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(3.64 MB 1920x1080 WTF.jpg)
jooz Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 09:06:07 No. 9586
Jews are evil incarnate.
>>9586 >cracker ass porch honkies can't own up to their own degeneracy, so they blame it on the joos. Tru.dat The biggest problem with whites is that they're naturally driven towards degeneracy and then when shit goes all wrong they're naturally driven towards blaming everyone but themselves.
(61.78 KB 350x227 ghostapo.png)
>>9586 Germans are noble knights for going against them RIP Adolf Hitler 1889-1945
I hate jews.
>>9595 Germans are the epitome of European failure. Germans are to to Europe was Africa is to the whole world.
>>9620 We wouldn't be in space if the Germans didn't exist and Hitler didn't rise to power. See operation paper clip. Both sides used a majority former scientists all of whom were NSDAP members, ethnic Germans and supporters of Hitler. Names like; Wernher Von Braun, Hindenburg, Hans Amtmann, Erich Ball, and Anton Bier. All major German scientists who along with two hundred other German scientists (most of whom like Von Braun supported Hitler) who are the reason America ever got to space. And on the Soviet side with Operation Osoaviakhi where two thousand German V-2 scientists and their equipment were forceably transferred (at gunpoint) to work in the Soviet Space Program. The Space Race was in essence a contest between some Americans and Soviets but mostly just two groups of German scientists held captive in different areas. Oh and what about art? Mozart was German. Bach was German. Writers? Jean Paul, Goethe, Ernst Jünger. Philosophy? Nietzsche, Hegel and even Freud were all German and formed the basis of "modern philosophy". What have Americans given in return?
>>9635 Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce, both Americans, invented the integrated circuit. Also, if we examine the history of space travel, which you claim was the product of Germans, even though it was American drive and dreams that made it happen... yeah, it's just ONE FUCK UP AFTER ANOTHER, innt? Seriously, how many astronauts have we lost... FOURTEEN?! How many have the Russians lost... FOUR?! I dunno man, looks like your German engineering is pretty gawd damn HALF ASS all around. Hence the reason Elon Musk, an American, is currently working on REDOING ALL THEIR SHIT FROM SCRATCH... ya know, cause it was all HALF ASS! That's what Germans are at their core... HALF ASS.
(1.27 MB 640x360 1542239547528.webm)
(3.87 MB 540x304 1543013028322.webm)
(3.64 MB 480x360 1544008565525.webm)
(3.94 MB 400x224 1583671312664.webm)
(36.01 KB 625x626 3489gy298dh34598idp2.jpeg)
>>9635 >responding to obvious bait
(3.78 MB 640x360 1521929001701.webm)
>>9742 Hey who else remembers being an edgy tryhard 13 year old!? :D It's kind of sad when you think about it... the last several generations of humans have been so utterly cucked that the Nazis actually look hardcore to these little trainable tryhards. The Nazis were weak and pathetic. Russia used them like a bitch to solve their socialist problem, sending around 12 million starving farmers to their convenient death by having them LARP as soldiers. In the meantime they picked off 6 million of the weakest, most pathetic humans on the planet... and then turned right around and shot themselves right in the fuckin head just as soon as the United States got involved. How fuckin pathetic. Germans are such gutless, bitch made cowards. Get some better role models you pathetic crotch goblins.
(not sure why this didn't attach to my last post)
Oh, webp is supported in the preview and it'll upload, but it won't actually show the image.
>>9746 >6 million
Jews are assholes
(1.17 MB 1600x1200 jews rock.png)
Jews get what they give, and they get what they deserve,
>>9827 Is it the gas chamber with wooden doors, or the one with wooden doors that have glass windows in them?
