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(11.04 KB 355x355 61pALU94wYL._SY355_.jpg)
Onideus is a faggot Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 19:31:47 No. 4018
Fuck off Onideus
(129.96 KB 258x544 1565233608441.png)
Fuck off Onideus
>>4018 In case you weren't paying attention... I can see inside your tomorrow now. And now I can kill your God.
Onideus is nice😀
(89.71 KB 500x501 Memes - Bait - 0e438d5bafc.png)
(532.09 KB 1597x1600 Memes - Bait - Excellentbait.png)
(48.91 KB 1024x1024 Memes - Bait - Bait-Huge.png)
(207.53 KB 323x221 Memes - Bait - Technicolour.gif)
>>4145 LOL, they're likely to either start accusing you of being me or they're likely about to try and track you down to "persuade" you into hating me. I went on this completely rando fuckin stream the other day... https://youtu.be/ew0K6gzpQYY?t=8872 And at one point in the stream he's talkin about how some rando fuckin dude is apparently STALKING ME and running around trying to like "warn" people about me and trying to get them to verbally shit on me, because, I guess, I dunno, they're too fuckin pussy to do it themselves... https://youtu.be/ew0K6gzpQYY?t=9681 Like, how fuckin deranged and psychotic does a person need to be to reach the point where they're all creepin the fuck up into every channel I randomly subscribe to and then going so far as to dox every rando I browse across to try and "persuade" them into being a part of their personal Hatter hate army? I mean I've seen a LOT of crazy shit on the Internet, but... holy fuckin crap that is some nth level Onideus Derangement Syndrome! I am actually really nice though, but uh... I'm supposed to try and ~not~ be nice. I have hypomania which makes me like the ultimate shit poster because I have a complete inability to take anything too seriously because I enjoy everything... like even when bad shit is happening... meh, I'm pretty okay with it! My glass is perpetually half full, which is why it's impossible to seriously insult or attack me on any level. I tend to just... let shit go. Even when psychopathic nutballs go out of their way to try and ruin my shit I'm generally just like... meh, that's cool. My psychologist though wants me to ~try~ and not be nice though, like I'm supposed to try and get angry about something and then I'm supposed to try and act on that anger (legally) to try and stop them or "get back" at them, but uh... *sigh* ...being seriously angry is hard to do, especially to try and sustain that anger over an extended period. I honestly don't comprehend how people manage to hold grudges, because it is just so incredibly taxing and draining. Like... why be angry when you can just play vidya? Or watch a movie? Or do some writing? Or make a website? Or do some drawing? Like... there's just so much good shit in the world, like why bother being angry? It's just such a chore. BUT... apparently my outlook on life isn't all that compatible with the fucked reality you lessers live in, so I gotta go out of my way to ~try~ and be angry about something (whatever supposedly has the greatest potential of negative impact). My psychologist described it as... 'just because you can take a hit, doesn't mean you should' ...or something to that effect. So I'm supposed to try and be angry and hit back... and not just with my invective word artistry (which isn't ever meant to actually hurt anyone), but with like actual actions (like reporting death threats to the police for example).
>>4156 someone in your ed thread said i was you pretending to be a different person so you could have a conversation with yourself. until that point i wasn’t really sure if you or the people from ed were more deranged
>>4172 Yeah keep in mind that one of their admins, William Atchison, went postal and shot up a school back in December of 2017, killed two kids before giving himself a little 9mm mouthwash. I used to think that the regulars of ED were like me, like they were just prolific shit posters who didn't take anything online seriously, but... yikes, the more I got "involved" with their little psychotic cult the more I realized... nope, that shit ain't satire or parody. They don't make articles for fun, they make articles with the sole intent of trying to hurt people and while they love to dish it out they sure as shit can't take a hit back. That's why I have a lot of respect for Josh at Kiwi Farms, because he didn't cry like a fuckin bitch when he wound up on the receiving end and people tried to wreck his shit IRL. He just laughed it off and moved on. Same with Metokur, people always tryin to ruin his shit and he just takes it in stride with a smile and a smoke. Ethan Van Sciver is another one of my favorite shit posters, he's always havin a good time, very laid back, lots of fun to listen to. Same with "Ya Boi Zack". Oh and Nerkish, who is stupidly under rated... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-NiCrL_gExiACM4c3r1q4A/videos I think Nerkish should get his own animated show on Netflix. It's a shame that he's had to make like Metokur and take down most of his content on YouTube just to avoid getting obliterated outright by their squirrely new algorithms.
>>4181 >https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-NiCrL_gExiACM4c3r1q4A/videos Subscribed This guy put his library on Bitshite, or is he like every other retard on Bitchite and left his about page blank? There's a link on jootube, but it 404'd â–¶Website: https://www.nerkish.com/ â–¶Second Channel: https://bit.ly/37vITNx â–¶Bitchute: https://bit.ly/2QnPDr8 https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/iDgurye63Id4/
>>4362 He has everything monetized now, so the only way you can get most of his stuff is if you join his Patreon, the $7 a month one. I'm not sure what "classic content" means, like if he's ~just~ referring to the complete collection of "Nerkish Tonight" or if he means the FULL library, like all his old videos where he reviewed comics and movies and such. I attached a screenshot of everything I've got, but the total size is 2.5 gigs and most of the files are too big to post here. There was one semi-small one so I attached it here.
>>4367 Cheers Onifag
>>4369 Nerkish just put up a new video explaining some shit and he's setup a second YouTube channel for the Nerkish Tonight videos... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNGS-oVj3fFi_NPEBqYWHQw/videos ...might get nuked by YouTube tho.
>>4018 Yep!
>>4413 I had no idea there were so many faggots online with homoerotic fantasies about me.


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