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(12.91 KB 474x355 3.jpeg)
Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 21:54:46 No. 4175
there is something very strange going on over at 4chan right now
>>4175 Such as what OP? You don't even put enough effort into your thread. No screenshots, no archive links, just being a usual faggot.
>>4175 >something very strange going on over at 4chan Other than being run by kikes?
(99.79 KB 400x410 You.Have.To.Go.Back.png)
(104.28 KB 953x764 segaaaaaa.png)
You mean shills like that last post? Maybe they're getting people programmed for a false flag.
>>4176 >Such as Such as there is no one there to entertain the bots and shills? People fleeing to sites that allow vpn and the containment is failing?
>>4182 /thread
(128.32 KB 953x764 foo.png)
>>4182 Kek get urself some glasses mate, the typical shill threads are still there. Here's one from the D&C crew right on their pol front page.
>>4184 That wasn't me, just quoting what I found on the board.
>>4185 >OMG GUIS THE SHILLS ARE SHILLING SOMETHING >Whats going on? How can this be? Sarcasm >Stay off this board faggot That part was me
I really do not understand why anyone uses 4Chan... I mean, on a basic, functional level it makes no fucking sense at all. This Jap ass Engrish molesting squid sucker social media platform that you kiddies call an "image board"... WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR HIGH LEVEL TRAFFIC! Ever! In fact, it was specifically designed, back in the 90s, to be cookie cutter. Basically the Japanese version of a blog or a Usenet group. Everyone has their own little blog, everyone has their own little chan board... that was the idea. Generally speaking, the more users, the more useless an image board like this becomes. For some reason, at some point, gluttonous American thinking took over and the Internet went from a wondrous wild frontier to a small handful of monotonous mega cities with everyone living asshole to elbow. The Internet isn't fun like that. Search engines used to serve an actual purpose. Hell we even had things like "web rings" and "hot lists" so shit could remain decentralized while still being easily accessible to all. And, in turn, that inherent decentralization made spamming/shilling/propaganda and the like extremely difficult to pull off and ultimately pointless. It's hard to argue against shit that's speeding along a conveyor belt of bullshit at mach 12... it's a LOT easier to argue against stupid shit when it's more isolated and poking along at a snails pace. This is why, for example, if you want to have the GREATEST level of impact on society... go on FaceBook or Twitter and search out LOCAL NEWS STATIONS. Not too small, not too big. I mean you go on like CNN's FaceBook page and you'll just be pissing into an ocean of piss. You'll be lucky if even three people see your posts as they're flying by at light speed. But on those smaller local news stations their online viewership often clocks at around 10k, so you can make a post and easily get a few hundred people to see it and even actively engage with you. Or a few thousand if you piggyback off the top postings (provided they don't already have too many replies). Anyway, chan boards are better when they're less popular. The more popular they get, the more shit they become. Niche is almost always better than mainstream... unless you're a fuckin shill.
(23.10 KB 350x327 Acorn_A4000_Running_s1.jpg)
>>4187 Usenet was a lot better than any of this web shit (forums, chans, or otherwise). It had built-in decentralization, better interface, and it could have just been used in imageboard fashion by uuencoding or base64 encoding an image in the message body, as a multipart document (basically like an .mht file; c.f. RFC 2557). Plus it made it easy to save individual messages or threads, or even the contents of entire groups since you could just archive everythign as it arrived. And it sure as hell required less computer resources that all this modern bloated web that's full of buggy code.
(5.91 KB 390x231 Agent_Layouts.png)
(39.26 KB 983x657 Usenet_Threading.png)
>>4188 Also didn't have banning. People were effectively forced to police their own feeds. You could block shit from your own personal view, but not from anyone else's. And with most news readers like Agent they were customizable to the extreme. You could have the message pane, the group pane and the thread pane configured in any way you wanted. You could even maximize and minimize panes, tab through them, whatever you wanted. You could even actively obfuscate text with ROT13 just by right clicking. The best thing though was cohesive post threading and post continuity (see second image). Not only was it incredibly easy to see at just a glance exactly who was replying to who, threads were collapsible, movable, savable, etc. Like you could make your own archive folders and then copy and paste backups of stuff you wanted to keep long term. Better delimiter usage too, with > indents and different colors to discern new material from quoted material used within a single post.
