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(91.08 KB 639x463 1577928333086.jpg)
Anonymous 03/08/2020 (Sun) 14:53:49 No. 9545
How did you find this site
someone shared it in an image on 4chan
>>9545 I was looking for neinchan and then google gave me this link >>>/res/23991
(29.62 KB 480x360 30.jpg)
Analcockman gave me the URL
>>9545 God told me about it. comfy
image on 4kuk/pol still lurk there but can't post since no vpn & no torposting there
(79.93 KB 400x660 aryan.jpg)
>>9553 16Chan is a better made site than 4chan for a number of reasons, the VPN and Tor posting being the major one. I wish it could replace 4chan but it's just not as well known. Maybe 4chan will get shut down one day and then we will get massive migration. Only time will tell.
>>9555 there WILL be massive migration. I just hope that the admin is going to be ready for it and have some good mods because there's only so much slop you can shoot down before you get overwhelmed with cancer
(244.04 KB 519x800 1571042090104.jpg)
>>9545 Looked up lists of imageboards on a search engine and one of the results was this thread >>3522 >>9555 I really hope that never happens to be honest. >>9562 is right: >there's only so much slop you can shoot down before you get overwhelmed with cancer Just look at the state of 4chan. It really is just shit. Absolute shit. The website itself functions somewhat okay but the community on there is abominably detestable and rife with normalniggers. I like the way 16chan is right now. Maybe a little more posts per hour would be nice but it's not too bad the way it is at the moment. A migration of new posters will dilute the good quality posts and make them even harder to see.
>>9567 Yeah no doubt. It just needs like 100-200 more users that know about it. Good, quality users and I think it'd be good like that.
(1.40 MB 1080x1920 1563741873454.jpg)
>>9573 Even 100-200 more posters would likely introduce a bit too much faggotry and AIDS onto this board, unless they really were all good quality posters. Most days, I don't have the time to sit on the internet all day anyway, so coming home from work and only seeing a handful of new posts isn't too much of a bother. Currently, the rate at which new posts are made means that you can come on here each day and there's plenty of new posts to see, but also few enough that you can easily keep up to date with what's happening on here. Also, if I do happen to have enough time to post on here for a while and get bored of the lack of new posts, there's plenty of other imageboards that I can visit anyway.
>>9573 It's got to be quality though. So don't just advertise openly to every reject... just tell the people you know who aren't brain dead... then that way there's more users, but they're not completely annoying useless faggots.
(71.45 KB 1014x764 foo.png)
8ch.net/b2/ -> spacechan -> onee.ch -> here
(15.38 KB 715x429 330854561015582892489983014.jpg)
>>9648 >8ch.net/b2/ -> spacechan -> onee.ch -> here >>8ch.net/b2/ Everyone's imageboard journey always starts at 8chan (well, 4chan first, then usually 8chan/8kun second). Every other imageboard is severely dwarfed by the popularity of those two. 4chan has an alexa rank of about 500 and 8kun has an alexa rank of about 30,000. But 16chan has an alexa rank of about 1.5 million. 16chan probably gets as many posts in one day as 4chan.org/b/ gets in less than one minute. But the posts are still significantly better quality so that's why I'm here and not there.
>>9727 It's probably not going to last though. Usually any site I actively post material on for about a year or two will jump into the 10k range on Alexa... at which point it just becomes like a conveyor belt of bullshit speeding along the ass end of the Internet at mach 7. Sometimes that can be mitigated a bit with the creation of more sub boards though (what 8Chan does). ...that's usually the point at which I move on to smaller boards though. I like stuff that's niche, lesser known. I find a certain sense of enjoyment in obscurity. I can remember posting on just about every board at one time or another, from 2Channel, to 4Chan, to 7Chan, to 8Chan, to 420Chan, to AnonIB, to 888Chan, etc, etc.
