with twist on our consumer Christmas. It starts with a token degenerate Jew (played mostly for laughs about his backstory) who robs malls every year after finishing his santa gigs with his black midget compadre. He starts to flounder and lose pace with his criminal lifestyle as he falls deeper into a habit of sloth-like behavior and material comfort. He sticks up for a local child retard. Abandons his nihilism and practically becomes a parental guardian. The director's cut is longer but contains more cringe. Theatrical release is shorter but has better pacing and less cringe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKONPxrqFxs
(199.33 KB 600x424 Dead Santa - 01.jpg)
(531.82 KB 666x500 Dead Santa - 02.png)
(628.98 KB 770x900 Dead Santa - 03.png)
(697.06 KB 2048x1536 Dead Santa - 05.jpg)
(72.52 KB 275x208 Dead Santa - 07.jpg)
>>3707 I think I'll check out the theatrical version first.
(55.06 KB 240x320 Scary Santa - 01.jpg)
(124.93 KB 570x800 Scary Santa - 02.jpg)
(66.65 KB 470x315 Scary Santa - 03.jpg)
(336.77 KB 500x708 Scary Santa - 06.jpg)
(67.93 KB 438x548 Scary Santa - 11.jpg)
>>3725 >"rightwing backlash" I love how they have to frame it as a partisan issue or pretend this thing was meant to be a "tree". This shit is sick no matter how you use it. No pun intended. If I am elected president I promise that for every dildo or any other degenerate statue constructed in our public spaces, I will direct more Hitler statues to be erected in Israel.
(62.10 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 03.jpg)
(59.42 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 04.jpg)
(56.98 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 05.jpg)
(62.77 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 06.jpg)
(53.80 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 07.jpg)
(40.84 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 08.jpg)
(100.37 KB 600x800 Santa Claus Fire - 09.jpg)
(347.63 KB 1280x1748 Christmas_-_Miss_December.jpg)
(90.29 KB 666x531 Christmas_-_Wild_Sled_Ride.jpg)
>>3821 list some of your favorite anime, any genre, since you never answered that one guy before the admin nuked a
(69.32 KB 1200x607 Partial_Anime_Archive.png)
>>3827 I'll just screen cap my main anime folder and highlight some random shit I really like. Doesn't include a lot of newer stuff though that's still sitting in my incoming folder (mostly because I'll likely replace it with dual audio versions once they're released). I'd probably recommend starting out with Parasyte - The Maxim... https://nyaa.si/view/1030791 But YMMV.
>>3831 i'll check parazyte out. my favorites off that list are serial experiments lain, neon genesis evangelion and yu yu hakusho (because of kuwabara's dub actor). i watched the madoka magica series and didn't enjoy it. i thought it would be a lot darker. are the movies better? been meaning to watch psycho pass for a very long time.
>>3831 elfen lied was good, too. didn't notice you had that at first glance.
>>3832 Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the best examples of where the English dub actually turned out better than the original voice cast. With Madoka the first two movies are just the original series edited and condensed down into movie format. The third movie is the continuation of the series, which is definitely worth watching. If you want something a lot darker than Madoka though you should watch Re:Zero... it's like the most fucked up version of the movie "Groundhog Day" you can imagine. If you liked Elfen Lied you'll probably like Blood-C... https://youtu.be/Oo2b1KoYM28 There's a number of other hard core gore type anime series, but I'm not too familiar with most of them. If you want light gore there's like Magical Girl Raising Project, The Promised Neverland, Psycho-Pass and that uh... Goblin Slayer I think it's called... the one where a character get brutally raped and murdered right in episode one. If you want the most extreme anime possible though you'll have to watch Bondage Game... but uh... make sure you keep a bucket handy, cause it'll likely make you vomit. I tend to gravitate more towards the mind fuck genre and less on the gore side, but if you want the best of both Parasyte and Re:Zero are probably the best.
>>3835 Oh, also Future Diary and Big Order are good, especially if you're into the "psychotic waifu" genre. A lot of people also like Attack On Titan, but uh... I dunno, the pacing of that series is just painful to me. It's as bad as all the filler crap that's shoveled into Naruto. From The New World is also pretty interesting, it doesn't have the most extreme mind fucks or gore, but it's just really different/interesting. Deals with a future society of humans that basically survived an evolutionary apocalypse of sorts in which suddenly humanity gained psychic based super powers. But while the society seems like the perfect utopia on the surface there's some really dark, fucked up shit going on behind it.
>>3835 about halfway through parasyte now. i watched promised neverland and most of goblin slayer. >>3836 attack on titan seemed like it would be edgy at first but then it just treated titans like a power-up form. i liked the idea that humans are cattle being raised for consumption and i hope promised neverland picks up in season 2
>>3837 Yeah I got pretty bored with Attack On Titan. The animation is pretty good, it's visually interesting, but story wise it just... drags ass. If you like the human sacrifice angle you might like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, since the entire plot revolves around human sacrifice on a mass scale. I believe Blood-C is similar (although I haven't actually gotten around to watching it yet)
>>3488 test
(70.03 KB 487x616 How I Celebrate Christmas.jpg)
Vidya time!
Cat attacks excited soy-child.
Cats vs Christmas Trees
Fifty Shades Of Santa
X-Mas Toy Gone Wrong
>>3488 Merry Christmas everybody


no cookies?