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05/01/22 /auspol/ and /ausneets/ have rebranded to /aus/
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Control the Memes, Control the world

The purpose of this board is to weaponize truth and, thereby, to take the fight to the enemy We are poor, we are weak, and we are few in number - but this does not matter There is power in truth It is not the gun, or the soldier, or the general, the president, or money that decides the course of events - it is the directing cause. The idea that lies at the root of action and gives it purpose Now as never before we have the ability to reach out, learn, and spread the truth as we know it to be - not as it is presented by the moneyed few. We are presented with a state of affairs unique to history, an age of ideological memetic warfare in which the controlling principles of mankind are loosed to spread with no physical barriers. All of the weapons of our enemy lay before us at our disposal, but in this fight we have the advantage - truth, which is anathema to the enemy; this we have and this only we can use. We need not invent twisted new worlds to fit lies, we need only make what is necessary and evident palatable and polished With only our wits and the reach of our computers we can and will change the world; strike down the memes that direct degeneracy and you will strike down degeneracy itself I do not overemphasize the importance of the role we may yet play when I say that the future is in our hands Fight for Truth, fight for Virtue, fight for Beauty!

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Guys we memed a 'how to' book about memetic warefare into reality, and the funny thing is, apparently it happened over 10 years ago, long before memetic magic was even a meme. What the fuck is going on.

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dead board

dead board

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Searching for an obscure book on kek

I'm looking for an old book about kek. R. Kirk Packwood wrote a second edition for his Memetic Magic but the internet is almost scrubbed of all references to it. The only remaining one is and a few notes in 4chan threads. Do you know where could I read a copy?

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 1

JEWISH ORG OPENS HOTLINE TO REPORT AND DOX ANTISEMITES StopAntisemitism, a Jewish charity group known for teaming up with Canary Mission to help accuse college students of antisemitism and forwarding accusations to friends, family, and employers to ruin their lives, has opened a hotline to report antisemitic incidents. Each incident is reported and investigated with the hopes of doxxing and publicly shaming antisemities. Every week, StopAntisemitism holds a "Antisemite of the Week" contest to publicly humiliate those it targets You guys ready to explain to family, friends, your boss, and your neighborhood about why you're on their list? Source 4chan

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General Linguistics Thread

New thread because the other OP was shit and i didnt want to post in it >>8101 ITT Discuss linguistics and how it relates to memetics, psychology, and cognition. A very good thread on this topic can also be found here >>>/8diamonds/2892 Linguistics is in essence the study of language, a broad topic which also goes into pretty much every area of social science as well as 'brain' sciences and also computer science. Due to the broad nature of linguistics this thread doesnt have any defined topic, but here are things to start off Some discussion starters >Language is to Memetics as Currency is to Economics. Discuss >Is Language just a big Memeplex? Discuss will post more later

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There has to be a way to red pill the NPCs and get them to join our /side/ anyone here has any ideas on how to do that ?

R: 48 / I: 4 / P: 1

word coinage as memetic warfare

a single word can enable the formulation of otherwise clunky or counterintuitive perspectives. Please suggest words and word definitions to promote in order to elucidate the belly of this beast definition suggestion: an adjective/adverb to describe -the elite of the world suppressing the threat of noble geniuses through subsidy of (addictive/unfulfilling?) comfort -the age-old conservative argument that welfare makes people lazy, but with the twist that rich people like it when society is lazily stable -the anti-post-colonialist leftist argument that actually the white man be oppressing those black africans (or haitians post-disaster) when they donate t-shirts and food because then the poor people never learn to become independent broadly speaking, it is when A makes B comfortable so that B will not become a threat to A, with the implication that this lethargy prevents B from ascending in some way (whether economic, spiritual etc) words like torpor, lethargy or opiate may be a good base to build off of. If a word exists but isn't used that much it could be repurposed by frequent use in conjunction with a word that directs it towards this definition. (e.g. if torporize is a word then "the post-colonialist americans are economically torporizing the haitians!" or "the modern world is designed to spiritually torporize great men before they can disruptively shape history") captcha image because idk what pic to post

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How do we infiltrate the mormons?

As showned by an >anime pic, fag it is a fact that mormons have a huge influence in glownigger alphabet agencies. How can we observe , infiltrate and essentially sway them to deter from this otherwise anti-white and anti-nationalist rethoric despite them already being white and christian?