>>4188 Gopher should have been the protocol for the Web instead of HTTP, tbh. No bloat bullshit, either.
>>4187 > WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR HIGH LEVEL TRAFFIC! Bravo this is something you quickly understand talking here VS talking on 4chan. On 4chan if you make a thread you will be bombarded every minute with the same stupid question that you already answered. Ignoring the shilling of 4chan its simply to fast and to overpopulated. Your thread will be shit answering the same thing and if it does not get bumped enough to the top it(thread) will die ending the conversation. There is a point when bump speeds or posts speeds become to numerous and the website is overpopulated. Especially a chan where threads die after page 10. And the more popular it gets then advertisers get involved and will astro turf the website with campaigns shilling their shit. And now you are taking to only shils. The problem is exaggerated with the chan format of anonymous. Back in web forum days if a new user joined and started talking how great candidate X is everyone can see he is some ideologue or shill and he will get banned or everyone will ignore him. Not only this the admin can close the ability to join to prevent shills from making new accounts. And because web forums are not that populated shills have no reason to go there because its not worth their time to shill something to 10 people only. >Hell we even had things like "web rings" and "hot lists" Man you got my respect for this. >or a Usenet group Why is no one using Usenet nowadays? Serious question, not the piracy thing the talking to people thing. The 90s internet was simply better. Today its a corporate shill cluster fuck of spyware.
(164.39 KB 1014x764 Usenet.png)
>>4208 Yeah, the bump limit is often how good threads get closed on chans, after much shilling. But I've seen some Usenet threads last over a year, and even get split into subthreads when discussion went off-topic. The format seemed much more condusive to real in-depth discussion. Anyway Usenet still exists, and some groups are even active a little (pic-related) but a lot of ISPs either don't provide NNTP servers, or just don't advertise them, so few people even know about it today. And I guess there's nntpchan, but most people probably use the web front-ends rather than an actual news client.
(16.95 KB 272x376 Meow_Wars_-_Join_Now.jpg)
(950.00 B 105x97 Moew_Wars_-_Fat_ASCII_Cat.png)
>>4208 The ISPs basically killed Usenet, largely to save a buck. It used to be that every major ISP had bundled Usenet service for free, often really nice servers that not only supported binary attachments, but that had good retention and good completion (often up to two to four weeks). After every major ISP dropped their bundled Usenet services the entire thing fell into a hole almost overnight, which was fueled even further by bit torrent networks and file sharing sites like Megaupload. I mean why go out of your way to pay $15 bucks extra a month for binary Usenet service when you could just use The Pirate Bay for free and, because every ISP dropped Usenet service... well, suddenly the selection of media became a LOT better on torrent and file sharing sites. ...of course later on they started MASSIVELY cracking down on torrents and file sharing sites. I wouldn't be surprised if Usenet started making a comeback in some form or another though, or "reincarnated" in a sense... at least as far as sharing images and small sized media, potentially in a reconfigured form, like a "dark web" format, only "dark Usenet", likely more advanced so it doesn't have to rely on binary encoded attachments and can propagate data through TOR networks. Some people still use Usenet in its current form, but it's just become so obscure/niche that it's like comparing CB radio to cell phones. Basically it needs an upgrade using more modern technologies. Currently though cloud storage sites have become the back alley of illegal data trading, but it's only a matter of time before they start locking all that shit down. IRC is still pretty good for data trading too. There's always this sort of buffer zone between what's popular/obscure, what's regulated/open and what's more/less available. Like IRC is pretty obscure... so its pretty easy to share illegal shit. But at the same time the more obscure and less popular something is... the less selection of data available. And, on the flip side, the more popular something becomes, the more people it attracts, which in turn equates to better selections of data, but then all that in turn attracts regulatory attention. And it always gets stupid. Like, people think TOR and the whole "dark web" thing is going to save us all... nope, the major ISPs of the world could shut all that shit down at the snap of a fuckin finger, just like they did to Usenet... and nobody will be bat an eye because most normies don't use TOR networks, just like they didn't use Usenet. Nobody cried when the ISPs killed Usenet because 99% of their customers were paying a few extra cents a month for something that only 1% of their customers were taking advantage of. Same with TOR... they could kill it in an instant if they wanted, and they likely will at some point, and 99% of their customers won't even fuckin blink. This is a constant, unending evolution of technotonic plateforms shifting about as the virtual landscape is continually shattered, broken apart and reformed with the proverbial geological forces at play being rooted in money, culture, ideology and politics. On that proverbial geological scale... the Internet is still largely in the Hadean era. When we finally start to develop true artificial intelligence... then we'll probably reach the Archean and Proterozoic eras of virtual geology. Alexa and the like (pseudo-AI) would best be described as "primordial muck" I think. The bacteria of the Internet if you will.