(1.24 MB 820x1446 utrtrtrl.png)
(74.55 KB 465x621 3qzwit.jpg)
>>9824 On a cultural/religious level Jews are basically just Muslims with better branding. They both follow Old Testament heathen doctrine that the rest of civilized society long since dumped into the garbage. They gain advantage and political/cultural hegemony largely through religious nepotism, a cult like mentality that infects and feeds off its host. It's similar to how Muslims will form obtrusive enclaves whenever they migrate into non-Muslim countries and then in doing so they gain significant power/advantage and begin to massively disrupt the existing culture/hegemony. Jews do the same thing but they're a bit more clever/subtle about it. On either end though, as I said, we're talking about cultists who follow Old Testament heathen doctrine, they're religious savages, no different than the likes of Westboro Baptist Church... the God they follow is a malevolent, hateful, destructive, spiteful, arrogant, disgusting, immoral entity with nothing but derisive scorn for its creations... and, in short... you can tell a LOT about a people by the GOD they believe in. Humans reflect their beliefs into their actions. Follow an evil God and you will act as an evil person. Follow the evil of the Old Testament and you will never be anything more than a Godless heathen destroying others for your own advantage.
>>9832 It pisses me off that jews employ ethnocentric networking to gain political and economic power and then use their power over propaganda to estroy the ability of White people to do the same. Jews are the virus.
Wow what a brave and shocking opinion faggot really shocking and heartbreaking kill yourself mongoloid
>>9746 > Hey who else remembers being an edgy tryhard 13 year old!? If this isn't projection...
>>9746 >How fuckin pathetic. Germans are such gutless, bitch made cowards. And yet everyone is still deathly afraid of them today
>>9917 ...the country that started two FAILED world wars and is presently run by Hitler's grandma... yeaaaah, not so much really. That's how all you little white power rangers got started tho, innt? Orange man bad, orange man "literally Hitler"... you were too stupid to realize the obvious cringe ridden hyperbole that all the snowflakes on Twitter were using. I hate to break this to you kiddo... but they're not afraid of Germans, or Hitler, or even Nazi ideology... hell, most of them openly embrace national socialism! Only instead of purging Jews... they want to purge people like you. Don't you get it? Just as Germans during World War 2 PRETENDED to be afraid of Jews, painting them up as RATS and VERMIN (things people fear)... they're doing it now. You think you're LARPing as Hitler's failed ideology... but you're not, you're the Jew my friend, you're the fuckin Jew who is going to be gassed by your fellow cracker ass honky. That's what these insane SJWs want, they want to kill you, they want EVERY excuse they can find to have you ended outright... and playing into your stupid little self-aggrandizing fantasies, where you get be the "big bad", where you think you're ~so~ scary and they clutch at their pearls in shlock and awe over every little thing you do... you're performing exactly like the little trained monkey they've made you out to be. I mean you're not really so fuckin stupid that you actually think they care about dead children every time they start spouting for an end to the 2nd amendment after a school shooting, are you? You don't think they actually get their feefees hurt when they pretend to cry over "words on a screen" as a means of pushing "anti hate speech" rules and laws, do you? They're just PRETENDING, kiddo... like you... only actually dangerous. Afraid of Germans? LOL, no... no what most rational people fear... are the people USING YOU like a deranged little puppet to further their insane goals. SJWs are scary... I mean they've already pulled off a proverbial holocaust on all our interests and entertainment forms and they are continually escalating to the point of starting to affect people on a physical, real world level. In the mean time idiots like you play right into their hands and rather than act with some measure of gawd damn fucking sense you just keep on fucking up for THEIR benefit. You are exactly the foolish little pawn they want and the ~scary~ mask they give you to wear... yeah, not so much. Grow the fuck up, you stupid loser. Preferably BEFORE you get us all killed.
>>9923 Keep screaming "NADSEE!" like a scared little redditnigger
>>9925 Kiddo, I was getting banned from Reddit before you ever even knew what Reddit was.
>>9927 Go back to reddit
(14.24 KB 658x103 Children And Reddit.png)
>>9931 Retard, you wouldn't even be here right now if they hadn't taken Club Penguin offline. The only reason you're so pissy about Reddit all the time is because they have strict 13 and older rules.
(147.03 KB 1024x868 1548522432010m.jpg)
>>9620 >saying that while using a computer that wouldn't exist without german engineers
>>9923 >Fucking based namefag >Jew logic >ouch i cut myself on that 10 yr old edge
>>9587 go back to plebbit fag


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