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(555.72 KB 833x906 1543794959561.png)
Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 03:24:58 No. 9776
perma banned from cuckchan
>>9776 That's a good thing. You're lucky.
4 what?
>>9776 I got banned for asking someone a simple question in a thread. Although, I think the jannyfaggot just banned me because I used the word nigger, and because of spamming. JFC, if spamming/flooding was really a rule they enforced legitimately they'd have to shut the whole fucking site down.
>>9805 ...and not because of spamming...
>>9776 I just realized I got banned from youtube. Anyone else?
>>9902 I don't even really post videos. I put some up, but the last one was like a year ago.
>>9776 Jannies at 4cuck must have it out for me, since I got banned for "off topic" posting when I didn't even create a thread. They didn't even mention the post that was supposedly 'off topic.' If they banned anyone who posted 'off topic' content in /pol/ nobody would be left to post there.
>>9776 It's a shithole
>>10092 You're a shit hole.
(33.36 KB 419x419 balaclava.jpg)
>>9776 got banned for doxxing a tranny that was a confirmed pedo lmao
>>9776 I've lurked cuckchan for 5 years and never started a thread. In fact I've only posted about 50 memes or comments in that time. I went there a month ago to have a laugh at a humour thread, when I was informed that I was under a 30 day ban for a rule violation. When I checked the offending post, it wasn't even me! Fucking Jannies are gay as fuck, fucking fuckers!
(57.77 KB 600x770 out-fucking.jpg)
>>10103 You = Hero.
>>10103 Would it be best to do that over a public wifi? Then only the public wifi would get banned.
>>10033 I got a perma ban for having over 500 previous bans. then i switched internet providers. i am now banned until may 4th because janny upset about ironic shitposting
>>9776 >got a 24 hour ban from /g/ for discussing alternative operating systems and making fun of retards 4chan is garbage. The jannies are hot pocket eating fucks that kill the board culture intentionally.
>>10165 >haikupost base and redpill
(232.74 KB 1364x641 1586254665497.png)
(209.01 KB 837x317 cyclenigger.jpg)
(286.83 KB 911x516 4chan mods are trannies.jpg)
(1022.55 KB 720x1274 1584238725485.webm)
>>9776 >4/o/ is moderated by bicycleniggers and automaticfags >telling trannies to kill themselves is "trolling" now >/lgbt/ still raiding every board >/v/intendogaf mods ban anyone who criticizes nintenshit
(578.60 KB 1949x2081 1584893625021.jpg)
>>10178 It might as well be twitter.
(56.18 KB 1418x374 Screenshot (341).png)
Can't lurk with vpn goyim
You got lucky. Cuckchan is gay. The tranny jannies deleted two awesome threads while I was there. I can't remember the first but the second was /bwg/ - Beating Women General. It was as funny as it sounds. If /bwg/ isn't politically incorrect then I don't know what is.
>>10033 glowthreads, shillthreads and kikethreads get left up until they expire
plus their captcha is fucked, jewgle is just taking the piss now, gotta pay to play i guess
>>9776 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ Watch this tutorial and you should be able to post on cuckchan again.
>>10178 Why did the janny wait until July to ban you?
I got banned from weebchan. Not sure for what. Probably for referring to nurses as cuckqueens.
>>9805 Similar thing with 8kun just get a vpn to change your ip or if you have tor just press new identity.
Then stop going on to cuckchan
>>9902 Yep
>>9805 I got banned for reporting "whitboi" threads as spam


no cookies?