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(15.28 KB 741x568 apu_thinking.png)
Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 00:19:19 No. 4233
how get a gf?
>>4233 >Go and buy a GF trap. >place trap and bait with yummy skittles. >????? >profit
Find a girl you like, make sure she's not too far out of your league, talk to her, be funny, make a her laugh, compliment her smile or hair or whatever, ask her out for coffee, tell her you like her over coffee, want to get to know her, ask her out on another date, communicate, communicate, communicate... but don't talk too much, be a LISTENER, even if her shit is boring... and don't act like a spaz. Like don't offer to show her your pog collection or your Pokumans or whatever. Hide your nerdy power level. Also don't be too thirsty, play it cool, play it subtle. Tell her you like her, she's beautiful, gorgeous, cute... but don't like confess your love in poetry or some crazy shit. Just be cool, calm and concise about it, learn to read her expressions. Oh, on the first actual date, hold her hand. Maybe give her a kiss at the end if it went well. PROTIP: If she's thirsty as hell and you wind up fuckin on the first date... yeah that ain't gonna last. You hooked up with a hoe and she'll dump and run at the nearest convenience. I mean if that's all your lookin for it's cool, but if you want a real relationship avoid dragging ass with the trash bags. You can also use dating apps, that's an easy way to sorta speed date (electronically). But be careful with that, cause with dating app shit a lot of the girls are just frontin for free shit. They gonna do you up like Bernie Sanders and have themselves a free-for-all at the expense of your bank account... literally! Best way to avoid that is to look for mediocre girls. Like, you don't have to date the hottest chick, learn to lower your expectations a little. Like chubby girls (not morbidly obese) are really nice cause they're usually not so high on themselves that they ~except~ to be treated like a queen, so when you ~do~ treat them like a queen they melt like butter and get super affectionate. LEARN TO SPOT CRAZY! AND LEARN TO AVOID IT! Don't put your dick in crazy! This is important... on the first date, if the first thing out of her mouth is pronouns, lefty politics, or her endless myriad of "disorders"... yeah, not a good idea. Especially if she dwells on them and constantly brings them up. Like if she can't shut up about her depression or her bi-polar disorder or... what the fuck ever... don't do a second date! End it there at the first date and move on, you're better off not subscribing to her "issues". You don't want to wind up dating a disorder. If she has no other sense of personality outside of her problem labels... DO NOT PUT YOUR DICK IN IT! Lastly... before you get a girlfriend or even attempt to date another human being... you might need some self-improvement. Lose some weight, lift some weight, try being less of a spaz, read self-help books, recognize your flaws and try and improve upon them, be a better person, don't be self-entitled (like thinking girls owe you sex if you're nice to them) and DON'T be the "friend". Like you can ~say~ you'll be their friend and that's cool, but like don't spend all your time hanging around them trying to get with them, just blow them off 99% of the time and act like they're not that important. Like a "friend" you keep at a distance. PS - Sometimes it can be helpful to NOT be super nice... like being a bit of a jerk is a real turn on for some women. Don't be ABUSIVE about it, but you can be a bit of a brat. Also is a girl is being an obnoxious brat towards you (like stealing your hat and making you chase after her, or grabbing your arm and writing shit on it with a sharpie)... yeah, she likes you. Sometimes flirting takes the form of being mischievous and a bit mean, DO NOT RESPOND IN ANGER! If you start raging and hulking out over her playful antics it'll be an immediate turn off for her and she'll hate you.
The easiest way to get a gf is to not try to get a gf.
just become the gf lmao
>>4269 This. Focus your masculine energy into yourself, build yourself up, till you radiate the electric yang -- this will attract the femine to you, and allow you to properly command & cultivate her for both of your higher goods. Also pics related.