R: 15 / I: 63 / P: 1

/bmw/ webms -- propagatory & studiously informative

Many are the memes, some for study, some for dissemination, some for mere basking. Apologies in advance for the mish-mashed nature of file dump -- my preference is higher order, Kek help us.

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Banners and General Propaganda

Make them, post them, discuss them, spread them. This permanent sticky will serve as a repository of effective memes. Don't restrict yourselves to images images; post music, stories, slogans, books, movies, et cetera - anything that furthers the cause ITT We post our dankest memes Banners must be 100x300.

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give context

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Now that Twitter has been released from the hands of assholes. What should happen now? I have to admit. Its very easy to make alts. But the part of Musk wanting to ID people on Twitter and in real life is a little jewish klaus schwab like.

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 2

socio-processes general

for speculation upon the nature of large scale social processes, their manipulation and cultivation game theory, evolutionary psychology and psychometrics are perennial pertinent topics example content stolen from quarterchan: >On the contrary. The intended consequences are to lower gas prices in the short term so they can point to that win before the midterms. Then when it all goes to hell the voters will beg and plead for more intervention to get back those prices. It serves the purpose of manufacturing consent; the intent of any government action is never to benefit its citizens, it is only ever an infrequent by-product. >Same as any abusive relationship. Love bombing until the victim feels secure with the person, then comes the abuse. After that there's more love bombing and then more abuse. This pattern repeats until the victim develops a pavlovian response to the abuse. Much like how the dog's mouth waters in anticipation of food so too do the loins of a woman abused in a romantic relationship. They anticipate the love that comes after the abuse to the point where the abuse itself triggers the same emotion that an expression of love would. obviously the regular pavlovian responses referred to here are widely attested to and well documented. what is interesting is that this supposes novel pavlovian responses operating either -on a larger time scale (months, years) -on an interpersonal psychological scale (social clusters, societies) Do you find this plausible?

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 2

Operation Commie-Comms

Someone on /pol/ found out Antifa is starting now to use cheap Baofeng radios in the pro abortion riots. Which also happen to be undecrypted. Which means you can listen on them and if we get their channels we can divert them to stop them from hurting and doing terrorism to innocents.

R: 29 / I: 95 / P: 2

Parasitic institutions

Let's play a game. Find out institutions that have zero actual use but take a lot of money. >+1 Bonus points if they take federal government money. >+2 Bonus points if they have diversity and inclusion initiatives >+3 If they have jews in positions of power >+4 If they are international even though they shouldn't be >+5 For any illuminati symbolism I'll start: The American library association(ALA) The ALA trains librarians to do what exactly? Nothing. The ALA provides librarians with "professional standards" to "select" books for libraries. As if that requires any training at all. Or even more than what the people actually hiring you will give you. I put an image of a particular librarian(gavin) that was very worried that school administration is going to remove LGBT books without going through the proper procedures IE not waiting for the bureaucracy to remove degeneracy. But it gets better. The ALA wants to change the world through libraries In their membership page They state this >ALA membership is open to individuals, organizations, and non-profits, and businesses interested in working together to change the world for the better through libraries and librarians. ALA personal membership provides resources and benefits that help move your career forward with continuing education, networking opportunities and the latest library trends. So they offer you *connections* and ways to move up the ladder in exchange for their training. Which teaches you to search out which books garner the attention of normal people and to stop self-censoring your library. And their objective ... to change the world. A bit hyperbolic, but if you had your tendrils over the people that control which books get to public school libraries(or any library) wouldn't you have a great amount of control over info? Sounds too schizo for you? Don't worry it gets better. They had an strategic planning initiative that starts out on June 28 of 2015 to have a new strategic plan for the next three to five years. And this plan(I shared it Strategic plan 2017) promotes more diversity and just happens to coincide with the 2016 election. ASnd they pivoted their plans on january 2021. To centralize power increame memebership and revenue and do more cabalistic garbage, like aligning with the mission!! The all powerful (((mission))) This link is the timeline to the strategic planning. And Karen G. Schneider, board member. So found the jew. Do they receive federal funding? It would be necessary for them to keep existing because they charge outrageous membership fees. And they still can't get their costs lower than thier revenues(a literal drain to the economy. This inefficiency helps with all the inflation going on. It's called a money sink). I haven't founf anything, but this is a nongovernment organization, which means they don't have to pay taxes. That receives only 18%(shown in where an ALA dollar comes from) of it's revenue from people. The rest comes from meetings, donations, interest payments?(WTF does a library association have intersts and dividends?) and other jewish bs that produces fuck all of value. The point of this game is to find all of the deep infiltration of institutions. The deep state is known. But that's just one part of the globalist conspiracy. This is not the only institution that does nothing but extend the all powerful message further into the people's minds and extraccts moeny from people. Midas touch comes to mind. There is a supervising board of higher eductaion that "approves" universities and the like which is formed by members of the same universities(conflict of interest) and some private benefactors. But I forgot their name. If we can find all the corruption and extirpate it it would be great