(291.78 KB 1199x930 A-Talk.jpg)
>>4215 > Some people still use Usenet in its current form, but itʼs just become so obscure/niche that itʼs like comparing CB radio to cell phones. Basically it needs an upgrade using more modern technologies. Almost every modern tech is bloated botnet trash though. I take the opposite view: we need to make sure we still have access to old, simple tech so that when the modern junk (including the dubious, botnet hardware that's required to run such bloated junk) invitably blows up or gets subverted we can still function on a basic level. Simple protocols like NNTP, SMTP, IRC, FTP, gopher, and such are sufficient for many tasks. The fact that they don't attract the attention of corporate types and normies is just a bonus, as that kind of attention only serves to destroy in the long run, while in the short term a few 1%-ers laugh all the way to the bank. Right now we're actually at the stage where almost everything is just shoved into a VM (web browser) and if your custom OS or hardware can't build Firefox or Chromium, you're SOL and considered just a useless "toy". The whole world has basically embraced the botnet, hook, line and sinker. Then they make incessant threads about "which browser is least botnet" on all the chans, like there's any choice whatsoever in this clownworld they painted themselves into. It's too bad Terry Davis isn't still making videos, because at least he was educating the next generation in a more productive fashion. Because eventually they'll need to write their way out of the botnet from scratch, without any help from the current Linux/BSD types who just don't really care about the situation so long as they can just keep running their 1970's mainframe OS because "at least it's not Windows".
>>4216 Show us, people of 16chan, how to break free from the botnet.
(296.22 KB 1270x972 ad4.jpg)
>>4217 Best way is probably to get any old 80's computer and write your own software for it. Or to use the same parts, like Z80 or 68000 processors, but that requires you do design your own computer, so it's much harder unless you go for a kit like the RC2014 and such. Some people say FPGA is a good option, but I wouldn't trust it as much as the old hardware. The old stuff has been poked at for many decades and holds very few if any secrets. Terry Davis was going to port his OS to 64-bit PIC (which apparently doesn't exist yet, but he was planning for it). Those are microcontrollers, so there isn't much room for botnet in there either. I guess some AVR stuff would work fine too. All those will get you close to the hardware, which is where you want to be, since that's where the control stems from. If you spend all your life in the trance of Linux/BSD or other modern OS userland, you'll never learn anythign useful and always remain at the mercy of kernel developers, which today are mostly controlled by a few big companies (Red Hat, Intel, Google, and a few others). It may say "free software" on the tin, but it's those guys who ultimately sign off on the Linux kernel, and I'm sure have heavy influence on FreeBSD as well.
