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Huge list of imageboards Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 22:23:02 No. 3522
List of online, working imageboards\chans (December 2, 2019) Note: this list obviously does not include every single IB out there, but a lot of them are included Note 2: Here's another handy maintained overview of imageboards\chans: https://github.com/ccd0/imageboards.json Clearnet imageboards Lynxchan based: https://bunkerchan.xyz/ https://spacechan.xyz/ https://endchan.net/ https://kohlchan.net/int/ https://waifuist.pro/ https://bbw-chan.nl/ https://balkanchan.ga/ https://indiachan.com/ https://onee.ch/ https://freech.net/ https://cutie.garden/ https://mewch.xyz/ https://mle.party/ https://finalchan.net/ https://julay.world/ https://neinchan.com/ https://prolikewoah.com/boards.js https://floridachan.com/ https://anon.cafe/ https://16chan.xyz/ https://dprkchan.xyz/ https://8channel.net/ https://christchannel.xyz/ https://late.city/ https://formerlychucks.com/ http://furchan.net/ http://possumstu.org:8080/ https://chiru.no/home.js Vichan (+forks like NPFchan) based: https://8kun.top/ https://wizchan.org/ https://www.bronnen.net/ https://mintboard.org/vichan/bone/ https://sportschan.org/ https://crystal.cafe/ https://erischan.org/ https://mlpol.net/ https://smuglo.li/ https://kissu.moe http://what-ch.mooo.com/what/ http://www.scanchan.net/ https://tbpchan.net/ https://lolcow.farm/ https://xchan.wtf/ https://perfectchan.org/ https://boards.systemspace.link/ https://lainchan.org/ https://arisuchan.jp/ https://kakashi-nenpo.com/ https://sushigirl.us/ https://shitchan.com/ https://pawsru.org/ https://www.comfy.chat/ https://sandwichan.fun/ https://grimchan.xyz/ http://zonadelta.net/deltachan/ https://board.thunderspygaming.net/ https://winterchan.org/ https://depreschan.ovh/ https://www.gurochan.cx/ http://38chan.net/ https://lewd.pics/chan/b/ https://pregchan.com/ https://franchan.biz/ http://homph.com/board/homph/ http://yangchan.org/ http://usedfifthwheel.com/ https://uboachan.net/ https://polder.ga/ https://www.blokal.eu/ https://ptchan.org/ https://55chan.org/ https://9inches.org/b/ https://www.sebachan.fi/ https://1500chan.org/ https://liaison.nagatoyuki.org/ http://underfoule.xyz http://utochan.ru/ Other\unknown imageboard software based: https://fatpeople.lol/ https://shamik.ooo/ https://chen2.org/ https://tinychan.org/ https://420chan.org/ https://7chan.org/ https://www.4kev.org/ https://dreamch.net/ https://neet.moe/ https://poorchan.ga https://noirchan.com/ http://lupchan.org/ https://ota-ch.com/ http://afternoon.dynu.com/letterbox.html https://b3ta.com/board/ https://hamstakilla.com/ https://bernd.group/ https://ernstchan.xyz/ http://7clams.org/ https://uchan.plebco.de https://chan.tymoon.eu/ https://3dchan.net/ https://2hu-ch.org/ https://enrive.org http://operatorchan.org/ https://kotchan.org https://rodentchan.danwin1210.me/ https://boards.plus4chan.org/ https://22chan.org/ https://3chan.co/ https://314chan.org/ https://atob.xyz/ http://lapchan.moe/ https://fufufu.moe/a/ https://desuchan.net/ http://balls.jimboulter.com/ https://secretareaofvipquality.org/saovq/ https://doushio.com/moe/ https://dameib.net/ https://heyuri.cf/ https://www.ponychan.net/ https://aurorachan.net/ https://tf2chan.net/ http://swfchan.org/ http://aachan.sageru.org/ https://eternitychan.org/ https://2ch.hk/ https://2chan.jp/ https://1chan.net/ http://fightanvidya.com/img/ http://boards.rotbrc.com/ http://chan.divbot.net/ https://vgchan.org/all/ https://ylilauta.org/ https://magyarchan.net/ https://www.hispachan.org/ https://neboard.me/ https://wilchan.org/ https://kiramoji.ga/ https://chan.org.il https://4.0-chan.ru https://tumba.ch Tor .onion imageboards: http://nanochanqwrwtmamtnhkfwbbcducc4i62ciss4byo6f3an5qdkhjngid.onion/ http://nichank62kpkrxvg.onion/ http://plnemlsyla6h5t3nuoz2algzmy635ceuendnjwsmhwn2os5fxahshiad.onion/ http://2axwxq4kqs4kv6qtqomlthsk5sg5tgc2uchalep2uubwre6tryttvyqd.onion/ http://jwzzevnbrletxx7e4nqmfv73mre7rjik6nktidduppjcei6xr75aybyd.onion/ http://zw3crggtadila2sg.onion/imageboard/ http://7gsvzcjvupypvz66.onion/ http://hss33mlbykbsxmug.onion/
>>3522 this is extremely sexy ngl
Take down subhuman tier chans like Indiachan. We don't want poo's to infiltrate the imageboards.
>>3522 gj --- every once in a great while i search "overchan" to see whatall's going on
Thank you
(75.99 KB 1024x1024 Freeman.png)
(119.98 KB 1146x551 1452712197564.png)
(27.17 KB 100x122 weed.png)
https://3chan.co/b is the only based in that list
>>4060 3Chan? More like... ReeeChan. What the fuck is this noise? Get that stupid shit tha'fuck off my chan lawn!
>>4060 Since when are trannies, pedo's, and loli based faggot?
(72.62 KB 642x454 Real otaku.jpg)
>>4127 And they're like a "protected class" or some shit, like you can't even mock them or point out what sick fucks they are without tripping over their "banned words" bullshit. 3Chan is basically what would happen if you took the most degenerate losers from Tumblr and Twitter and gave them a chan board to post on.
Eight-channel is down right now for some reason.
>>4150 Get the fuck off this board pedo fag
>>4323 Nordchan pol looks like leftypol blockchan not tor friendly, requires javascript, just getting a blank white page atm.
>>4324 >Edit on about/page they list instructions, bunch of hoops to jump thorough, but anon post seems possible
>>4125 no shills allowed
>>4324 our /pol/ is pretty right wing, not sure where you see the similarities. t. nordchan admin
(5.82 KB 336x80 Screenshot.png)
>>4755 Stand corrected noot tbo didnt really look too closely. Prob just saw the antifa and greta threads etc. and didn't actually go through the posts. While there's couple shit posts, it seems your user base is typical based nords. Apologies
(92.14 KB 1713x965 oh-lordy.jpg)
>>3522 I was looking through the .onion imageboards. Found monkeychan. Plenty of monkeys on there. And other stuff that I'm very glad was hidden from my ISP behind the TOR network. At least nanochan looks like a pretty nice imageboard.
>>4893 just redirects to mlb
add 9san.ch
(1.14 MB 931x856 12743737358383594.PNG)
Some more .onion imageboards would be nice. Although this is still a very decent list. Good job OP.
You forgot the furfag IB https://www.u18chan.com/
More than a few of these are offline and could be removed, as well. Whoever went through the agony of compiling this list is a credit to all anons.
>>3522 Thank you Kanye, very cool!
Most of these are so dead I wonder why they are still hosted. I'm seeing posts from 2005, while the depressing nostalgia is welcome they are clearly dead ass shit.


no cookies?