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He that controls the oaths, controls the world


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 2

Skype allows prank calling Ukrainians for FREE

Skype allows prank calling Ukrainians for FREE. Prank calling people that are in war is funnAyY! Let's do this for the memes, just for the laughs. 1. Create a Skype account 2. Record 3. Prank calling Ukrainians 4. Prank done. Stop recording Upload to YouTube and make sure to include "ukraine prank call" in the title. Enjoy, bros! :D :D :D :D

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 2

Bully Tranny jannies for free

Someone on 4chan had this insane idea. >go to reddit >make account >go to /r/transpositive >report post >custom response >You Will Never Be A Woman >reddit janny has to read it >has no way of stopping me from making another report >bully tranny jannies for free

R: 9 / I: 3 / P: 2

A Guide to the Internet Exodus

Having seen 3 major internet migrations to our current home on Telegram, and seeing the same issues arise in each instance, I saw it fit to write this document as a guideline on how to prepare and handle major internet migrations in the future. Feedback welcome. Part I: The Issue Three major migration events have happened to Telegram in my time on the platform, those being the banning of Parler, the banning of WallStreetBets and the GameStop fiasco, and most recently the Canadian Trucker Convoy. All three events have a few very important points in common that can be used to identify future migration events: 1. Extremely large community of people * Parler was shilled everywhere and, despite being shortlived, had many widely known right wing speakers on the platform. * WallStreetBets was a massive subreddit that combined with 4chan's /biz/ managed to wildly inflate the stock of GameStop and panic a number of Wall Street hedge funds who were shorting the stock. * The Canadian Trucker convoy has no shortage of support from the public. They managed to raise $10 million on GoFundMe, who subsequently shut it down and seized the money. 2. Censored and banned from major platforms * Parler's entire server architecture was shut down by Amazon. * The WallStreetBets subreddit was permanently shut down and multiple Stock Brokers froze the trading of stocks on GameStop, a never before seen event. * All of the crowdfunded $10 million were seized by GoSendMe, originally to be sent to the likes of BLM and similar organizations. Only under public outcry did they refund the money, but still none went to the Truckers. GiveSendGo picked up with a new crowdfund for the Truckers and received legal action from the Government of Canada. The Trucker twitter account was removed as well. Upon the censorship they received, all involved in these events sought refuge in another platform to discuss their ideas. In every case, Telegram has seen a huge influx of new users, and if I'm remembering correctly, Telegram's servers were overloaded and lagging in the case of Parler's Exodus. Also in every case, the main Telegram chat for each has been infiltrated by bad actors and deradicalizers that seek to disallow free discourse and sway the conversation to their own end. Which brings us to the core of the problem, how do these bad actors manage to get into power positions, as admins and owners of these chats where they can carefully control discourse and limit these chats to only approved speech? Part II: Which Exodus is next? Answering the question of how we find the same bad actors controlling discourse is not difficult at all. They have massive amounts of resources to conduct monitoring and research of discourse online. Being the ones deplatforming these groups, they poise themselves to handle the Exodus that occurs as a result. Obviously that leaves us with the issue of predicting where an Exodus will occur next. And to anyone who's been around for a bit, this is pretty easy too. They're becoming more and more aggressive with their censorship, so any popular community that begins to disrupt the Status Quo is an excellent candidate for removal from the internet. The general rule is, how disruptive is this community? WallStreetBets cost billions of dollars to hedge funds(not exaggerated). 8chan had an entire community dedicated to out propagandizing organizations and governments with unlimited resources behind them. If you see a community online becoming more and more disruptive, it's a prime target for deplatforming and a subsequent Exodus. 1 / 2