There are simpler ways that current technology and platforms can be effectively hijacked in such a manner that will render attempts to control online discourse effectively moot. For example a combination of yEnc binary encoding and a browser plugin. So everything you post, anywhere, even images or video, would be transcoded into yEnc and would just look like garbage text to normies, to anyone WITHOUT the browser plugin. Those with the browser plugin would be able to see the genuine content because the plugin would actively decode and display the yEnc material. Here's a small image for example... =ybegin line=128 size=1576 name=NPC_Emoticon.png ³zxq74D4*7srn|*V*V20*H®„+*1žswo1=M51?_J_Ûsë*3šrƒ5<5<+ü¨&*.‘kwkÛ¹5&‹/**/ásnk~¢ïƒ)y}>iWo:RR^lÌú«Cv¾ ‚B 1Á—›E=}ú®W›»ïÑOÜBÃÀ#1–P]µuòŠÚEi’úB‚1®ÂR>MõÎOP>¨ªë"|tåùãÞ/t!ˆ‰ÕÉèè¥È¡c”r/dee]fHy_Xƒ mȱ–­Ž"åölðK!Kí:µxÑ%ÕØؘ`=@c_ t1ÞÞÞ’´µµ9=Mgòº>¯T@J‡D·üòòra#<pâçç'GÉù¡0ÁÛ„R.`:i‰‰)•†3áßß=[Íè*£Wxnm›7îi.=[1Ô3­…’豎O²–*]º}777—[;‰WSSc5AbÅŠÌËb™áiµs{ò¨ 5ÜIiÜ¶ÔÆÆÆ—Á¥¥¥a&Ò7a,{=JUºg6ò0ú6­Ç5!í0ÁªùèµÑ‘r W¸íÑ©¶rI7˜û”=JAšdG$ÒÊʪ`µ¥¢,ë•ß‚ûoÞæÏÎΟˆ$Ù€Õ×b íê·zÁâ:tÀÛ“}4–`”——O Õ÷t˜áe˜ŽCyÈf˸¸xä£ÐJé0ÈÙ!l‚5íä™Í#cÄ ÓÓSk&ëí1ÞÝ’Q¿ÁÁý=@×…à"î.!ýÌ¥»ÔˆÓÌáq¤>Ø=[…ºÚir05=Iå¡yºÞ¡ˆ X¢¦Ü²xyyý=J=JJãP†ž ú¦º´´´€ÖA–2ŸY›Òý"×¥.÷o=[U dÇŽß„/³ÜAõ’5åROOOÖïð·EÉq~ãÙ¼tuuY<$8a`` &U¥iî¡Ìì šúúú:‘‘½–@=@ÇÄÈÌé‹›¸Çßßß‹íŒÛz x`Çb¨¬fõ HËãã)’)¨=}pÇ=}$Äúž•zúk ¬Ž€‡™Aéårµµµ ¥ŸŸ_€€T§bž'$Ÿ=[ŽB€QyȾ¤1K0WòèTÁVíÝËÏÏÏW5´ó\@@@¬&x¢§ˆÓKÅKjÿtPtyyQk]ÏÐÐ|ˆˆÈ¢ ΊÛ&s---Ã8Â2SÂüüüÒÐа¼Þs¼¤ªmíå¿„ª*Ã=J¡œíÂõÌ=[›AÃvЊŒZBÒÓÓs“bVÿ̝Û|ì6O[’¦xâê""âTgj3%ÚK@ìtŠ^DoeBÕôêhÆË€µV0­§ÑíÓ€¿ˆˆþ€ 3x8e¡²Äëç€Ñµ€à 3±Ûê²”–ÃðððþÒËì=}y­šÊ^Ÿ¶dL »»—QÂ'¢½5a›PTåWL×q¬¶²‹‘ì¡ wbî¦Ù*˜[ccs]Ý]Ü@C0ív<™ì»ê˜ëîðÆE'‚xfpɈWÉŸûô=[{ì»ÉÉYL ð=MûñÛ6ÉíŒ%Ÿ¦Z±¤â5aþº ,ÐÙéy>qûºÆÆVVæ`Oõvù©Š[AÒ±Y‹ºTì†Æ=IGèEVeÍKŸÔ2›¢äɉø>i±BëѲL=[˜ãL€ìƒƒƒž$=J!¢ÔËñ4¸îŸ=JP4#ÍÂÁâö:‘ª E‡2]=JõæÙeÌpã†õT¢, åß«Y亿¦.oD¤ã.£!ëóJ†F·p´µ)¶6óä•DdÄ›6+UõKÁeá”!ã­Ý‘¹ÖtÊ["_k$u^ÉõÃ=M=[²×èUãQ…Ç>€ù÷õÏÞ’§è ª=Iய–áùJ”Ž=MÜÃNêËÓÚÚz`ƒÃ5$PFƒ=[…Þ«ÚQ’è¸UE“ƱE¦D›[|Í' ¸)\¼ŠÌ]Ú1Ú–þ͈óG1)í­&é9ôä=}r 4Ά´Vm{T¬µæ3 &鱋®f6k‰uJSò«ÌgG¦¡Îò4 hÂÍ¿}$‚¸§¢veÎ@Y!õtò\~O¥‚f7w?:Î>ì‘F¦ÔA$×G\öVÁ²†Ÿïd)òp[ͺvy|****soxnØlŠ¬ =yend size=1576 crc32=f4fb55f9 If you copy that text into your clipboard you can use a program like UUDeview to decode it into its original form to see the image. So basically... you could post any fuckin thing you want, just about anywhere (so long as it can handle the character count) and only a very select few be able to see it. Further, it could be done up as multi-part binary sets, so even if a particular platform has stunted character counts, like Twitter, an image could be broken apart into multiple tweets. Hell, you could probably encode an entire fucking movie into a yEnc multi-part binary and then just spam all the parts into a series of several thousand tweets. Twitter's idiot AI and their flunkies would have no gawd damn idea what to even make of it and they'd basically have an illegally pirated movie plastered across their platform that only people with the particular browser plugin would be able to download and decode.
