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Precious metals general Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 07:32:32 No. 2
A thread for discussion of precious metals!
The realest money there is.
What are you gus stacking?
What are you using for a safe?
Testing methods?
What is the most aesthetic coin, and why is it the gold Libertad?
Reallistically, how much of your portfolio should be in precious metals?
Is there any real hope of western nations returning to a sound money standard?
(55.71 KB 584x560 1570421004893.jpg)
machining equipment
wood gasifier
several vehicles that can run on woodgas
firearms + ammo
200 acres of fertile land
rain barrels
etc etc
this board is literally just 2 /pol/ refugees who don't even into crypto.
Many such cases. Sad!
This biz board would be a lot cooler if some anons would actually talk about the stock market as oppose to some obscure new crypto. Any anons have a some good stock picks they would like to share? I just made a .50cent dividend off my $15 share of ticket symbol NRZ...
are there any interesting precious metals beyond gold, silver, bronze, copper, platinum? I am ignorant on the subject beyond those top ones I know of.

I think precious metals today are kind of worthless for saving or using as money, they are being used in various practical applications and to me that's the best use of them. I would sell for some kind of capital that grows or useful goods that can save money or are of some practical benefit
I got it stacked deep, but it will be manipulated right up until the crash is so fucking deep no one can deny it, and I'm banking on it being the new standard.
is just copper and tin, not precious in the slightest
nickel and copper are metals used in coinage that hold SOME value but aren't necessarily 'precious'
platinum, palladium, gold, and silver are the four metals which are internationally traded as currency, those four are typically considered 'the precious metals'
the other platinum group metals like rhodium, irridium, and osmium, are super interesting and high in value, but are not traded on the currency/bullion markets, though there are some rounds and coins made, at least from rhodium
That's not the /biz/ way though.


Gold is a boomer meme. Value isn't some magical, inherent quality native to certain metals more than others. While it's definitely better than the debt-based fiat they use now, it's not a magic bullet. And if you're intending it to store value for a SHTF scenario, you'd be better off with bullets. Seriously, I'll sell you some food in exchange for bullets - food, water, medicine & ammo are going to be the value-stores of choice. Gold is worthless in the absence of a stable society.

And no, we'll return to "sound money" only after the visit to the big igloo happens & society has reverted to a late 19th century level of lifestyle & tech, which is about all we'll be able to get back to in the post-collapse world.
>Value isn't some magical, inherent quality native to certain metals more than others.
it is though
maybe not magic but it is inherent
>you'd be better off with bullets. Seriously, I'll sell you some food in exchange for bullets - food, water, medicine & ammo are going
This. I have seen gold shills way back in internet gold shilling days who wrote crap and I explained to them that its retarded in a SHTF scenario gold is worthless.

For all gold fanboys this should be a wake up call:

The thing you should take from this is not
<LEL plebs don't understand the value of gold!
<No one is going to accept gold its worth less then a candy bar to people.

Gold is good if you want to do some money shenanigans like a father in 1960 wanting to have the same or slightly more value for it in 2000 and expecting a stable society. Outside of that buy real things that have value.
Gold is practically worthless and in a SHTF scenario it will be even more worthless. Because there will be practically nothing you can buy with it.
A better idea is to buy a box of candy bars who will be worth far more then what they are today in a SHTF scenario because its food and its candy so some pleasantry in the postapocalyptic nightmare. Be ready to defend your candy bar stash from looters. Looters will not even be interested in gold. 5 candy bars for a shovel sounds like a good trade. What will you do with the gold? No one wants some useless yellow metal.

>but it is inherent
No it does not.
You know what has basic value? Food. Because people want to eat. They will always want to eat especially in a SHTF scenario.

Gold was used only by a handful of civilizations other used silver or even iron. And it developed in extremely prosperous and long stable societies like Rome. Other people used bear skins or other items for trade.

So the gold will have a over 800 year ROI if it ever has and positive ROI at all after a long emergency SHTF scenario.

You can buy gold if you expect a 2008 style recession or depression to make 20% profit on it after 5 years or something. For anything SHTF gold is useless.

Also know how to check that you actually did buy gold and not tungsten filled gold.

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