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(1.47 MB 1010x1501 43534564256.png)
Anonymous 12/18/2019 (Wed) 22:45:32 ID:40c1df No. 3855
I was banned from 4/pol/ for posting this picture of pregnant Ann Frank in a thread
Were you trying to be edgy or is this your fetish? Because I'm gonna go out on a limb here and presume... this is your weird ass fetish. What's this called again... oh, right, "preggers" I think... or maybe "m-preg" or something... maybe that's the male version... can't remember. I bet you're a one of those, huh?
>>3855 and now your shit got pushed from /pol/ to /b/. so send screenshot of why you were b&
There are plenty of FBI agents there. Maybe that's why there are plenty of the same posts everytime.
@3856 triggered cuck, go back to t****er
(675.74 KB 500x499 Image Macros - Calm Down Time.png)
>>4131 Look dude, we get it, this is your weird fetish. You don't have to be all awkward and indignant about it.
(266.60 KB 1000x601 1577079454620.png)
>>3855 Based
>>3855 I to have been B&'d for dumb shit but honestly my recent one is just. I was encouraging anons on /pol/ to cross-board pro 2A stuff on /b/ and /soc/. Well mods were fine with it till I made a thread dedicated to it. But this place is comfy too, also fuck gun grabber democRATs and Cuckservatives.
(1.18 MB 989x1334 1452637855023-1.png)
>>4236 Ayyye, that's a spicy metal gear meme you got there anon.


no cookies?