Er, guess yEnc might not work so well cause some of the characters will be actively converted by some platforms. The original file can be seen here... http://mimkrys.epizy.com/Junk/ So basically something ~like~ yEnc, but something that won't use special characters, or at least not special characters that will trip up filters. It could be a form encoded into a lossless image as well. Sort of like a super sophisticated bar code of sorts. Only downside there might be sites that try and reencode uploaded images into a lossy format.
You could even do an entire movie like that. Like a sort of bar code movie. If you try watching the video file on any standard/regular video player or site it would just look like random garbage/noise, but then if you had the right player or plugin then you'd be able to see the REAL video. But, again, it would have to be a form that could withstand lossy compression. For example when you upload a file to YouTube they reencode the file, so it would need to be a form where even with that lossy compression, the browser plugin would be able to actively transcode the seemingly "garbage noise" into the REAL video. So, using a format like that, you could effectively hijack YouTube with... whatever fuckin content you want and their magical little copyright filters wouldn't even know what the fuck to do with it.
(51.11 KB 480x351 t.jpg)
>>4248 > http://mimkrys.epizy.com/Junk/ > This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support Kek, nothing that needs JS is simple or efficient. Instead of whatever junk is on there, just use the good 'ol uuencode or even base64. Those just use regular 7-bit ASCII printable characters, so will work everywhere. Once again, old tech is superior by virtue of its simplicity and its ability to run on meagre CPU resources, even tiny 8-bit systems. Most people have been bamboozled by corporate propaganda to believe that new = better.
(85.05 KB 250x590 computer-programmers-needed.jpg)
>>4252 Well, superior in that it'll work better with most sites... but the point of yEnc is that it's MUCH better compression... although I guess at this point maybe that doesn't matter as much unless it's like a multi-gigabyte video file.
>>4255 > What cost $10000 in 1975 would cost $47194.74 in 2018. Pretty good money for just a HS diploma.
(31.97 KB 649x499 DOS Clippy.gif)
(58.91 KB 450x614 Old E-Mail Ad.jpg)
(22.47 KB 343x90 Web 2.0 Sucks.png)
(156.50 KB 801x603 Spyware.jpg)
(262.62 KB 1006x850 Computer Bomb.jpg)
>>4257 Yeah, but keep in mind a lot of it was machine code or assembly if you were lucky, which is pretty much the most horrible and tedious kind of coding there is. I always think it's hilarious how millennials are always complaining about the cost of housing these days. Like, yeah, houses cost a LOT more than they did 30 years ago, but they ~still~ keep their value, so it's a good investment regardless, you're not actually ~losing~ anything so much. On the flip side, back in like 1990 a home computer would set you back upwards of TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS (in today's economy)... and it'd be effectively worthless within a year. And that trend didn't start improving until after the year 2000. I remember I bought one of the first portable DVD players for a $1,000 bucks... now you can buy one for less than $50. Or the Diamond RIO PMP300 MP3 player I bought in the late 90s for $200... now you can buy an MP3 player for like $10 bucks at Wal-Mart! So millennials really shouldn't complain too much, the only real costly expense they have is a house and, like I said before, that shit KEEPS its value (and usually increases). I suppose a college degree maybe, but even then there are cheap alternatives available, like going through a community college or just doing trade school stuff. Car prices haven't really changed too much over the years and you can always get a cheap beater or just use public transportation. So, really, on the whole, now is a much better time to be alive than at any other point in US history. Not just with how cheap most goods are (especially technology), but also as far as selection/availability. Housing used to be cheap... but the crap to fill it with was ungodly expensive by today's standards.