(32.09 KB 500x420 Nice_Guys_What_If.jpg)
(179.26 KB 498x372 Nice_Guys_Examples_1.png)
>>4428 Or you could just not acting like a fuckin spaz. You can try and get a girlfriend, it's okay... just don't be a fuckin spaz about it. I understand you incels are afraid of women, so you make these dumbass little excuses like, "Just don't try at all!" It's like you overfed your goldfish and it died, so now you're all, "THE SECRET IS DON'T FEED THE GOLDFISH AT ALL!" ...no, Jackass, that's not the solution, you'll wind up with a dead goldfish either way. Pursue women... just don't act like a fuckin spaz. You can come on to her a little if you like her, but you need to read her body language and, if she's not into you... then fuck off and try again. And, sometimes, when you fuck off, and suddenly act uninterested... that'll actually make her attracted to you. So you still need to TRY... just don't be a fuckin spaz! If the bitch ain't interested, keep on browsin! But don't stop browsing and think that women are going to magically come to you... they won't. You gotta put in the effort, you gotta get some hustle... and if don't work... fuck yourself off and try again... with a DIFFERENT girl. And just keep at it and keep acting confident. Step 1: Straighten the fuck up and walk like a man. Step 2: Make eye contact, alphas always make eye contact, you walk in on an alpha while they're masturbating and they will STARE YOU THE FUCK DOWN and climax right tha'fuck in front of you without even blinking! Step 3: Act like the world is yours. Again, don't be a fuckin spaz about it, it's like having power but being apathetic about it. Act like everything belongs to you, but you're benevolent enough to allow the "little people" some measure of control when it suits your fancy. This doesn't mean act like an asshole, it just means, act like you know what the fuck you're doing at all times, even if you don't. Situational awareness and all that jazz.
>>4455 >I understand you incels are afraid of women, so you make these dumbass little excuses like, "Just don't try at all!" I don't have to try. Maybe you do, but I don't. I don't pay on dates, either.
>>4456 Dude, you a scrounge. A dirty little fuck toy that girls use to make the guy they're really into jealous. Seriously, you ain't even payin for your date? You gettin used, scrounge! You're just cheap drapery a girl keeps around for appearances. Like, if she can't do any better, she'll slum it with trash like you until something better comes along and then she'll just toss you aside like garbage.
>>4457 >angry >really angry >i-impossible! You're gonna be super angry when an "alpha" like you get's cucked by a "scrounge" like me. *shrugs* #scroungelife #dirtyfucktoy #justdrapeit
>>4464 Dude, you're the male equivalent of a "side ho"... you're not alpha, hell you're not even a beta, you can't even pay for your woman. Absolutely pathetic.
>>4465 >can't pay Won't pay >your woman A woman >absolutely pathetic Absolutely apathetic
>>4466 Yup, like I said, you're a scrounge. You're basically a stray dog that comes scrounging around for scraps. You lap up the sloppy seconds from other guys action because you can't afford to do any better. And it's not that you're apathetic, that's just the excuse you use to try and justify your standing in the world. You just don't have any standards because you're lacking in self-worth. Someone who can't even figure out how to love themselves is absolutely incapable of finding love with anyone else, so you resign yourself such a pathetic position in life, when you could have so much better.
>>4233 >how get a gif? money /thread
>>4484 You don't need all that much money though and what happens a lot of times is that an inexperienced guy will overcompensate, thinking he looks all impressive by spending tons of cash on a woman he barely even knows. Sure, the sleazeball types will put on a good act when you start spending big... but it won't impress anyone that you'd actually want to start a good relationship with. I'm not sayin you should take her out to McDonalds, but at the same time don't be going to some crazy expensive restaurant on your first date. And don't overdo it with like truckloads of flowers and shit on your first real date either. Keep it subtle, keep it casual, keep it cool.
>>4472 Haha, I'm torn between letting you continue babbling like an idiot or giving you some insight. I don't know what's more amusing; the grossly inaccurate stories you keep fabricating or the obsession with another man's sex life that borders on disturbing.
(280.50 KB 480x637 Nice_Guys_Examples_4.png)
>>4488 Found your dating profile, bruh.
>>4484 >money As long as you can support yourself and gather osme extra money to spend. Looks is the real redpill. Women unknowingly rate personality in correlation to looks. Lift, dont eat shit so your skin looks good, and fix your hair, I guess.
>>4565 Also learn how to read women's body language. If they like you they usually do that whole "scanning" bit, where it's like they see your face, they like what they see, then they glance you up and down to check out the "whole package" so to speak and then they'll grin a bit if they're really into you.
>>4233 kill niggers nothing gets a bitch wetter than dead niggers
>>4233 You could start by not being here


no cookies?