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Operation Fool the Khokhol

Just got word from a friend in the army that Ukraine is using a bot on telegram to report information of Russian soldiers in areas. You know what to do. Mess it up Spam what ever you have. @ukraine_avanger_bot /BMW/ out

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 3

/OTO/ - Organization in Times of Oppression (THE NATURAL LAW)

>What is The Natural Law? The Natural Law is the law that consists of certain "laws" that all humans must follow in order for there to be peace and order in the world while simultaneously no world leaders. >Does that mean anarchy? Oh, but isn't anarchy basically chaos with no rules? No. Anarchy is without rulers, not rules. It is the opposite of chaos. The more systematic laws we have, we are enslaved, which brings chaos. If you have internal anarchy, you will have external monarchy. But if you are a sovereign being with principles, you will have internal monarchy, which will result in external anarchy. >So does that mean the natural law is just how nature works? Not quite. It is in fact, the only law that actually works without being a slave to anyone. Man's law, which is any law in the world, will always result in slavery. Natural law, however, is the laws that we have to follow in order to not get negative consequences from the nature because we didn't follow them. Basically, punishment. In other words, karma. The reason that Man is not allowed to create laws is because the 1% of the "elite" do not have the right to tell us what to do or what not to do. Nature has created us, therefore nature will decide. >Here is the difference between the Natural Law and the Man's Law: > Bear in mind, the seminar will explain and elaborate these points in detail. Don't worry if you don't understand everything at once. >What do I need to do now? First, read picrel. Then, check out this pastebin: > >Link for the seminar (step 1 in picrel): (PS: /OTO/ here does NOT stand for "ordo templi orientis". It stands for the title, "Organization in Times of Oppression". I'm not a pedo occultist, I'm here to spread knowledge against those kinds of people.)

R: 2 / I: 4 / P: 3 What is High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)? You can understand the basics of KEK by looking at what we do and what we aim to achieve in the future. We should have memed responsibly....

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 3

CSAW - Crowd Sourced Asymmetrical Warfare

There's a whole strategy to it. The 1st stage is the "raising awareness" stage. Basically, they highly, HIGHLY argue that simply exposing normies to the idea that: A. It's moral to kill an enemy in war, including a civil war. B. We're in a cold civil war, meaning the enemy is essentially 1/2 the country. It asks people to copy paste that simple syllogism to 10 people a day. And any time you see an article about some Jewish immigration lawyer pushing for open borders or a school teacher indoctrinating kids with Critical Race Theory, you just reply with the rhetorical question: "It's moral to kill an enemy in war." "Is this person at war with our society?" This isn't illegal, since it's not inciting anything, just having a philosophical disdcussion about the ethics of war, even if the straightforward conclusion is that it would be moral to kill your neighbor.

R: 30 / I: 149 / P: 3

Wojack / Warrior

Wojak, also warrior in Polish known to us as feels guy as discussed here >>>/pol/39806 ushers us into our intuitive and sensation body, the first step beyond mere logical mind. Here is a thread to honor this state of the awakening psychic and our beloved memes.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 3

Learning to build god

We need to read up on mythology, ethics, and religion to determine what is is that akes a true hero If we learn enough we can create the ultimate leader meme that will draw the public concious toward the light That's a good starting point, I'd highlight the stories of Siegfried and Hercules Also, Iron pill and meme heroes make a good study as well