(80.89 KB 1000x750 Amstrad CPC6128.jpg)
>>4260 Your numbers are way off, fren. I'm Gen-X and as a kid got a gift of an Amstrad CPC 6128 in 1985 for 4000FF, roughtly equivalent to $800 (equivalent to $1900 in 2018). Pic-related is what it looked like. Specs were 4 MHz Z80 CPU, 128 KB RAM, 3-inch floppy drive. It was quite popular in western Europe and extremely well supported with software releases up through the early 90's, and could boot CP/M for an even greater library of software. This computer pretty much had a useful lifespan of 10 years, which isn't too shabby. I'm betting you'll get similar results if you crunch the numbers for other family home computers, which includes most stuff except for Apple and IBM. And 8-bit asm is actually pretty comfy to write. Programs tend to be small, and there aren't that many opcodes or registers to keep track of. Modern x86 is a disaster, of course...
>>4263 You're talking about a glorified video game console, I'm talking about a real computer. Look at the attached image, from 1989... and that DOESN'T include the monitor or mouse (or likely even any software).
>>4264 That's just a waste of money unless you were running a business or needed to do work at home for you boss on your free time. Basically it's a jewish scam.
(278.43 KB 1200x1600 dfgfdssdd600.jpg)
(819.21 KB 2016x1512 post-50949-0-76249200-1493149292.jpg)
(42.79 KB 640x480 pbnav11.png)
>>4265 Depends on what you need it for, if you just wanted a shit box to learn basic coding, yeah it'd be waste of money. If you wanted something with word processing, spreadsheets and MS Money type apps it might be worth it. In the 80s I remember by dad used to buy like graph paper and he'd hand draw his own spreadsheets to do his finances with. We also had an electronic typewriter... er, well, sort of. It was giant, had a cord, made a very loud humming noise and worked essentially just like an old non-electric typewriter... the only difference I think was that it could auto-feed the paper as you typed. The first "real" computer we bought was like in 1993 I think, a Packard Bell shit box. A 486 CD/33 model I believe. It had that useless "Packard Bell Navigator" bushwa that I quickly learned how to remove (to maximize space).
(2.06 MB 1790x1395 inlay2.jpg)
>>4266 > If you wanted something with word processing, spreadsheets and MS Money type apps it might be worth it. No, you just don't get it. Almost every computer in the 80's could do such basic office tasks. The ones that couldn't were the bottom-line budget stuff like unexpanded Sinclair ZX81 and Commodore VIC20. And that's only because they had too little memory, no floppy drive, and not enough screen space (no 80-column text mode). But otherwise every computer had the basic office stuff, and if your could boot CP/M, then you had access to 1st tier quality software like WordStar. And that's precisely why many computers supported that OS, including Apple II, Commodore 128, and almost every Amstrad model out-of-the-box. Small busineses used these computers because they brought VALUE to the table, unlike wasting tons of money on IBM PC crap. And incidentally, the PC had shitty value even for its hardware specs, since Atari ST and Amiga both got you equivalent or better hardware for cheaper. The only people in the 80's who bought IBM PC either needed to use some very specific software, or just had more money than sense. Even in the early 90's, a whole ton of small businesses were using CP/M systems, including the later Amstrad PCW business computer which was designed precisely for that kind of market.
(22.86 KB 640x480 win30color.gif)
(23.47 KB 640x480 win30paint.gif)
(15.94 KB 640x480 win30games.gif)
(15.34 KB 640x480 win311exit.gif)
(11.10 KB 355x425 win311logo.gif)
>>4271 You're like one of those retards in the 90s who went around like, "Man, Star Office is just as good as Microsoft Office! Same thing, man... SAME THING!" *shakes head* You might just as well be comparing Western Family food products to... LITERALLY ANY FUCKING THING ELSE THAT'S EDIBLE! ಠ_ಠ Maybe you just have no sense of quality, like Terry. Glow-in-the-dark Goofball had no sense of quality, to the point where he believed 256 color displays were all a man ever needed in life. I mean if that's your thing, hey... more power to ya, but uh... most people want quality, not compromise.