>>9545 >4chan -> 8ch >8ch is kill >was 4chan always this bad? >8ch = 4chan x 2 >what is 8ch x 2 There you go
>>9545 >edgy teen, on mooncentral >heard 4chan is shit >8chan better >didn't bother with 4chan >checked out 8chan >spent little time there, looked for some news here and then >Heard about New Zealand shooting and 8chan on the news >Need to check out 8chan >Heard about several other IBs, namely MLPOL and 16chan >8chan kill >goto horsefucker IB >good times >not fast enough, decide to use MLPOL and 16chan in parallel is /pnd/ even worth mentioning?
Actually I never use 4chan. It is broken under NoScript.
When I saw 8chan was back as 8kun I wandered back over after not using an imageboard since 8chan got shutdown. I grew bored and they didn't bring back /pol/, keeping /pnd/ instead. Which isn't a big deal, but it doesn't speak well of the admins. When the Randy genocide happened I lost intrest and started permantly using 16chan instead of just posting here and there. I found the link for 16chan on 8kun.
(114.78 KB 485x435 ws619e_0.jpg)
watched anonymous documentry on youtube
>>11116 Link?
>>9545 >How did you find this site I'd say I found this site when it fell out of your mothers gash, but we both know you only have two dads.
I looked up 'analockman' and this was on the first page
From other sites making fun of you.
By encountering a reference to the project named 16Lynx, while exploring GitGUD (a GitLab instance) for latest updates to random project repos, as exploring the information about recent project updates in various source code hosting services is one of the favorite interests.
>>9545 8chan was given the old Yeller treatment.
(645.59 KB 800x900 1591459835064.png)
Stumbled across this glory hole during 4chans gamergate exodus
>>9545 HuGe LisT of image boards.
>>11215 do you have a link?
>>11221 not him and i don't know how comprehensive it is, but bvffalo.land is pretty good
found this site in a jewgle search for Terry Davis. RIP in pieces ya glowie
>>9545 >>9545 searched image board on ddg. lol i got banned on 4chan
>>9545 searched imageboard on ddg
I saw the link in an FBI field office report.
I was looking for a place to post stories about retards i had without getting fucking mogged by (((captchas))), also found a good /pol/ here too
(266.07 KB 1673x2160 1595111597399.png)
This (pic related) but i like this place the way it is now, maybe i can post some good stuff
>>15667 From 4chan to here
>>15667 Welcome newfag
>>15667 s-so that pic means... hitler was right all along??? thanks anon, you showed me the light
(27.10 KB 112x112 453bb0b8b008fe2_112112.gif)
(156.89 KB 1508x892 EYSf63WU4AE8DWw.jpg)
>>9545 was looking for a replacement chan because the resurgence of 8kun glows harder than the sauce mongrels abducting moo machines.
>>9545 I legit don't remember. Been here for a while though. Since the beginning. I think somebody mentioned it on 4chan or something.
by typing in cuckchan in search engines.
>>9545 Well 4x2 so on so on
Got a permaban from the weak ass cucks at 4Chan so I'm shopping around for a new home.
>>16171 No faggotry and you're welcome here
I'm slowly ruining Null's reputation by getting my legion of moms to fall in love with the noble man who stands up for special needs kids and adults.
got banned for "off topic" on 4cuck so i migrated here
reddit :3
Putting 2 and 2 together...
>>16411 please fuck off then
Can someone post some images with 16chan.xyz so I can advertise on quality threads on 4chan?
>>9555 Wait, can I really torpost here?
>>9545 Going through all the chans
>>9545 Reddit
>>16549 There’s literally an onion link on the homepage
>How did you find this site <oh from my wife's boyfriend of course OP Is a retarded paranoid schizo. Apparently imageboards ending with a 'xyz' search-field are sekret clubz's now. it's not hard finding cuckchan derivates post 2015 <alternatives almost every single imageboard I have seen was a lame attempt to extend 4chan but ALWAYS with low pph and cross board posting. 16chan is no different. 8chan tried to be different during its early life cycle but died under its own faggotry. now i'm here on another cuckchan derivative waiting for something better to pop up. . . . heh


no cookies?