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 3

Co-opting left-wing buzzwords

You likely remember when the term "virtue signalling" came into our parlance, a bunch of leftists got pissed because one of their words was taken by people they don't like, and the term was promptly dropped from their vocabulary. Now it's associated with the right wing (or at least people who are critical of the left), and since the left no longer uses this term, that's one less phenomenon they can describe. I believe this can be used to our advantage. The left have an arsenal of terms like this, and they're pretty easy to spot because they have a sort of pseudo-intellectual (for lack of a better word) air around them. If you don't know what I'm talking about and have a high-enough bullshit tolerance, just read Rationalwiki for a few minutes to understand what I mean. I have a few examples of the terms, and they all fall into the theme of "things the left claims that only the right does even though they do this shit just as much if not more": Dogwhistling: Basically means to say one thing and mean something else, usually something more sinister. One of the left's favorite terms, they use it like hell to try to make it seem like their opponents never really say what they mean. Criticizing Mexican drug cartels is a dogwhistle for how you hate all Mexicans. "Elites" is a dogwhistle for the jews and no one literally means the upper classes when they say this, ever. Bashing furfags is a dogwhistle for bashing trannies (because there's a lot of the latter in the former group). You get the idea. It's become a convenient term that lets them redefine and misinterpret whatever their opponents are saying. Because they use it so much, it may be hard to co-opt, but once it is done the results will be well worth the effort. Nutpicking: Based on the word cherrypicking, means to pick out the worst examples of a group and use them to represent the entirety of the group. Granted, we're guilty of this shit ourselves, but we're hardly the biggest offender when they've got comedy news shows, journalists gathering material for their "racists are TOTALLY mad at this new movie/game [so be a good little consumerist and go buy it to spite them ok?]" articles, and internet funnymen trawling through Youtube comments for a straw right-wing comment they and their followers can circlejerk over. It's not a very common word but I've only ever seen it used by them, so if you were to co-opt this quickly enough you'd have another incident like with "virtue signalling". Whataboutism: A favorite word of hardline communists, it's used by them to mean "bringing up something related to my point that I didn't come prepared to argue". Bringing up how socialism has failed in all the countries have tried it (and would therefore fail in the country they're wanting it in) is whataboutism. Criticizing champagne socialists is also whataboutism; you're not supposed to point out how much of a hypocrite someone is for bashing on the rich while being rich enough themselves to afford a multitude of luxuries unnecessary for survival in the modern world. Another advantage to co-opting their terms is caused by the fact that these words are shibboleths. That is, the word is associated with a specific group of people, and when you see a post with that word you think of that group. If it's a group you like, you'll be more inclined to sit down and fully read it, while if it's a group you dislike, you'll keep scrolling or snark at it without fully reading it. When we begin co-opting a word, there will be a short time window where people will see us using the word and still think of the other group instead of us, and therefore be more inclined to read whatever it is we're writing. If the post contains moderate opinions,

R: 4 / I: 0 / P: 3

Propaganda Techniques

"Good propaganda does not need to lie, indeed it may not lie. It has no reason to fear the truth. It is a mistake to believe that people cannot take the truth. They can. It is only a matter of presenting the truth to people in a way that they will be able to understand. A propaganda that lies proves that it has a bad cause. It cannot be successful in the long run."–Joseph Goebbels

R: 50 / I: 215 / P: 3

After Action Analysis of Trump and the God-Emperor MemeMatrix

Regardless of what you believed during the 2015 memekrieg it is worth studying and taking well note of what was managed to be accomplished, what may have been controlled opposition, and how they lost control several times, and the demonstration true raw power of 1,000s of anons focusing their energy. Let us not forget the dawning of the first great memewar and all the content, the nearly unsurpassed amounts of OC and many still prime for the possible modern rememeing. And not the be left unsaid explicitly, it's not improbably that Trump is a time traveler or the timestream was so effected by mass meme magic that reality is all the same in the end regardless. By our memes we distinguish our future, lighting the beacon fire of imagination, calling those sympathetic to our cause, driving away the repugnant spirits and toxic elements. Hold steady!

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How do we allow for the continuity of jeetposting?

Das rite niggers. As you've heard Jeetposting has been cracked down hard other then in Poo in Loo. Jannies are gays , its 1984 , Jeets will prevail long live JeetOverlord

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Hello. I'm a moderator on Memetic Warfare General. AMA

R: 4 / I: 1 / P: 4

Can we use this board as a bunker for raids? We are having /lefty/pol/ related issues

R: 60 / I: 255 / P: 4

Where are the memes?

R: 3 / I: 5 / P: 4


My Magnum Opus is complete. 40 days of experimental memetics on 4chan's /x/ for almost every waking hour, culimating in this moment. "Special Blend Six: Cartoon Heroes" has been released today, finishing the Meme Wars trilogy. Meme Wars 1: Memetic Entities: Meme Wars 2: Cola Wars: Meme Wars 3: Cartoon Heroes: Today is the release of Marvel: Infinity Wars. This is no coincidence. Welcome to the memetic singularity: after 6 years my life's work is complete:
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