(46.14 KB 800x479 NeXT-color_1.jpg)
>>4274 But those computers were quality. Most of them are still working today, and even many of the 3-inch floppy disks survived mostly intact. In a lot of cases, getting those Amstrad computers working again is just a matter of changing the floppy drive belt. And Windows was trash back then, just as it is now. If you wanted to spend a lot of money for GUI system back then, you bought a Mac. At least then you got something that was properly designed and running on non-shit hardware (m68k). If you were stinking rich, you could buy a Sun or NeXT workstation (which also used m68k). Or if you didn't have much money and wanted a GUI, then you got an Atari ST or Amiga (m68k again), or hell even an Apple IIGS. Either way you came out ahead of PC lamers with their shit hardware and OS that was effectively just a copy of CP/M with some stupid and unstable hack of a GUI added as an afterthought. :-)
(58.20 KB 640x480 49.JPG)
>>4288 Can't tell if trolling or just really stupid. DOS, Windows 3.11 and Windows XP are, arguably, the most perfected operating systems in existence. Windows XP especially because you could essentially rip the entire thing apart and easily rebuild it any way you wanted. The Mac OS on the other hand was... basically a rock. A big, ugly, stupid rock. You couldn't change it, you couldn't mess with it, you couldn't rip it all apart and rebuild it. I mean, if you're an idiot, sure, the Mac OS is perfect, since it's essentially idiot proof. And Linux... well, that's basically just a completely unassembled version of DOS or Windows. Great if you need a micro-OS for instant boot applications (like running your microwave or watch or thermostat or whatever) or for sheer scalability for use in symmetric multi-processing super clusters or database/web server stuff... but for an end user desktop environment... no, you either use Windows or you're a fuckin idiot. Either a fuckin idiot who needs an idiot proof OS like Mac, or you're a fuckin idiot trying to build your entire house completely from scratch. You're a fuckin idiot either way, there's no gettin around it.
>>4288 Dude, Mac OS was shit until version 10 was released. There's a reason Windows 95 prevailed despite all its crashes. Not to mention the world at large won't buy a computer they can't fix for cheap with off-the-shelf-components. Macs never had a chance and that's why they only managed to dominate niche markets like graphic design. The Amiga was never successful. What are you on? Are you a zoomer who got his knowledge from Youtube videos? Mind you, the Amiga is my favorite computer from all time but no one ever seriously could've suggested buying one, at least not in the 90s except, again, niche markets like video overlaying.
(40.79 KB 800x600 gwdeZ.png)
>>4315 > And Linux... well, thatʼs basically just a completely unassembled version of DOS or Windows. Torvalds wrote it from scratch after failing out of Minix operating system design class. That's why it's shit, but it's got nothing to do with DOS or Windows. >>4318 > The Amiga was never successful Oh but it was. They sold millions of them. You're just a buttmad PC lamer trying to larp as an Amigan, except no real Amiga fan would talk like you. PC SUXX! Amiga 4ever!
>>4319 Woooow, millions! Holy fuck, what a success! Why did Commodore go bankrupt then?
(130.87 KB 500x444 Commodore_1702.jpg)
>>4319 I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say... you're not an American. They couldn't even sell one million units in the US, they mostly did well over in the UK. The Commodore 64 was a fun little unit though, I always thought it made a good kids computer, sort of like the IBM PC Jr. The only really awesome thing that ever came out of Amiga was this (see attached)... their computer monitors... which could double as TVs because they had RCA jacks. They were real cheap too so like in the 90s they were great for amateur level video editing (using the two VCR method). But that's fucking it. That's all Amiga was ever good for. Cheapy little kids computer... and cheapy little TV monitors. That's their legacy... that's... that's literally all they had.
>>4320 The Commodore management was shit, that's why. The machine only ever sold well because it was way ahead of everything in the 80's, but in the 90's the PC caught up (especially from people upgrading their PCs for Doom and Win95). I'd say 1991-92 was the peak for Amiga. But they totally fucked up the next generation of computers by nerfing the new chipset, even though the engineers had designed a much better one that could have carried Amiga through the 90's. >>4321 I actually have two nationalities, and yeah one of them *is* USA, where I was in fact born, and even served in the military for one enlistment contract during the early 90's. I met quite a few folks with Amiga computers there, everything from the stock A500 connected to TV via RF modulator, to expanded A2000's, A3000 (even the bigass tower model in one officer's apartment I visited, that he ran a BBS on), A600, A1200. I'd say there were at least as many Amiga computers as PCs in those barracks. Mind you, this wasn't the chair force or some other summer camp for nerds, so the video game consoles (esp. NES, Genesis, SNES) heavily outnumbered computers of any kind.
