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Finding Catboys Anonymous 01/11/2020 (Sat) 19:54:12 No. 4344
Where do I find a catboy around the South Coast of the USA I can court?
You wont, your going to die, alone and loveless. Even if you find another faggot to spend your life with, you will never have true happiness
>>4348 >your going to die Inevitable, no reason to stress to much about something like that. >alone and loveless. I'm on good terms with most of my family and a few friends, also I'm not a robot so not possible unless I get stranded on an island. >Even if you find another faggot to spend your life with, you will never have true happiness I just want a catboy to own and domesticate. Then maybe teach him some home keeping skills, gardening, along with small unit tactics and guerrilla warfare to safe guard private property or be an effective ally in any hypothetical civil wars against tyranny. They'd also have the added bonus of not needing to eat as much, being flexible and agile, being autstically focused on single tasks. They'd sleep a lot more though but whatever.
>>4344 Wow I didn't know Nick Fuentes used 16chan! Kill yourself faggot.
I don't want faggots to kill themselves. I do however hope they seek help and find acceptance of how their fathers treated them. Wish you the best of luck
>>4344 Fucking catboy psyop, I wish a pox on anyone who spreads this. Burn in hell, sodomites are an abomination.
>>4356 >>4352 faggot, pedophile , delusional. Few more years, you will be just another statistic
(1.33 MB 306x172 fuck_you.gif)
>>4357 >faggot, pedophile , delusional. Keep projecting, jew nigger.
>>4376 gj with sage you utter fucking retard sorry >>4356, I meant >>4344 >>4352 faggot, pedophile , delusional. >>4376 (also why would a jew be calling out faggots?)
>>4354 I'm not an e-celeb actually, just a normal anon. >>4355 Ehh my father is a pretty alright dude actually, bit of a lefty fag but aside from that I respect him. Stick but not what I'd call 'abusive'. I still stop by once in a while to say hi or maybe go out to grab a drink. Thx for your kind wishes though I'll be it unnecessary. >>4356 >psyop I'm not a glownigger, no psy-ops here fren. >>4357 >>4376 >>4378 >>4379 Calm down sperg lords, you could just ignore my thread if it bothers you. It's not like I'm spamming the board.
>Stick Meant to say strict and reasonably so.
(233.06 KB 500x265 1574194310838.gif)
>>4381 Why does that russian cat like pancakes so much?
(122.69 KB 1067x1600 kys.jpg)
(1.69 MB 360x640 3456256673.webm)
(139.38 KB 1023x682 cat.jpg)
>>4388 Huh what's the story behind that webm? >>4383 I didn't know that nationality of that cat honestly. You probably know more than I about him. >>4385 >>4394 Neat >>4379 >faggot Nice observation >pedophile Actually I prefer 18+ >delusional Technology and biology is moving pretty fast anon. Don't underestimate it's advancement. >gj with sage you utter fucking retard You don't gotta be rude to anon.
>>4399 >story Justicia por pedófilo >Actually I prefer 18+ Right, the boys in your anime look 18+ Your filthy kind are always ped's, your sick and the only cure is the rope. Go back to 8chamel you piece of shit
(76.23 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(831.62 KB 2688x1520 _SMILE.jpg)
>>4402 I know that look, it's the look of a cat who knows he's gonna get a special hooman treat. The hoomans have cooked their fragrant God food and with prostration, patience and humility el gato will get to sample wondrous hooman cuisine. PS - Scuba is best cat! COME FITE ME!
Mmmm, sometimes kitty will take liberties tho... sometimes a lot... https://youtu.be/IgZInTl_E-0
>>4402 Oh neat I recognize that now, didn't know it was a parody of a Slavic pancake cat. Neat >>4400 >T-think about the drawings anon! Don't worry about real pedo pollination and the wealthy elite abusing real minors by running child sex slave trafficking rings! Some faggot on an obscure irrelevant website posting Nipponese cartoons is more important!
>>4406 It's not an either or And yes the normalization of faggotry is an major issue.
I don't give a fuck about anyone's politics... to me it's real simple... I look at fags being intimate or sexual... and I suddenly feel sick and get the urge to vomit. If you want to keep your faggotry in one place/thread I don't much care, but if it starts getting plastered all over the place like you're looking to inflict your shit upon the greater masses with indoctrination and normalization... yeah you can go die in a fuckin fire. If you can't be gay without fagging up every thread you come into contact with... then maybe you should stop being gay. Keep this shit contained, that's all I'm sayin.
Are you taking foxboys?
(575.32 KB 1198x625 345235235.png)
>>4475 Have some OC edit faggots
(39.23 KB 466x658 Kurama.jpeg)
>>4478 Your bullets can't touch me, human


no cookies?