>>4175 >there is something very strange going on over at 4chan right now Yes in https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/239396436 to be exact.... >So /pol/ there's this dude looking for an Antifa woman that assaulted a reporter during August the 27th 2017 Berkeley Antifa-riots >Can we find her /pol/? Pic of face in thread >More sources: >Original tweet with video and other clues >:https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1216150160964644864?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Eembeddedtimeline%7Ctwterm%5Eprofile%3Astone_toss%7Ctwcon%5Etimelinechrome&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fstonetoss.com%2F 1. 230 replies in and none of the faggots have posted pic related - a high res of the source image. 2. None of the dumb niggers realize the thread is commie bait. Commies have been turning off information taps since we doxxed Berkely and Charlottesville Antifa in 2017. The thread is a test to see if /pol/ can still track people down post-switch off. What they fail to realize is we no longer care to do free work for corrupt lol enforcement.
The Jews are to blame also for the climate change. If not them, it would never happen. Look for example at Oulu, a Finnish city on latitude 65. Temperatures above 0 and no snow !
(111.65 KB 960x960 4chanisretarded2.jpg)
4 cuck is retarded https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/239798038 >guy wearing "tattoos are bad" tshirt >has tattoos >no cuckanon notices tats >cuckanons praising the degenerate
>>4182 It's a distraction from Virginian bought out government trying to B& like 99% of civilian owned firearms as well as private ranges not owned by the government and the right to form Militias. I've been making dozens of threads on 4cuck to remind anons of this which thankfully usually gather many a (You)s as those anons haven't been duped by muh Persian American war shilling and sliding. Neocons are separate and hoped to send all the fighting aged and body males and females over seas so Bloomberg's bought out government could finish the job with little resistance but it didn't work. Red boot Blue boot, all the same tyranny.
>>4247 should base64 encode. gosh, could even xz your data first cat /dev/shm/secret | xz -9ec | base64 -w0 /Td6WFoAAATm1rRGAgAhARwAAAAQz1jM4YafAGldACSICCbYQf+ZgzI+oh8f9yrmyJktQGfeF0RAZ/a17UKcByrB9UMh6nwXhzhn/Xv3DOKOX+ZFMTF5ko6y8dlXvudbVJFJwP3iZkelFXlY6XgS18DyMUhUpfufDZMYXOOKOj9PDNcSoxYAAAAAAAAEUSzi6P8nCwABhQGgjQYAVk6UQrHEZ/sCAAAAAARZWg==
Then in reverse echo -en '/Td6WFoAAATm1rRGAgAhARwAAAAQz1jM4YafAGldACSICCbYQf+ZgzI+oh8f9yrmyJktQGfeF0RAZ/a17UKcByrB9UMh6nwXhzhn/Xv3DOKOX+ZFMTF5ko6y8dlXvudbVJFJwP3iZkelFXlY6XgS18DyMUhUpfufDZMYXOOKOj9PDNcSoxYAAAAAAAAEUSzi6P8nCwABhQGgjQYAVk6UQrHEZ/sCAAAAAARZWg==' | base64 -d | xz -dc -
(341.84 KB 1067x500 subhuman = blacks apparently.jpg)
The fag mods at kikechan are subconsciously racist, so they kvetch about racism like fucking jews.
(143.15 KB 922x594 banned-for-posting-manga.png)
(47.24 KB 800x508 banned-for-the-lulz.jpg)
(171.96 KB 827x578 banned-because.png)
>>4758 4chan moderation has no concerns about being fair when deciding whether or not to ban someone or simply give them a warning. They know they're the most popular imageboard on the internet. Why would they care about banning lots of IP addresses?
(265.02 KB 375x425 12743737358383610.PNG)
>>4175 Yeah, it's owned by a gook who doesn't allow proxy-posting or posting from tor exit nodes on an imageboard that's supposed to be "anonymous".
(2.45 MB 4032x3024 selfdox-gOP3.jpg)
(51.54 KB 1011x469 selfdox-gOP2.png)
(121.42 KB 1047x461 selfdox-gOP1.png)
4cuck is retarded S01E02 >https://boards.4channel.org/g/thread/74725240 >OP (Makeda Harvey, Brooklyn NYC) looking for hacker programmer >posts 12MP self-dox image with address
>>4175 Hahahahaha it's gotten so bad faggots have to go to other chans to lure anons back. Fuck off OP
>>4320 Finally a question I can answer. Ahem it was the Jews anon. you're welcome


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